Tuesday, 8 March 2016

No 11644, Tuesday 08 Mar 2016, Afterdark

1   A computer language written by people in IT has firm's endless backing (13) ACCOMPANIMENT {A}{C}{COMPANy}{I{MEN}T}
10 Special duty's to get half drum of fuel (9) PETROLEUM {PET}{ROLE}{drUM}
11 Meat-cuts for food; man dispensed for Victor (5) VEALS {(-m+v)VEALS}
12 Lost opener? Worry more (5) OTHER bOTHER
13 Disorganised Bolt lost, perhaps (9) SCRAMBLED {SCRAM}{BLED}
14 Major ignores order, loses German capital (6) SENIOR IgNORES*
16 Say, antelope heads off to grounds... (4) LAND eLAND
19 ...group lost in slaughter at Israeli port (4) ACRE massACRE
20 Letters from Aruna's sister for help (6) ASSIST [T]
25 Find faults with landlord in the absence of supervisor and worker (9) CARPENTER {CARP}{rENTER}
26 Worsens without the first two couples (5) PAIRS imPAIRS
27 Expression of annoyance over dismissal of a swimmer (5) TROUT {T{RO}UT}
28 Denounce laymen walking out of military science program (9) CRITICISE {mIlITaRy+SCIenCE}*
29 Setting up new tables? His men will take time (13) ESTABLISHMENT {N+TABLES+HIS+MEN}*{T}

2   Gripping act playing, cashing as it goes (8) CATCHING {ACT*}{CasHING}*
3   Order to act on sporadic curry smell (5) ODOUR {O}{DO}{cUrRy}
4   Wish to get empty parcel with skillfulness (6) PLEASE {Pa..eL}{EASE}
5   Figures lure man deviously at school (8) NUMERALS {LURE+MAN}*{S}
6   Shifts love men against ladies; men arrive on time on Sunday (9) MOVEMENTS {(-l+m)MOVE}{MEN}{T}{S}
7   More or less, spec's given out in constructing screenplay (6) NEARLY {scReENpLAY}*
8   Utensils brought by children contains polonium (6) SPOONS {S{PO}ONS}
9   Apart from every third blackmail case, blindly indict abettors (5) ASIDE {blAc...}{caSe}{blIn...}{inDi..}{abEt...}
15 Horse cart arranged for band (9) ORCHESTRA*
17 Extremely short and almost tall describes one Chief Cop standing (8) VERTICAL {VERy}{T{1}{Cop}ALl}
18 101-6-50-1 — A number given for a retired soldier, perhaps (8) CIVILIAN {CI}{VI}{L}{1}{A}{N}
21 Experienced editor stays behind when it is dry outside (6) TASTED {T{AS}T}{ED}
22 A suggestion to save time is shrewd (5) ACUTE {A}{CU{T}E}
23 Pointers for a bank to disburse money (6) ARROWS {A}{R{ROW}S}
24 Results qualify Rugby Union to get into finals at last (6) FRUITS {F{RU}IT}{f...lS}
26 King of Troy is particular about answer (5) PRIAM {PRI{A}M}


  1. Thank you AD for samosas!

  2. Thank you AD for...you know what! Nice puzzle...thoroughly enjoyed. :)

  3. lots of subsititions than usual - additions, deletions today - veals, movements, criticise, massacre, accompaniment, other, senior, catching, screenplay.. but yep thanks for the samosas AD :)

  4. Another near miss.Missed samosa since I did not have accompaniments to go with it!
    Nice enjoyable CW. Thank you AD- you never disappoint.

  5. Typical AD fare...easy...but only grouse is too many deletions+anagrams...it becomes a tad monotonous..

  6. Nice puzzle.Thoroughly enjoyed. Well laid-out clues with smooth surfaces enabled 100% finish.Thank you AD.