Thursday, 28 May 2015

No 11406, Thursday 28 May 2015, Arden

Reclining in his sofa Arden has collected lot of interest in the game today.

1   Is on mendgo for another option (6,4,4) CHANGE ONES MIND {IS+ON+MEND}*
10 Stick with purchase, disregard age (5) LEVER LEVERage
11 Exciting when it holds a flower (9) THRILLING {TH{RILL}ING}
12 Vehicle blocking road, unruly mob is a terror threat (3,4) CAR BOMB {CA{R} B}{MOB*}
13 Record — it protects the name (7) EPITHET {EP}{I{THE}T}
14 Direction given orally causes ferment (5) YEAST (~east)
16 Just one militant grabs power (9) IMPARTIAL {1}{M{P}ARTIAL}
19 I ask hotel accommodation very fast (4,1,4) LIKE A SHOT*
20 New notice board removed — too bad, or is it better? (5) NICER Anno not clear (Addendum - {NotICE+boaRd}* - See comments)
22 Rejected seed is for retribution (7) NEMESIS {NEMES<=}{IS}
25 Burden of work with Iron (7) OPPRESS {OP}{PRESS}
27 Business with our full representation is abloom (9) COLOURFUL {CO}{OUR+FULL}*
28 Right to collect interest, for an extended retirement (3-2) LIE-IN {LIE-{I}N}
29 Cornered them at random in a game (5-4,5) THREE-CARD MONTE*

2   Hesitate with rifle as it holds soldier's belongings (9) HAVERSACK {HAVE}{ER}{SACK} (Addendum {HAVER}{SACK} - See comments)
3   A seminar conducted for some in drug enforcement (5) NARCO [T]
4   Found ignorance mostly — covered with undue haste (9) ESTABLISH {ESTA{BLISs}H*}
5   One holds it in determination (5) NERVE [CD]
6   Continue with doctor — senior gets old (7,2) SOLDIER ON {SENIOR}* around OLD
7   Half broken rice found in his hybrid Paddy (5) IRISH {I{RIce}SH*}
8   Understand it, everything's detailed with numbers (7) DIGITAL {DIG}{IT}{ALl}
9   Gutsy midshipman is fortunate (6) PLUCKY {shiPman}{LUCKY}
15 Said to be in a daze, no volume change (9) TRANSMUTE (~trance){TRANS}{MUTE}
17 Scouted for an anonymous sponsor for a growing computer maker (9) PATROLLED {PATROn}{LLED<=} Anonymous = Nameless = No N
18 Stormy rise by changing sides (9) INCLEMENT INC(-r+l)LEMENT
19 Wild lion's injured, gets relief in print (7) LINOCUT {LION*}{CUT}
21 Hate it when dispatched again (6) RESENT {RE}{SENT}
23 Clueless about molecular grinder (5) MOLAR MOLeculAR
24 Interest in furniture is capital... (5) SOFIA {SOF{I}A}
26 ....interest in a game could be a handicap (5) POLIO {POL{I}O}



  1. Could not annotate 2d. Col. the one given here does not seem right .

    1. Got it now
      Haver = Hesitate
      SACK= Rifle

    2. Haver = hesitate, dither
      Rifle = sack

  2. 20a noticeboars-too bad *
    New- anind

  3. 20 New notice board removed — too bad, or is it better? (5) NICER


  4. Replies
    1. Noticeboars are animals that have resigned and are serving the 30 day sentence?

    2. No, it is Obelix's comment to Asterix

  5. Nice one from Arden.
    Initially I was thinking of CV for 7D,but could not annotate and so I did a 1Ac.
    I could notice a few I for interest.

  6. Lovely puzzle! Had a satisfying solve. HAVERSACK - took me an age to parse it. Thanks Arden. :-)))

  7. I thought 'haversack' should have been very much in your bag, given your Air Force background, or is it only for the army?

    1. Well, in Air Force too we were equipped with that! Parsing it was the problem. Took 'er' for 'hesitation'. Later got it as 'haver'.

  8. As for annotating PATROLLED, no clue whatsoever, reg deletion of 'n' till I saw the blog! I would rate it as my COD.