Thursday, 23 June 2016

No 11734, Thursday 23 Jun 2016, Neyartha

1   Packet designed to hold upset editor's old automobile accessory (4,4) TAPE DECK {ED<=} in {PACKET}*
5   Monkey aiding medical research? (6) RHESUS [GK]
9   English church follows note set down by soldiers for the track team event (5,4) RELAY RACE {RE}{LAY} {RA}{CE}
11 Pale ghost, according to hearsay (5) WHITE Homophone pending (Addendum - (~wight) - See comments)
12 Offensive remarks of an officer beset by a troublesome sinus (7) INSULTS {SINUS}* over {LT}
14 Ron ignored the crazy progenitor's narcissistic indulgence (3,4) EGO TRIP {ProGEnITOR}*
15 Eye ornaments suspiciously and get a contract-binding payment (7,5) EARNEST MONEY*
17 Exotic canyon daisies for the Christian festival (9,3) ASCENSION DAY {CANYON+DAISIES}* There's an extra I in the fodder
20 Former alien entering part of the Marconi Memorial (3-4) ONE-TIME {ET} in {m..cONI  MEm...l}
22 Thirsting for more as accepted model had to leave (7) UNSATED UNStATED
23 Committee with liberal king's out of place (5) BOARD B(-r)OA(+r)RD
24 Leave port before drawing energy for a glider (9) SAILPLANE {SAIL}{PLAN}{E}
26 Fashionable attempt to grasp objective (6) TRENDY {TR{END}Y}
27 Tesla sent over for embrace by half of the Cubans in the workers quarters? (3,5) ANT NESTS {T}{SENT}<= in {cubANS}

1   Fiery king exiled by Peruvian leader becomes sluggish (6) TORPID TOR(-r+p)PID
2   Wall features a border around the flowers (9) PILASTERS {LIP<=}{ASTERS}
3   Boring to be alcohol-free (3) DRY [DD]
4   It is descriptive of an ideal society (13) CLASSLESSNESS [CD]
6   Informal words of recognition in awkward situations (3-2-3-3) HOW-DO-YOU-DO'S [CD]
7   A difficult catch for one travelling over snow (5) SKIER [DD]
8   Act for the audience in a treeless plain (6) STEPPE (~step) Reminded me of Mrs Rama Rao my Geography teacher from school
10 Shock killing is a result of a poll about Romania admitting failure (13) ELECTROCUTION {ELECT{RO}{CUT}ION}
13 Liberal voters shunned by Angstrom delivered new arrangement (5-6) LARGE MINDED {ANGstroM+DELIveRED}*
16 Tangy pies prepared by people from Alexandria, say (9) EGYPTIANS*
18 Marsh turns up with a bid for the raw meat (6) GOBBET {BOG<=}{BET}
19 Bovine glands with uranium forcing out the adult snakes (6) UDDERS (-a+u)UDDERS
21 Get rid of some letters from a camera seller (5) ERASE [T]
25 Surprisingly effective weapon against a sword? (3) PEN [CD]


  1. Replies
    1. 11a I thought it may refer to John Whyte also known as The Ghost

  2. Nice one from Neyartha. Enjoyed solving it.

  3. Lovely puzzle..typical Neyartha fare

  4. I liked Neyartha's puzzle today.... gobbet was a new word for me.. but i kept laughing to think 4d would be a reluctant student's def of utopia:) relay race parsing bit of a puzzle.. Church = CE, note = Re, what is Lay (set down)? soldiers = RA.. what about the English?

    1. CE=Church of England..hence English church

  5. Average puzzle in my honest opinion with lot of CDs, DDs etc. and many forced surfaces like 27A Tesla...,13D Liberal. .. And what does the surface 19D  Bovine glands with uranium forcing out the adult snakes (6) even mean?