Saturday, 18 June 2016

No 11730, Saturday 18 Jun 2016, Gridman

Anniversaries defined precious and metallic shades by Gridman!

1   A rout suffered by champion in Grand Prix, say (4,4) AUTO RACE {A}{UTO R*}{ACE}
5   Cell where teacher's pushed back in Pondy, abandoning deputy (6) PRISON {P{RIS<=}ONdy}
9   Gem makes fathers come back with enthusiasm, say (8) SAPPHIRE {SAP<=}{PHIRE}(~fire)
10 South Indian devotee misses old valuable coins (6) SILVER {SI}{LoVER}
12 Clean top of your stone (4) RUBY {RUB}{Your}
13 Stupid Pole, confused, exited unobtrusively (7,3) SLIPPED OUT*
15 Small house not returning fabric (6) COTTON {COT}{TON<=}
17 Drill makes boy retreat with false, poor conclusions (5) BORER {BOR<=}{falsE}{pooR}
20 Way the General tossed back strong metal (5) STEEL {ST}{LEE<=}
21 Express admiration about the Italian large tree (6) WILLOW {W{IL}{L}OW}
24 Spares chap rummaging in dumps (10) SCRAPHEAPS*
27 Weights in press? (4) IRON [DD]
29 Very silly person, a learner, one held in subjugation (6) VASSAL {V}{ASS}{A}{L}
30 Andhra Pradesh indicates names for a job (8) APPOINTS {AP}{POINTS}
31 Puzzle – one full of holes (6) RIDDLE [DD]
32 Uncover pugree a couple of daughters shelled out (6,2) DREDGE UP {PUGREE+DD}*

1   Confirm when ruse's unravelled (6) ASSURE {AS}{RUSE*}
2   Laid-back personalities disturbed by pest (4,2) TYPE BS*
3   Some suprahuman demon (4) RAHU [T]
4   A number gets to examination of reef material (5) CORAL {C}{ORAL}
6   Bring up artist's question, leaving out second union (5) RAISE {RA}{ISsuE}
7   Saint spreads out various rescuers (8) SAVIOURS {S}{VARIOUS*}
8   On! A retail seller's policy to ensure sales (2,6) NO RETURN {ON<=} Will this policy really ensure sales?
11 Back drops? (6) SPINAL Anno not clear (Addendum - (~spinel) - [DD] See comments)
14 Reportedly you have this cover (4) WOOL Anno pending (Addendum - (~ewe) - See comments)
16 Time proprietor becomes resident of city (6) TOWNER {T}{OWNER}
17 Almost obstruct group (4) BLOC BLOCk
18 Invites when king's done (4,4) ASKS OVER {AS}{K'S} {OVER}
19 Brought back and forcibly opened again (8) REPRISED {RE-PRISED}
22 Brother on touring zone gets tan (6) BRONZE {BR}{ZONE*}
23 Finishes as goal's in sight (4,2) ENDS UP [DD]
25 Fruit starts losing shade (5) PEARL {PEAR}{Lo...g}
26 Old man has each material (5) PAPER {PA}{PER}
28 Start getting ancient metal (4) GOLD {Ge...g}{OLD}

Reference list

Underlined words = Embedded links,  Deputy = DY, Father = PA, Small House = COT, Boy = ROB, The Italian = IL, When = AS, Number = C, Artist = RA, Saint = S, Each = PER

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersAnagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous,


  1. For 11D I got SPINEL, which seems to be a kind of gem (hence more in line with the crossword's theme). Can't explain the anno though.

  2. Gridman appears with jewels in his crown today! Also sounds metallic materially!

  3. I though the theme was anniversaries, so things like paper, cotton, wool were part of it too.

  4. To confess the truth, when I was checking this puz, I had forgotten about the theme, as this was set months ago. Such is my memory. BTW, there is more to the theme. Each signifies a particular year in the marriage of a couple. Am on a visit in BNG.

  5. Gridman starts this run with a 10 letter grid..a sparkling collection of conjugal milestones!

  6. Right. I have just crossed Coral (or alternatively Jade).

  7. SPINAL is correct and was the intended answer. Ref to anaesthesia.

  8. Lovely crossie. Enjoyed solving. Thanks GM!

  9. Nice one from Gridman! Missed out on TYPE BS, NO RETURN, SILVER & BORER. Talking about the last one BORER, I get bored with the names of boys! I know only Tom, Dick and Harry!!!

    1. Oops! Forgot to mention...missed out on WOOL too!

  10. Beautiful puzzle. Thanks Gridman

  11. Today had major browser trouble and cd not access the xword or this blog.. Then tried from phone. The online version is not designed for my phone so was very tedious.. But did it.. Glad coz sm nice clues today.. Thanks