Friday, 29 May 2015

No 11407, Friday 29 May 2015, Arden

6   Compare initially with little I know (5) LIKEN {Li...e}{I}{KEN}
7   All there is in one poem (8) UNIVERSE {UNI}{VERSE}
10 Finally secret agent got new line (7) TANGENT {s...eT}{A{N}GENT}
11 Rush back with egg of animal (3,4) ROE DEER {ROE} {DEER<=}
12 It's produced in the Islets of Langerhans (7) INSULIN [GK]
13 Our neighbour converts many in a month (7) MYANMAR {M{MANY*}AR}
14 Played Salsa loudly for a festival (3,5,3) ALL SOULS DAY*
19 Got up, had a feeling which is overly optimistic (7) ROSEATE {ROSE}{ATE}
21 With fastness managed this language (7) FORTRAN {FORT}{RAN}
23 It's a nuisance to keep writing to a sibling (7) BROTHER {B{R}OTHER}
25 Medicine covers rules, essentially (7) CAPSULE {CAPS}{rULEs}
26 I roam all around this American city (8) AMARILLO*
27 Rallying point for a dark novel (5) DAKAR {A+DARK}*

1   Continental border to check bovine paralysis (8) AKINESIA {A{KINE}SIA}
2   Make it tough for a boy to support a girl (6) ANNEAL {ANNE}{AL}
3   Draw one into conversation — however not over fault (10) BUTTONHOLE {BUT}{TON<=}{HOLE}
4   Pioneer — individual went and landed here (4) PIER PIoneER
5   Voiced agreement over players reputation (6) ESTEEM (~yes){ES}{TEEM}(~team)
6   Almost dead, going through the country (6) LATVIA {LATe}{VIA}
8   The French dream about Beryl (7) EMERALD {LE+DREAM}*
9   Ten million rupees in the centre (5) CRORE {C{R}ORE}
13 Two fellows — say, a hero, and a villain (10) MALEFACTOR {MALE}{F}{ACTOR}
15 Hide article in King's possession (7) LEATHER {LEA{THE}R}
16 Luke and Mary made to cover heads (8) YARMULKE*
17 Inducement makes Bible change hands (5) BRIBE BIB(-l+r)RE*
18 Close attention please! (6) ENDEAR {END}{EAR}
20 Money in account for rainy.... (6) STORMY {STOR{M}Y}
22 ....roving pairs check depth in parts of river (6) RAPIDS {RAPI{D}S*}
24 Take time off to sing by the stream (4) RILL tRILL



  1. As usual, lovely clues from Arden! :)

    I have a doubt regarding one of yesterday's clues:
    Scouted for an anonymous sponsor for a growing computer maker (9) PATROLLED {PATROn}{LLED<=}
    How does GROWING indicate a reversal?

    1. Sandhya, since it was a down clue growing would indicate upward movement

  2. I have a doubt about 'Anneal'. In facr we had a discussion here a few days ago on this. The link given refers to heat treatment to increase ductility and softness. hardening is not mentioned anywhere except in the links given at the bottom, but it refers to tempering (for hardening)

    1. From Freedictionary for Anneal
      1. To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness.
      2. To strengthen or harden.

  3. 5D- 'voiced' as a homonym indicator is used for both 'agreement' and 'players' (team). Is it okay and how do we know?

    1. Looks fine. It could stand for only the first word or both the words. No easy way to know if it is only for the first word or both the words. Mostly you try only one word & then try both and see which one fits

  4. 1D Akinesia... How does kine anno?

  5. Ok found it...

  6. 11A : Rush back with egg of animal (3,4) ROE DEER {ROE} {DEER<=}

    Am not getting how 'rush' means 'reed'. Seek help please.

    1. I wanted to check it up myself, but forgot. Thanks to you I did and here it is- (Pl. look at meaning 2)

    2. Thanks, Paddy. Meaning of 'rush' part I could get. My doubt was does 'reed' or 'deer' convey the same meaning as given in the link above?

  7. Replies
    1. Agreed! You mean to say 'reed' = 'rush' = to act with great haste ?

    2. 'Act with haste' does not enter the picture.
      Rush=Reed and so rush back=deer
      Eggs= Roe
      Def.=Animal= Roe deer

    3. Thanks Paddy. My tubelight needs a good starter, I believe! :)

    4. Its really nice of you, Paddy, to have answered all my queries so patiently! Thanking you once more.

  8. Wow, samosas today for me at dinner time.