Tuesday, 14 June 2016

No 11726, Tuesday 14 Jun 2016, Afterdark

1   Financial trouble to get gold for one from Los Angeles (11) CALIFORNIAN {FINANCIAL}* over {OR}
9   Overlook information, return permit containing caveat primarily (7) NEGLECT {NEG<=}{LE{Ca...t}T}
10 Danger is constant on primarily turning pitch (7) PITFALL {PI}{Tu...g}{FALL}
11 Watches damsel going back inside (5) OGLES [T<=]
12 Silicones used in plotting lines in a map, perhaps (9) ISOCLINES*
13 Country library remodelled after spending 2 rupees (5) LIBYA LIBrArY*
15 Genetic mutation barred by queen is powerful (9) ENERGETIC {ER} around {GENETIC}*
18 Victim has trouble right away at Goa customs centre (9) SCAPEGOAT {SCrAPE}{GOA}{cusToms}
21 Army club at Kentucky suburbs is vulgar (5) TACKY {TA}{C}{Ke...kY}
22 Engage specialist to operate on retina (9) ENTERTAIN {ENT}{RETINA*}
24 Extra diode helping to make a device (5) RADIO [T]
26 In Bali, English is a subject, say (7) BENGALI {B{ENG}ALI}
27 Usual way to get across a point (7) ROUTINE {ROUT{I}{N}E}
28 Malls are something trivial (5,6) SMALL CHANGE {MALLS}*

1   Kisses Maggi, say behind college alley initially (9) CANOODLES {C}{Al..y}{NOODLES}
2   Support given to gangster is lawful (5) LEGAL {LEG}{AL}
3   Taste of a South African province (4,5) FREE STATE {TASTE}*
4   Rope given to sailor to come up on rank (7) RATLINE {RAT<=}{LINE}
5   Reform mischievous child given to stray (7) IMPROVE {IMP}{ROVE}
6   Disastrous to inhale nitrogen, saps force at the time of one's birth (5) NATAL (-f+n)NATAL
7   Hypnotic illusion captivates new foreigner (8) MAGNETIC {N}{ET} in {MAGIC}
8   For starters, a lean man seeks charity (4) ALMS Acrostic
14 Showing off snake bite (8) BOASTING {BOA}{STING}
16 Progress, however without right experience (2,7) GO THROUGH {GO} {TH{R}OUGH}
17 About keeping wary eyes over separated old neighbour (9) CEYLONESE {C} with {LONE} in {EYES}+
19 Instrument found in Alto car in Ahmedabad (7) OCARINA [T]
20 Part of a plant and bean found in dinner table arrangement (7) TENDRIL [DINnER+TabLe}*
22 River, channel, beach, dams (4) ELBE [T]
23 Screams on streets to exchange dollars for rupees (5) ROARS ROA(-d+r)RS
25 Spirit of music player at hotel (5) DJINN {DJ}{INN}


  1. Nice surfaces - AD hand-holds us and leads to the solutions, without much references. Thank you AD

  2. Easy-peasy!
    Felt like a crossie two decades ago!!!

  3. An easier one!The trend is similar to last run..one easier compared to the other like that of xchequer as well

  4. Great. Thanks AD for a good start for the day.

  5. The pic for 20d TENDRIL reminded me of actresses of yesteryear when they had a lock of curled, gelled hair hanging in front or by the side of head in much the same way.
    Is it still in fashion?

  6. Not too taxing, but quite fun! Thank you AD. :)

  7. Yep neat one from AD>. liked Californian and laughed at canoodles :) Ceylonese ha ha ha ..