Sunday, 3 May 2015

No 2839, Sunday 03 May 2015

1   Recalled interior of cast iron strongbox (4) SAFE {cAS<=}t}{FE}
3   They'll raise the issue at breakfast, perhaps (10) HIGHCHAIRS [CD]
10 A bracket holding right light source (3,4) ARC LAMP {A}{R}{C LAMP}
11 Madman in a cult, deranged (7) LUNATIC*
12 Act firmly to gain momentum (3,4,4,4) PUT ONE'S FOOT DOWN [DD]
13 Cleanser put off squire (9) DETERGENT {DETER}{GENT}
15 Former PM, last in Office, by study (4) EDEN {o...cE}{DEN}
17 Cliff's Academy Award: no disc involved (4) SCAR oSCAR
18 Church altar desecrated by an impostor (9) CHARLATAN {CH}{ALTAR*}{AN}
21 US artist capturing original outpost, depicted as part of a political campaign? (7-4,4) WHISTLE-STOP TOUR {WHISTLE-{STOP TOU*}R}
23 Most conceited adult wearing singlet outside (7) VAINEST {V{A}{IN}EST}
24 Spotted entertaining male, bachelor, in unlicensed joint (7) SHEBEEN {S{HE}{B}EEN}
25 Helps left, concludes a deal (5,1,4) LENDS A HAND {L}{ENDS} {A} {HAND}
26 Fish in jar with no lid (4) HAKE sHAKE

1   Impressed by eastern flight (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{E}
2   Newspaper carrying excellent feature (5) FACET {F{ACE}T}
4   One motorway, outdated, brings you to a standstill (7) IMPASSE {1}{M}{PASSE}
5   Last offer (4,3) HOLD OUT [DD]
6   Chasseur admitting odd tips help to locate game (4,3,7) HUNT THE SLIPPER {HUNT {THE SLIPP*}ER}
7   Turn inwards in car during Manx race (9) INTROVERT {IN}{T{ROVER}T}
8   Back runner-up? (6) SECOND [DD]
9   Film studio unsettled Warren Beatty initially, then Rex et al? (6,8) WARNER BROTHERS {WARREN*} {Be...y}{R}{OTHERS}
14 Course artist announced for planner (9) TACTICIAN (~tack}{TAC}{TITIAN}
16 Way in for transport (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
18 Teach incorrectly about male cat (7) CHEETAH {C{HE}ETAH*}
19 Smith supporter losing capital? (7) ARTISAN pARTISAN
20 Spin altered views before ending of poll (6) SWIVEL {VIEWS*}{polL}
22 Part of home game, last in series (5) OMEGA [T]



  1. Special today is the Final CW used at the Chennai Crossie Open. Since it's a 13x13 only two answers per commenter for today.

  2. Nice puzzle. Missed out on Across : HIGHCHAIRS & EDEN. Down : HUNT THE SLIPPER & HOLD OUT.

    BTW 1Dn definition needs to be highlighted pl.

    Looking forward to today's special !