Monday, 25 May 2015

No 11403, Monday 25 May 2015, Buzzer

A nice start to the week. Thanks Buzzer. Liked the crisp clues at 14A, 18A and 17D.

1   Plan for a power failure with more than one kit (3-3) SET-UPS {SET}-{UPS} (Addendum - GET-UPS {GET}-{UPS} - See comments)
5   Money put aside initially for a satellite (6) EUROPA {EURO}{Put}{As..e}
10 Thoroughly topsy-turvy (6,3) INSIDE OUT [DD]
11 Tenet backing claim to be a superhuman being (5) DOGMA {DOG}{MA}<=
12 Antique piece of handheld e-reader (5) ELDER [T]
13 Imprison Russian leader heading for judicial trouble (3,2,4) PUT IN JAIL {PUT IN} {Ju...l}{AIL}
14 Horn, it's blown briefly (2,5) IN SHORT*
16 Relatively meaningless English rank describing politician (7) EMPTIER {E}{MP}{TIER}
18 Old squeeze say (7) EXPRESS {EX}{PRESS}
20 American friend hacked into NASA? (7) ACRONYM {A{CRONY}M}
21 Weedless ground surrounding one alpine plant (9) EDELWEISS {EDELWE{1}SS*}
23 Parent missing her first is not the same (5) OTHER mOTHER
25 Brave man seen around street, revolting (5) GUTSY {GU{TS<=}Y}
26 Soft cloth rug I see is sensible (9) PRAGMATIC {P}{RAG}{MAT}{I}{C}
27 Sound of a seal or small swan (6) CYGNET (~signet)
28 Crude is vulgar, yeah about right (6) EARTHY {EA{RT}HY*}

2   Relieved leader in let-off (5) EASED lEASED
3   Experienced government yielding to cabinet's latest suggestion (9) UNDERTONE UNDER(-g+t)TONE
4   Exciting to be in second place in a field event (4,3) SHOT PUT {S}{HOT} {PUT}
5   Patent, it lends to an extent to give someone rights (7) ENTITLE [T]
6   Member of a noble group managed without work (5) RADON {RA{DO}N}
7   Mythical king lay moping around (9) PYGMALION*
8   Mechanical power is key in erecting building (7,6) KINETIC ENERGY*
9   Fine everyone starting at grand event for lapse (4,4,5) FALL FROM GRACE {F}{ALL} {FROM} {G}{RACE}
15 Penalty is dodged in a shrewd manner (9) SAPIENTLY*
17 A past actor (9) PERFORMER {PER}{FORMER}
19 Scrap with nails drawn up like a cat (7) SNIPPET {SNIP<=}{PET}
20 Calm like a guru holding court essentially (7) ASSUAGE {AS}{S{coUrt}AGE}
22 Entrance with a feminine principle (3,2) WAY IN {W}{A}{Y IN}
24 Unforeseen problem for couple (5) HITCH [DD]



  1. Get UPS seems to be the right plan for a power failure

    1. But the definition unerringly points to Set UPS( More than one Kit)

    2. For me, somehow, no 'let ups' and no 'get ups'. It was 'set ups' in line with Vasant's pointer. :)

    3. Get-ups is what I had in mind.

      I didn't realize that set-up meant kit since my Chambers didn't say so.

  2. I too had it as 'Get UPS'.
    For 2 D I had put in undergone with experienced as def., but unable to parse it fully. Beauty of it is that since T/G is an uncrossed letter, it did not affect.
    Did not know Pygmalion as a mythical king- knew it more as a a Bernard Shaw's play turned into My Fair Lady.
    Had problem in SE corner with Acronym & performer.
    Otherwise smooth and enjoyable as Buzzer always is.

    1. The Play of course was based on the myth.See the link:
      HR training nowadays widely quote "The Pygmalion Effect" & of course one always associate the word with Elizabeth Dolittle & Prof Higgins

    2. Thank you vasant and of course I thank Buzzer for leading us on to it. Learning never stops- thanks to the blog.

  3. What a beautiful puzzle! Such smooth surfaces! Laconic, pithy & devious clues!
    A few brought a smile: DOGMA,PUT In JAIL; EMPTIER.
    The Long ones were easier though.

  4. Excellent puzzle from Buzzer as usual!..

  5. A beautiful puzzle! Narrowly missed a centum. The culprit being 20Ac ACRONYM. Am yet to crack a Buzzer puzzle! Mostly it's a case of 'so near, yet so far!' Overall had a satisfying solve. Thank you Buzzer. :)

  6. I don't know whether Buzzer down under will see this but sitting here in sunny New York --two different continents-- all h same , I wish to commend (t) that this is one of the best crossies I have ever done- absolutely concise,and crisp and crackling !! Now that summer is here, trying out various brands of beer-- nothing to beat my Kenyan Pilsner though, Right now, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer-- in a Botanical Garden in Brooklyn.. Today is also Memorial Day in the US and hence a holiday-- Thanks Buzzer and thnks to the Col fornthis blog for connecting three continents !!

    MB: I zeroed in precisely at ACRONYM and PUT IN JAIL --(why is PUTIN NOT in JAIL?) excellent woid play !

    Haven't been able to do my daily quota as we were in Washington DC doing the rounds of the Museums . Amazing exhibits is an understatement !! I'm awestruck at their organizing ability !!

  7. Blame the spelling errors in the above to the spell checker and not on any inebriating beer !!