Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2884), Sunday 13 Mar 2016

1   Optional term otherwise relating to large city (12) METROPOLITAN*
9   Crush good part of orange (5) GRIND {G}{RIND}
10 Attention occupied by work in New York waterway (4,5) EAST RIVER {EA{ST RIVE}R}
11 Delicate eastern article, not fake (8) ETHEREAL {E}{THE}{REAL}
12 Hearts captured by artist with a flower (6) DAHLIA {DA{H}LI}{A}
14 Exposes new troubles (5) NAILS {N}{AILS}
16 Maintain faltering debate, finally lifeless (9) INANIMATE {MAINTAIN*}{d...tE}
18 Source of popular fashion followed by worker? (9) INFORMANT {IN}{FORM}{ANT}
19 County's southern dialect, not northern (5) SLIGO {S}{LInGO}
20 Cowboy with a cough in a bad way (6) GAUCHO*
22 Historic event set down by gospel writer (8) LANDMARK {LAND}{MARK}
25 Repose interrupted by coach in control (9) RESTRAINT {RES{TRAIN}T}
26 Improve condition in mixture of dye (5) EDIFY {IF} in {DYE}*
27 Film from Billy Wilder's collection with skill seen by people time after time (3,9) THE APARTMENT {T{HE AP}{ART}{MEN}T}

2   Singer showing heart of defiance in depth if suffering (5,4) EDITH PIAF {defIAnce} in {DEPTH+IF}*
3   Jockey relieved to be over hesitation (5) RIDER {RID}{ER}
4   Regarding hurt, appeal to stop friend before tying the knot (10) PREMARITAL {P{RE}{MAR}{IT}AL}
5   Go on at the end (4) LAST [DD]
6   Small turtles, poor pair, grabbed by seabirds (9) TERRAPINS {TER{PAIR*}NS}
7   Original verse during Christmas (5) NOVEL {NO{V}EL}
8   Doubtful about facility, brother? Get a mechanic (6,6) GREASE MONKEY {GR{EASE} {MONK}EY}
9   Envious, identifies growing ability (5,7) GREEN FINGERS {GREEN} {FINGERS}
13 Expert rates stamp poorly (4,6) PAST MASTER*
15 Cleaner in rush for additional payment (9) SURCHARGE {SUR{CHAR}GE}
17 Disturbance produced by taint Iago concocted (9) AGITATION*
21 Out of bed and ready for trouble (5) UPSET {UP}{SET}
23 Democrat with drive filled with energy and hope (5) DREAM {D}{R{E}AM}
24 Drooping, walk unevenly (4) LIMP [DD]



  1. See snaps of the S&B Meet at the following link S&B MEET CHENNAI

  2. Sunday samosas are always delicious

  3. hey.. simple one today . but not clear On 4d - Premarital - Regarding = re, hurt = mal, friend = pal.. how do we get "it"? what is "appeal to stop" - is this the containment indicator ?

    1. Regarding hurt, appeal to stop friend before tying the knot (10) PREMARITAL {P{RE}{MAR}{IT}AL}

      Regarding=Re, hurt=Mar, appeal=It, to stop=C/C Indicator, friend=Pal, before tying the knot=Defn

  4. 4 Regarding hurt, appeal to stop friend before tying the knot (10) PREMARITAL {P{RE}{MAR}{IT}AL}

    RE + MAR + IT inside PAL. IT: Appeal.

    1. Stop can work both ways. Containment and insertion.

  5. Thanks Raghunath and Ramesh..forgot the IT appeal connection :) To stop as an indicator for C/C - in the sense of to stopper, i suppose :)