Monday, 28 March 2016

No 11661, Monday 28 Mar 2016, Scintillator

1   With special festivities following, abandoned afternoon sleep (6) SIESTA {S}{fIESTA}
4   A bid to become part of Union (8) PROPOSAL [DD]
9   Stray kid that's ordinary managed to secure a concentration (6) ORPHAN {O}{R{PH}AN}
10 Harvest from cultivar bore a leaf on trees (8) ARBOREAL [T]
12 Is moaning somewhat terrible bedroom complaint? (8) INSOMNIA {IS+MOANINg}*
13 Calling in Spanish, “Hello!”, priest interrupts a commotion (6) HOOPLA {HO{OP}LA}
15 Rage for designer clothes (4) GEAR*
16 Albeit in half measure, approximately or completely (10) THOROUGHLY {THOugh}{ROUGHLY}
19 In formal meetings, put to rest personal opinions (10) INTERVIEWS {INTER}{VIEWS}
20 Over and above all round production (4) OPUS {O}{PUS<=}
23 Forty winks not just for Tom (6) CATNAP [CD]
25 Tall person with head upright (8) BEANPOLE {BEAN}{POLE}
27 Tower, public house and cabin building (8) BARBICAN {BAR}{CABIN}*
28 In bed — husband or ... partner? (6) COHORT {CO{H}{OR}T}
29 Son loafing around without hesitation and playing with catapult (8) SLINGING {S}{LINGerING}
30 Northern parts vital to remain with an African (6) KENYAN {KE{N}Y}{AN}

1   It's unpleasant in bedroom to sing and not be comprehended (7) SNORING {NOR} in {SING}
2   Tricky position — in the end, spent a second over a move in chess (2,7) EN PASSANT  {p...oN+SPENT+A+S}* over {A}
3   With Uma Thurman killing a human, this problem is resolved (6) TRAUMA {UMA+ThuRman+A}*
5   Remarkable letters in literary circles (4) RARE <=
6   Expert criminal put off (8) PROROGUE {PRO}{ROGUE}
7   Strips from the bottom to hit the sack (5) SLEEP<=
8   This is to soothe baby to get rid of bawling, primarily (7) LULLABY {LULL}{bABY} &lit
11 Nearly fasten a loose garment (7) NIGHTIE {NIGH}{TIE}
14 Had 7 Dn. worded differently to protect Saint (7) DROWSED {S} in {WORDED}*
17 Study heavy edges on constructed polygon (9) HYPNOLOGY {HeavY}{POLYGON}*
18 Aspiring German wanders off, one in Germany previously (8) DREAMING {D}{REAM{1}NG*}
19 Inexperienced person in America going out — that's a nightmare! (7) INCUBUS {IN}{CUB}{US}
21 Soften small butts in gun (7) SWEETEN {S{WEE}TEN}
22 Continue button in the Land of Nod? (6) SNOOZE [DD]
24 One roti doled out outside temple gateway (5) TORII {1} in {ROTI}*
26 A boring person with yellow beard (4) YAWN {Y}{AWN}


  1. 3 With Uma Thurman killing a human, this problem is resolved (6) TRAUMA {UMA+ThuRman+A}*
    This clue was puzzling. killing a human = remove a human
    a as end letter could have come after human (in place of this)
    What is the AnagrInd here?

    1. If killing is AnagrInd, then where is the deletion indicator?

    2. Killing is for removal of HUMAN from Uma Thurman. This gives us 'Traum'. The A given in the clue is to be added to this, but I am able to find any indication for this.

    3. I thought the anind was resolved..yes the clue has 'problem'..definition not at the end(or begining ) & anind far away from the fodder..maybe I am reading it wrong..hope Scintillator clarifies

    4. The clue was intended to be a composite anagram. (HUMN+TRAUMA) is resolved to get UMA THURMAN. This indicates the definition is in the middle. 'Killing' is the indicator to remove 'A' from HUMAN.

    5. Wow!That is outstanding cluing.The word was simple enough to get but to create it must have required great creative skill

  2. Nightie is also related to sleep and may be added as a theme word.

  3. 16D. DREAMING is rather vague. 20A OPUS is also not well clued.

    1. I thought Dreaming was very well clued..the instruction quite clear

    2. I think it is parsed this way: GERMAN + I (for one) + D (for Deutschland).

  4. scintillator must be in a terribly perverse mood to set such a theme for a Monday puzzle ! :) :) oops missed out on snoring and couldnt parse Siesta (thanks for this) and opus.. i thought Opus was (up (above) + So - over)*

  5. Despite the theme...was wide awake for this scintillating one...difficult but a completed grid was enormously satisfying..learnt new words too..barbican..prorogue..hypnology..

  6. Prorogue is usually used while adjourning parliament/ assembly sessions. Since it is part of a long political jargon we tend to overlook such terms.

  7. I think 4A and 22D are CDs and not DD?
    Loved the devious container indicators in KENYAN and SWEETEN :)