Saturday, 12 March 2016

No 11648, Saturday 12 Mar 2016, Exa


5 Batting master-class (6) STREAM {MASTER*}
7 My steel is forged into a piece of armour (8) CORSELET {COR}{STEEL*}
9 No date after bachelor party (4) BAND {BA}{N}{D}
10 Site with guitar playing tips? (10) GRATUITIES {SITE+GUITAR}*
11 Differentiate 9sin(t)/cos(t) to solve for variable (12) INCONSISTENT {NINE+SIN+T+COS+T}*
13 A little toddler rolled a smoke? Shocking! (6) TRAGIC {TRA}{GIC<=} Anno not clear {Toddler}{RAGIC<=} See Comments
15 Follow men's fashion (6) TAILOR {TAIL}{OR} {TAIL}{OR}
18 Proof of business — business in a country (12) CONFIRMATION {CO}{N{FIRM}ATION}
21 Showing dislike towards popular PG houses (10)  PRESENTING {P{RESENT}{IN}G}
22 Change for 100 spent in an order (4) EDIT {EDIcT}
23 A male wild boar is heavenly food (8) AMBROSIA {A}{M}{BOAR+IS}*
24 Fly across through the borders (6) AVIATE {A}{VIA}{ThE}


1 Reckless of the topless drunk lad to have gone around without drug (8) HEADLONG {tHE}{LAD*}{GONe}*
2 Admitting travel is about seeing friends (6) AMIGOS {AM}{I{GO}S}
3 Reason a crack's filled with cement (8) ARGUMENT {A}{R{GUM}ENT}
4 Leave for lunch in a bit (4,2) BEAT IT {B{EAT} IT}
6 Sports shoes for high terrains (8) TRAINERS {TERRAINS*}
7 Paragraph about a trainee engaged in work (6) CLAUSE {C{L}AUSE}
8 Watched river receding around the end of January (4) EYED {E{jan..Y}ED<=}
12 Immigrant: one on the street (8) COLONIST {COLON}{I}{ST}
14 Treat as St. John, one saving lives (8) CANONISE {CAN}{ON{IS}E}
16 Hernia, it's spreading — yes, it's spreading! (2,3,3) IN THE AIR {HERNIA IT}*
17 Fossil I carved yields an abundant mineral (6)  SILICA (T)
18 Fabulous actor's a controversial world figure (6) CASTRO {ACTOR S}*
19 Seduction of girl by mature woman is hot stuff (6) MAGMAS {MA{G}MA}{S}
20 Down drink in container (4) DRUM {D}{RUM}

Reference list

My=Cor, No=N, Date=D, Bachelor=BA, Men=OR(Ordinary Ranks), Business=Co, Business=Firm, Popular=In, 100=C, Male=M, Across=A, 
Through=Via,  Drug=E (Ecstasy), Trainee=L (Learner), River=Dee, One=I, Street=St, John=Can, Lives=Is, Girl=G, Down=D, Drink=Rum

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Wonderful compilation. Thanks Exa

  2. Bhavan, Welcome to Chennai! See you later today! Have got a lot to speak to you and co-setters!

    1. Thank you sir. Looking forward to the discussion.

  3. Suresh, You call this 'neat' crossword. I searched and searched and did not find anything related to cows or kine. Is it hidden somewhere in the grid?

  4. Excellent grid, thanks Exa! CANONISE is my COTD.

  5. Excellent xword from Exa.. a leap up from his usual :) Canonise was wonderful .. also Gratuities, inconsistent and colonist ! Thank you Exa.. need to study your clues ..

  6. Wonderful stuff...a batting master class indeed...
    The grid was filled with innovative clues..sparkling wordplay...inconsistent..canonise(the use of elipsis creatively) Exa...your best one till date

  7. Exa-nothing short of good measure! Very nice crossie

  8. Some snaps of the S&B Meet at the following link S & B Meet Chennai