Friday, 22 May 2015

No 11401, Friday 22 May 2015, Neyartha

Note: Starred clues carry no direct definition, but they are all types of a geometric shape

1   It might get written after a person's departure (8) OBITUARY [E]
5   Rubble found by the young socialite and a gentleman from the east (6) DEBRIS {DEB}{RIS<=}
9   Greek character goes around Romania and America's south-east for the bridal wardrobe (9) TROUSSEAU {T{RO}{US}{SE}AU}
11 A sandwich without the topping for one who advocates (5) URGER bURGER
12 Clumsy boats returning to pick up Bill Knight's medieval musical instrument (7) SACKBUT SACKBUT {S{AC}{K}BUT<=}
14 Lamppost set up without son's hand-held computing device (7) PALMTOP LAMPPOsT*
15 Selected trio in trouble with the polygraphs (3,9) LIE DETECTORS*
17 Factors related to mental measurements (12) PSYCHOMETRIC [E]
20 English poet in Switzerland for sulphur in a dish (7) CHAUCER (-s+ch)CHAUCER
22 Oriental sign found outside the diary with a short poem (7) EULOGIE {E}U{LOG}IE Anno pending. (Addendum - ECLOGUE - {E}{C{LOG}UE} - See comments)
23 Medieval German pope and Italian philosopher condemned for heresy (5) BRUNO [DD/GK]
24 Protestant encountered folded dhotis inside (9) METHODIST {ME{DHOTIS*}T}
26 Rage revealed in letters from the Tennessee theatre ... (6) SEETHE [T]
27 ... next to the leading aspirin dispensary just around central Etowah's new terminal (8) ADJACENT Acrostic

1   *Pushy four move out after the monarch abdicates (6) OBTUSE OBTrUSivE
2   *Sees coils getting unwound (9) ISOSCELES*
3   Raises part of the teacup set (3) UPS [T]
4   German physicist with an Indian herbal soap turns up for an X-ray (13) ROENTGENOGRAM {ROENTGEN}{OGRAM<=}
6   *Counterpart embracing retail development (11) EQUILATERAL {EQU{RETAIL*}AL}
7   *A religious ceremony for the auditor (5) RIGHT (~rite)
8   Left with no options, one might do this to a barrel's bottom (6) SCRAPE [CD]
10 Revolutionary to cure dependent at sea (13) UNPRECEDENTED*
13 Speaker's split fabric to make a garment (11) BREECHCLOTH (~breach){BREECH}{CLOTH}
16 Identify and appreciate (9) RECOGNISE [DD]
18 Diving apparatuses from South Carolina with Basu's uniform moved to the top (6) SCUBAS {SC}{(+u)UBAS(-u)}
19 Cross gets rid of the pawn in a set of seven and half a dozen (6) SEXTET SE(-p+x)XTET
21 *Copper carried by upset Greek character (5) ACUTE {A{CU}TE<=}
25 Star, becoming bright, needs no introduction to the eggs (3) OVA nOVA



  1. 22 Oriental sign found outside the diary with a short poem (7) E{C{LOG}UE}

  2. Yes, it is 10D.
    I could never have have imagined completing a Neyartha CW, that too before 8.30! Samosas sound like peanuts. Definitely something far better is the need of the hour.Cloud 9,10,11,.....Thank you Neyartha.

  3. First time success! Could at last crack a Neyartha puzzle!! No problem with Geometric clues. Thanks Neyartha, I thoroughly enjoyed solving it. :-)))

  4. Same here also. Thank you Neyartha for the samosas! Enjoyed solving, that too, by 9.10. Very Happy!

  5. Talking of triangles, we are familiar with some centes like centroid, incentre, circumcentre, orthocentre .... But curiously, more than 6000 'centres' are defined.... Pl refer

  6. Gentle ride from Neyartha today, except for ECLOGUE which caused a hold-up. The triangles made life easy!

    The clue for 4d made me wonder if I was doing one of Sowmya's brand crosswords. :)

    Thanks to Neyartha and DG.

  7. Superb! Thank you Kishore. So it requires a ref. to geometry to attract Kishore after a long gap!

  8. My daughter studying in ninth, looking over my shoulder commented for 17 A: A tenth pass weirdo?

  9. ...of 6000 parts,as per K's ref.!

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