Sunday, 24 May 2015

No 2842, Sunday 24 May 2015

It's Bye Bye's today

1   Phrase used on leaving single northern girl, initially (2,4) SO LONG {SO LO}{N}{Girl}
5   Draw strangely fashionable Australian port (6) DARWIN {DRAW}*{IN}
11 A short record about love, then it's arrivederci (5) ADIOS {A}{DI{O}Sc}
12 Under control? No, ratings out of control (2,1,6) ON A STRING*
13 Saucy dance? (5) SALSA [DD]
14 Apiarist, perhaps bitter about English preserve (9) BEEKEEPER {BE{E}{KEEP}ER}
15 Wrote 'False Alarm', staggering novel (1,8,2,4) A FAREWELL TO ARMS*
18 Film of Surrey, one Loy made, unknown (3,4,4,4) FOR YOUR EYES ONLY {OF+SURREY+ONE+LOY}*{Y}
21 His topic, a strange nut (9) PISTACHIO*
22 A win once more (5) AGAIN {A}{GAIN}
24 Bar, place abroad stocking soft fruit (4,5) CRAB APPLE {CRAB A{P}PLE}*
25 Previous abbot's deputy (5) PRIOR [DD]
26 Watch cutter swing (6) SEESAW {SEE}{SAW}
27 Leader of expedition brought in beer to begin journey (3,3) SET OUT {S{Ex...n}T OUT}

2   Newly-built Loire college (5) ORIEL*
3   Performing animal put inside one (2,5) ON STAGE {ON {STAG}E}
4   Groomed by eccentric carpenter in novella (7,2,5) GOODBYE MR CHIPS {GROOMED BY}* {CHIPS}
6   Traced odd circular letter revealing design style (3,4) ART DECO {ART DEC}*{O}
7   Wife more trendy, fashionable, a huntsman's assistant (7-2) WHIPPER-IN {W}{HIPPER}-{IN}
8   Reign nervously in an African country (5) NIGER*
9   Opera, Parsifal, staffer includes (8) FALSTAFF [T]
10 Every wall oven's shown differently in a series of books (8,6) WAVERLEY NOVELS*
16 Rose incredibly swiftly across the Earth's atmosphere and beyond (9) AEROSPACE {A{ROSE*}PACE} Is the definition correct?
17 For example, on air, I ignored a closing remark (8) SAYONARA {SAY}{ON}{AiR}{A}
19 Anthem can, carried by old girl (1,6) O CANADA {O} {CAN}{ADA}
20 Don't move prop, fixed (4,3) STAY PUT {STAY} {PUT}
21 Experts, after start of polka, showing steps (5) PACES {Polka}{ACES}
23 Cheerio to the French about to depart (5) ADIEU {A{DIE}U}


  1. Quite an enjoyable one today from Everyman!
    Looking forward to Ramki Spl. "Ciao!" :-)))

  2. 16Dn : "Is the definition correct?"

    Seems OK Sir. :

  3. Plenty of novels & films today!

  4. Replies
    1. Chips or Mr Chips is a nickname for carpenter.
      From the bits or shavings of wood strewn when he smooths or shapes wood with his tools.

  5. For several years, the Everyman crossword published originally in The Observer (now in the Guardian stable) has been composed by a single setter.
    With this crossword he has hung up his boots, I think.
    From the next week's crossword the setter is different - his or her name is not known to me.
    For some weeks his or her work has appeared in the original paper and I think solvers have found it not so easy as in the past.
    The experience of Sunday solvers of THC remains to be seen.
    (Thanks for all 'get well' messages. I am slowly recovering and steadily progressing from the heart bypass surgery that I had late last month.)

    1. Take care CV! Good to have you back. :)

    2. Take care sir !
      Nice to see you back here :)

  6. Welcome back C V Sir.