Tuesday, 29 March 2016

No 11662, Tuesday 29 Mar 2016, Incognito

8   Furniture I abandoned in capital (4) SOFA SOFiA
9   Get dry kiln rebuilt for Svlad Cjelli (4,6) DIRK GENTLY*
10 Grade top-grade perfume (6) ASCENT {A}{SCENT}
11 Cap distilled murky ale (8) YARMULKE*
12 Prohibit watering hole in charge becoming inhuman (8) BARBARIC {BAR}{BAR}{IC}
14 Seduce ET with nice cocktail (6) ENTICE {ET+NICE}*
16 Wild animal returned to stream (4) FLOW<=
17,18 Hurry and dance (5,1,3) SHAKE A LEG [DD]
19 A forbidding behind (6) ASTERN {A}{STERN}
21 State Banks are restructured (8) NEBRASKA*
23 Noble lady's drinking place on English ship (8) BARONESS {BAR}{ON}{E}{SS}
26 Magical baton possessed by artist's country (6) RWANDA {R{WAND}A}
27 Living around Santana's BMW? Enchanting! (10) BEWITCHING {WITCH} in {BEING}

28 Trip to the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar (4) TOUR {YO}{Ul...oR}

1   Policemen study animal quarters (10) CONSTABLES {CON}{STABLES}
2   What Archer may do before and after a successful performance (4,1,3) TAKE A BOW [DD]
3   Edward returned Indian bread to newspaperman (6) EDITOR {ED}{ITOR<=}
4   Force resident in Kolar, Mysore (4) ARMY [T]
5   Possibly give rage? (8) AGGRIEVE* Semi &lit
6   Introduce Indian pipe (6) INDUCT {IN}{DUCT}
7   Anti-aircraft fire from Florida and Alaska (4) FLAK {FL}{AK}
13 Shackle top-notch naxalite chief behind church (5) CHAIN {CH}{A1}{Na...e}
15 Inspected and left a hotel (7,3) CHECKED OUT [DD]
17 A judgment may contain some words like this (8) SENTENCE [DD]
18 Herb's Amarnath transportation (8) AMARANTH*
20 Electronic chip containing rubbish can be arousing (6) EROTIC {E}{ROT}{IC}
22 Plant embargo's revised after losing of some money (6) BORAGE EmBARGO*
24 Birds found in Gravesend (4) AVES [T]
25 Float small whaler in Madras initially (4) SWIM Acrostic



  1. Nice, enjoyable and innovative as ever. Learned a few things and needed a bit of help for a few words, not sentences(!)
    I was running after a BMW car & Manuel santana, a tennis player for 27A, but ultimately found the bewitching word thanks to crossings- did not know much of Black Magic.
    Samosa? Taken for granted, thank you.

  2. Finished in a jiffy. Enjoyable as ever. Thanks Incognito.

  3. There seems to be an intrusive 'of' in 22d. ...

    1. How did it get there in the first place? It does not seem to belong. Any typo somewhere along the line? But I did not notice it till I saw your note.

  4. Nice samosas K! You are one among the very few, who keeps me in the game. Thank you.

  5. A big TA Kishore for reminiscing DA's Dirk Gently. Remember having to read the first of the book series twice to get the time travel related information in order. Great writer.

  6. Didn't have to sweat too much for samosas today! Thanks for an enjoyable fare, Incognito. :)

  7. Samosas today! Thanks for a fresh and enjoyable CW!

  8. Wow! What a bewitching BMW of Santana! Seems to be an extended version of Black Magic Woman...better than the original! Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Colonel for the link. :)

  9. Celebration time for me! I could successfully post a comment here yesterday (after failing about a year ago) and solved today's CW pretty fast, in less than an hour, a record for me. I hardly needed any help. Normally I take 3 or 4 hours to solve and some times get stuck. Either the puzzle was too easy or it was a flash in the pan! Thank you Incognito!

  10. Samosas today! Thanks for a fresh and enjoyable CW!

  11. Cute xword today.. enjoyed the BMW reference.. very clevva :) Thanks for the samosas today Incognito..

  12. Thanks, and good night, folks ...

  13. Came to solve the puzzle late in the evening because of a trip to the holy city of Kashi(Varanasi/Benaras)...
    Was searching for a theme in this nicely crafted puzzle..didnt find any..

  14. Easy peasy ,thanks Incognito