Wednesday, 29 June 2016

No 11739, Wednesday 29 Jun 2016, Arden

1   Official colour of fruit (8,6) MANDARIN ORANGE {MANDARIN} {ORANGE}
10 Caught in temptation for money (5) LUCRE {LU{C}RE}
11 Steered through opening in back seat (9) NAVIGATED {GATE} in {DIVAN<=}
12 Animal in a state, crossing stream (7) GORILLA {GO{RILL}A}
13 There's grass on the right — hide (7) LEATHER {LEA}{THE}{R}
14 Catches seafood from top to bottom (5) NAILS (-s)NAIL(+s)S
16 Save from one's regular small income (9) ECONOMISE {OnEs+S+INCOME}*
19 Onset of Conjunctivitis in our lab, spread to both eyes (9) BINOCULAR {Co...s+IN+OUR+LAB}*
20 Old phone said to do well (5) EXCEL {EX}{CEL}(~cell)
22 Strategy to take pressure off Indonesian orchestra (7) GAMELAN GAMEpLAN

25 Fish underwater ate away scrap (7) WRANGLE {WateR}{ANGLE}
27 Religion's quiet before a man is married (9) SHAMANISM {SH}{A}{MAN}{IS}{M}
28 Bright get in with ease, they are the best (5) ELITE {LIT} in {EE]
29 Last rites are too much work — fellow's gone (7,7) EXTREME UNCTION {EXTREME} {fUNCTION}

2   Power cable — it's charged by instrument (9) ACCORDION {AC}{CORD}{ION}
3   Little dirty? Come up and stay (5) DWELL {Di..y}{WELL}
4   Syndicate left murder victim inside — seem familiar? (4,1,4) RING A BELL {RING} {A BEL}{L}
5   “Vatican during Christmas” — a written account (5) NOVEL {NO{V}EL}
6   Master will follow Veda — part of protocol (9) RIGMAROLE {RIG}{MA}{ROLE}
7   Score with cut (5) NOTCH [DD]
8   Back end of animal, not head (7) ENDORSE {END}{hORSE}
9   Vessel to start the proceedings (6) FLAGON {FLAG ON}
15 Harvester's on the way — time to recover (4,5) SICK LEAVE {SICK LE}{AVE}
17 They have a rowso, war erupts, it's a warning (9) OARSWOMEN {SO+WAR}*{OMEN}
18 Unknown or not unknown — metal will go into alloy (9)  INCOGNITO {zINC}{GO+INTO}*
19 Acquire property — mostly on paper (7) BAGASSE {BAG}{ASSEt}
21 Skipper heard songs (6) LIEDER (~leader)
23 Implied part? (5) MEANT Anno pending (Addendum - {MEAN}{T} - See comments)
24 One in front will create an uproar (5) NOISE {NO{1}SE}
26 Watchful while climbing — some are not relaxed (5) ALERT [T<=]



  1. Superb one once again from Arden!

  2. 23d part = par t = mean t

  3. 3 Little dirty? Come up and stay (5) DWELL {Di..y}{WELL}
    Well = Come up?

    Is it L LEWD <-? L probably in some dictionary could be Little. Though come up is not comes up.

    1. Tears well up in ones eyes

    2. I agree with Raghunath. That's how I parsed it.

  4. As i was solving on the online word came to my mind about this puzzle.. Flowy ! very little fits and starts.. it all moved a light yet sharp symphony.. how i wish i could actually play like this :) but thanks Arden..

  5. Very happy to have solved it fully today. Took two sittings.