Monday, 21 March 2016

No 11655, Monday 21 Mar 2016, Buzzer

8   Terrible experience said to stifle retiring editor (6) ORDEAL {OR{DE<=}AL}
9   During college initially studying and working simultaneously (2,6) IN UNISON {IN} {UNI}{St...g}{ON}
10 Part of hand held by maiden is cold (8) UNWARMED {UNW{ARM}ED}
11 Escort in suit (2,4) GO WITH [DD]
12 Abandoned building for users of firing range (8,7) SHOOTING GALLERY {SHOOTING} {GALLERY}
14 Romantic I had knocked back cold breaking hearts (7) IDYLLIC {I'D}{YLLIhC<=}
16 Chap is reportedly an angler (7) FISSURE (~fisher)
19 Those discriminating against women have masculinist bent (4,11) MALE CHAUVINISTS*
22 Newlyweds in couples, not grooms primarily (6) BRIDES BRIDgES
24 Safe nest rarely contains a hole (8) FENESTRA [T]
25 Staff reductions, they make people distressed (4,4) CREW CUTS {CREW} {CUTS}
26 Will left nothing but rubbish (6) DRIVEL {DRIVE}{L}

1   Divided farm inside a garden (8) BRANCHED {B{RANCH}ED}
2   Carrot a gelding ate up smoothly (6) LEGATO [T<=]
3   Idolism had turned exacting and punctilious (3-7) OLD-MAIDISH*
4   Get to understand old mythical monster (7) WINDIGO {WIN}{DIG}{O}
5   Suspended a barbarian government (4) HUNG {HUN}{G}
6   Lose will to be involved in boring places (3,5) OIL WELLS*
7   Be unsteady after tripping right foot (6) TOTTER TrOTTER
13 Lover from a timeless story having trouble (10) AFICIONADO {A}{FICtION}{ADO}
15 Fellow lost in snowfield fitfully rests (4,4) LIES DOWN SNOWfIELD*
17 Quipped it is wrong to cut grass (8) RETORTED {RE{TORT}ED}
18 Dark stubby? Four such appeared frequently (7) SUBFUSC {StUbBy}{FoUr}{SuCh}
20 Sunrise in the middle of Nauru, more fab (6) AURORA {nAURu}{mORe}{fAb}
21 Impress and awe flaunting waistline (6) INSTIL waISTLINe*
23 Horse to bolt (4) STUD [DD]


  1. Simple and elegant. Pleasure to solve Buzzer.

  2. Elegant. Not able to get 21d anno

    1. I suppose it is a reverse anagram..instil & awe rearranged to get waistline

    2. Is it a reverse anagram or just finding a suitable synonym of 'Impress' to go with 'awe' and get waistline?

    3. Composite anagram I think? (INSTIL + AWE)* gives WAISTLINE

  3. Lovely one from Buzzer..was stuck forever in NE corner until Hung clicked...loved the long ones..learnt new ones...windigo..subfusc...fenestra..nice beginning to a new week

  4. Vasant@ 11.51- Nice find.
    Interesting and within reach as always. Thank you Buzzer.
    Blog to the rescue for the missing ones.

  5. Beautiful xword today from Buzzer.. esp the defs are awesome.. crewcuts = distressing, boring place = oil wells, the clue for fenestra :) Nina.. may say blow hot and cold but Buzzer will get only warm praises :)

    1. I wonder 'distressed' is really OK as a definition

    2. It is de- stressing may be right, you think? Need for a homophone indicator? Probably Buzzer may have sent it in as 'destressed'. Yes, this is what Free dic. says-

      to become or cause to become less stressed or anxious

    3. I think cryptically it should be dis-tressed..tress meaning hair..

  6. Enjoyable crossword Buzzer, thanks! Liked 10A, 16A, 19A the best.

  7. Wonderful 'x'ie.well clued-up. I never thought I could finish today.Male chauvinists seemed to be a straight one. Once I cracked it things started falling in place.Thanks Buzzer.

  8. Excellent crossword. Liked CREW CUTS!!