Wednesday, 30 March 2016

No 11663, Wednesday 30 Mar 2016, Lightning

1   Save criminal valet (8) CONSERVE {CON}{SERVE}
5   Swear by a fellow organisation (6) AFFIRM {A}{F}{FIRM}
9   Chapter we learn has to be rewritten by novelist (8)  LAWRENCE {C+WE+LEARN}*
10 Country ruled primarily by an extremist group in a state of distress (6) CRISIS {Co...y}{Ru..d}{ISIS}
12 A fight’s close (5) ABOUT {A}{BOUT}
13 Respect order to stop working at national church (9) OBEDIENCE {OBE}{DIE}{N}{CE}
14 Secret agent covering thousand international miles — not enough? (6) SKIMPY {S{K}{I}{M}PY}
16 Boss that makes a gent grow older by end of hour (7) MANAGER {MAN}{AGE}{houR}
19 Annoyance at communist disrupting prosperity (7) BOREDOM {BO{RED}OM}
21 Trade exposed resistance to accept final amendment (6) BARTER {BAR{a...nT}E}{R}
23 Most voters care for a change, respond strongly (9) OVERREACT {VOTERs+CARE}*
25 Celebrity packing one instrument (5) SITAR {S{1}TAR}
26 Optimistic of having an advantage, take a chance with second hand (6) UPBEAT {UP}{BE{hAnd}T}
27 German in middle-eastern territory to relocate (8) EMIGRATE {EMI{G}RATE}
28 Make a mistake next to a list of corrections (6) ERRATA {ERR}{AT}{A}
29 Returns to bury saint outside central cathedral (8) INTEREST {INTER}{c...E...l}{ST}

1   Grab a leash (6) COLLAR [DD]
2   Novel delivery by East American (3,6) NEW YORKER {NEW} {YORKER}
3   Powerless authority to make a strenuous effort (5) EXERT EXpERT
4   Triumph of conservative after six by-elections essentially (7) VICTORY {VI}{b...C...s}{TORY}
6   One from outside in favour of admitting rule by earl (9) FOREIGNER {FO{REIGN}{E}R}
7   Glib sentry providing asylum to playwright (5) IBSEN [T]
8   Skill at shooting deer, perhaps with extremely negligible effort (8) MUSKETRY {MUSK}{n...lE}{TRY}
11 Side match (4) TEAM [DD]
15 Paintings from 20th century not marred by accident (6,3) MODERN ART*
17 Magnificent dog from Demark? (5,4) GREAT DANE {GREAT} {DANE}
18 A black substance that can be dissolved is pure (8) ABSOLUTE {A}{B}{SOLUTE}
20 Malicious person consuming ecstasy (4) MEAN {M{E}AN}
21 Border, say of British Isle thrust back at the start (7) BATSMAN {BATS<=}{MAN}
22 Stripe worn by father (6) PRIEST*
24 Remembered to supply a piece of wood (5) EMBER [T]
25 Proceed to institute legal proceedings against harbours, say (5) SEGUE {S{EG}UE}



  1. While solving it, I felt it was a tougher Incognito CW. Came to the blog and found out that it was a Lightning CW. This usually happens to me when Gridman transitions to Neyartha. I would solve more than half the crossword (or sometimes the whole CW) before realizing that it is a Neyartha CW and not a Grridman. Does this happen to others? Do you always look to see who the setter is before solving the CW?

    1. A tougher Incognito? That creature doesn't exist

    2. Does a tough Gridman make you think he is Grridman?

    3. Surely not all Incognitos are born equal to all the solvers. So there should exist a tougher Inconito

    4. Grridman is your coinage .... Ref your 9:14, as is the tough Inconito ! Incognito, but no good

  2. Eeks.. missed out on batsman. Very nice clue for that i must say :) knew bitumen didnt make sense there :) nice clues overall

  3. How can 2 persons land on bitumen knowing full well that it does not fit?! But it has happened. Yes, Border is neatly done.
    I thought I was on a hat trick after an easy Incognito, but alas!

  4. I did not know 'Valet' is used as a verb as well until I filled in and checked for confirmation.

  5. I wish I am able to do a TH CW without looking who the setter is. I should try it once, probably to remove the mental blocks.

    1. Knowing who the setter is, is actually helpful. Not sure why at times, I forget to look at who the setter is.

  6. Thank you Lightning for the samosas. Why Incognito's quota is reduced?
    While sitting for solving, I first see who the setter is and then only proceed, immaterial of the so called the mental blocks.:)

  7. Lightning fast..nice one
    I do first see who the setter is before generally know what to expect..

  8. 17D Should it be DeNmark in the place of Demark?

  9. Logging in late. Never knew it was Lightning's CW today!I was thinking rather wondering how come all of a sudden Incognito had raised the bar today! Nice one from Lighting...but no samosas!

  10. I too see who the setter is before solving CW but didn't do so today because I was expecting the second one of Incognito's allotted quota!

  11. I hope Incognito doesn't take cues from the blog and RAISE THE BAR!. If Gridman is tough, then what about Arden?. And who is the toughest of them all? I like the flavour, characteristic to each creator.