Saturday, 23 May 2015

No 11402, Saturday 23 May 2015, Neyartha

Straight forward one from Neyartha.


1 Gazing into these might reveal a lot (7,5) CRYSTAL BALLS (CD)
8 Continuous // operation (7) RUNNING (DD)
9 Evasive pattern // shown by lightning bolts (6) ZIGZAG (DD)
11 Maoris run out to see the constellation (4,5) URSA MINOR {MAORIS RUN}*
12 Adult's out of place in the country range (5) CHAIN {CH(+A)IN(-A)}
14 Article about humour's hot for that reason (9) THEREWITH {THE}{RE}{WIT}{H}
16 Seal in the Scottish lake reported (4) LOCK (~LOCH)
18 Support the Congress chief to get rid of the new financial institution (4) BACK {BA(-N)(+C)K}
19 Type of wind generated by manufacturing of nitrate after receiving notice (9) ANTITRADE {ANTITR{AD}E}*
21 Withdraw with revolutionary Anu to entertain the Pole and the Yankee (5) UNSAY {UNA<=}{S}{Y}
22 Ignore sap at sea in an island country (9) SINGAPORE {IGNORE SAP}*

23 Knocking sound makes Bharat tattle to some extent (3-3) RAT-TAT (T)
25 Correct for the government to dismiss the Democrat and return to an earlier state (7) REGRESS {RE(-D)(+G)RESS}
26 Characteristic tendency to support ignoring one-third of the initials (6,6) SECOND NATURE {SECOND}{sigNATURE}


2 Crane's scene altered to show rebirths (11) RENASCENCES {CRANE'S SCENE}*
3 Acts skittish around Frenchmen on an island with some undergarments (8) SHIMMIES {SHI{M}{M}{I}ES}
4 Leo disregarded generational variance in the country (9) ARGENTINA {GENeRATIoNAl}*
5 In Cuba, Zarathustra got to the marketplace (5) BAZAR (T)

6 Disheartened Lucy retains pen sent up with the willed property (6) LEGACY {Luc{EGAC<=}Y}
7 Tail-less marine mammal in a large body of salt water (3) SEA {SEAl}
8 Rudely awaken the sailor and heavily sedated ship labourer (10) ROUSTABOUT {ROUST}{AB}{OUT}

10 Troubled sinner considering look up with the hotel managers (10) INNKEEPERS {INN{KEEP<=}ERS}*
13 Accountant enlists Victor and Oscar to meet simpleton with an Arabic fruit (7,4) AVOCADO PEAR {A{V}{O}CA}{DO PE}{AR}

15 Such drivers may flee the scene (3-3-3) HIT-AND-RUN (E)
17 Frank's dilemma in conversation (8) STRAIGHT {~STRAIT}
20 Psychic used chemistry to lose her (6) MYSTIC {CheMISTrY}*
22 American leader tucks into the tiny eggs brought up with a smooth fabric (5)  SATIN {S{A}TIN<=}
24 Innocent // animal (3) ASS (DD)

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  1. A giant Samosa today as well !!! Thank you, Neyartha. :-)))

  2. 20Dn : 'used' to be highlighted as anind pl.

  3. Still bettered the time! Thank you Neyartha for samosas!

  4. 13 Accountant enlists Victor and Oscar to meet simpleton with an Arabic fruit (7,4) AVOCADO PEAR {A{V}{O}CA}{DO PE}{AR}

    This was the only anno that I couldn't parse. Knew the role of V, O, DOPE etc. The trouble started with 'accountant and 'arabic' I took CA for accountant and as a result had a problem placing AAR. Didn't know ACA too can be used for 'accountant'.

    Nice and exhaustive colourful blogging by Ramesh.!

  5. Chartered accountants are ACA's & FCA's. Associated & Fellow. Associated is the initial degree after passing out and FCA is awarded after some years of practice. That said, this is the first time that I see ACA being used for an accoutant. To be honest, I did not parse it either.