Saturday, 30 May 2015

No 11408, Saturday 30 May 2015, Arden


9 Rest of money's safe (7) LEISURE {LEI}{SURE}
10 Ally with more characters in Sicily (7) PALERMO {PAL}{ERMO*}
11 One embarrassed after she was brought backback on payroll (7) REHIRED {REH<=}{I}{RED}
12 General call for looking lecherous (7) LEERING {LEE}{RING}
13 Accept invitation with club's list (4,5) COME CLEAN {COME} {C}{LEAN}
15 Does a tailless beast have an inner self? (5) ANIMA {ANIMAl}
16 Neat slide of a flower (7) COWSLIP {COW}{SLIP}

19 New vice-president slashed prices it shows (7) EVIDENT {Vice prEsIDENT*}
20 Flyer's sorry to lose navigator ultimately (5) EGRET {rEGRET}
21 Softly boy lay on girl, could it lead to this? (9) PREGNANCY {P}{REG}{NANCY} Semi &lit
25 Capital then rebuilt, took a long time (7) TEHERAN {TEH{ERA}N*}
26 Smart to grab centre stage with a hacker (7) CLEAVER {CLE{A}VER}

28 Half the nobility are rejecting the inner parts (7) VISCERA {VISCount}{ERA<=}
29 Perhaps turn in, only to meet (3,4) RUN INT0 {TURN IN O}*


1 Finally, historic relic restored by a man of God (6) CLERIC {historiC}{LERIC*}
2 Housekeeper gets an hour to raise some money (6) DIRHAM {DI{RH}AM}<=
3 Protect against loss of top dental gum (4) GUAR GUARd

4 Footballer has two days to show his wares (6) PEDDLE {PE{D}{D}LE}
5 Stifled cry in the past, at such affluence (8) OPULENCE {O{PULE}NCE} Not sure if this anno is correct See comments
6 No sense of belonging in a strange country, reportedly (10) ALIENATION {~ALIEN NATION}
7 Mechanic, not first rate, showing craftiness (8) ARTIFICE ARTIFICEr
8 Moving page, noting a change (8) POIGNANT {P}{OIGNANT*}
14 Withdrawal from Iceland? (4,6) COLD TURKEY {COLD}{TURKEY}
16 Imaginative, but not even 'Carmen' can resurrect another musical (8) CREATIVE {CaRmEn}{ATIVE<=}
17 Watchers may be funding the election (3,5) WAR CHEST {WATCHERS*} May be on double duty?
18 Parrot’s invitation to bird (8) POPINJAY {POP IN}{JAY}
22 Played once, then over and over again (6) ENCORE {ENCO*}{RE}
23 Send contents after a month with a prayer (6) NOVENA {NOV}{sENd}{A}
24 Fuss about a growing plant (6) YARROW {Y{A}RROW<=}

27 Werner von Braun was bit of a flyer (4) ERNE (T)

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  1. Stifled cry in the past, at such affluence (8) OPULENCE {O{PULE}NCE}

    Anno is correct. Pule means to whimper, cry softly

    1. Stifled cry leads to a noun, while pule is a verb. Hence the question

    2. Stifled is the container indicator.

  2. 'Pule', v., is only from, 'cry', v.
    'Stifled' is c/c ind.

    1. Thanks Sandhya Garu & CV ji

    2. Oh please, Garu makes me feel ancient! :)

    3. 'Thanks to young Sandhya Garu' sounds better ?

  3. If the statement in 21 were true,
    From what we see in film song sequences and even ads for scents, underwear, prophylactics, etc.,
    How many pregnancies must have occurred.
    I wonder.

    1. Could lead to does not means that it always leads to.

    2. If I could, I would.
      If it could, it would.

    3. I like the clue but didn't understand reg part. Please explain

  4. "D4" Grid finally cracked. On cloud nine today.

    1. I too wondered and then gave up.
      Now that you ask,
      Decidedly Difficult, Determinedly Done

  5. Gum proved to be sticky, but got everything else after a lot of effort.