Friday, 24 June 2016

No 11735, Friday 24 Jun 2016, Neyartha

1   Vets fed toper afflicted with a febrile disease (7,5) SPOTTED FEVER*
8   Job of a longshoreman's wife going out for the right computer memory (7) STORAGE STO(-w+r)RAGE
9   Remove part of the crab later (6) ABLATE [T]
11 Land of the slaves, once upon a time (4,5) DEEP SOUTH [GK]
12 Sturdy and reliable (5) SOLID [DD]
14 Foreign trait's complexities resolved after removal of half the sample (9) EXOTICISM COMpleXITIES*
16 Amy goes west around Cuba for a welfare movement (1,1,1,1) Y M C A {YM{C}A<=}
18 Call to do a bakery chore for the auditor (4) NEED (~knead)
19 Letter published prior to imprisonment shows fortitude (9) ENDURANCE {EN}{DURANCE}
21 Condition of the assets needs no introduction (5) STATE eSTATE
22 Libya interferes in transfer of the person making a formal statement (9) DECLARANT {DEC{LAR}ANT}
23 City's silent before the incentive gets detailed (6) MUMBAI {MUM}{BAIt}
25 It's charged back by a rash student quitting with clamour (7) NOISILY {ION<=}{SIlLY}
26 Cloud feature showing all is not lost? (6,6) SILVER LINING [CD]

2   Preliminary discussions for the German pool designed with Oriental input (11) PROLEGOMENA {E} in {GERMAN+POOL}*
3   Carry mints prepared after the return of the painting (8) TRANSMIT {ART<=}{MINTS*}
4   Administrator to perform around the four with... (9) EXECUTIVE {EXECUT{IV}E}
5   ...Ray to get a type of memory (5) FLASH [DD]
6   Sensible Democrat overwhelmed by the bridge opponents' travel bag (6) VALISE VALI(-d+se)SE
7   Animal with a sailor from the south (3) RAT <=
8   Cook sends nudes in haste (10) SUDDENNESS*
10 The lady can jet around to find how related items are placed on a market shelf (10) ADJACENTLY*
13 Grief of someone showing courage accepting the last word of the volunteers on time (11) LAMENTATION {L{AMEN}{TA}{T}ION}
15 Decoration placed around the unfinished flavoured sugar topping is therapeutic (9) MEDICINAL {MED{ICINg}AL}
17 Crumpled raincoat of a man from Eastern Europe (8) CROATIAN*
20 Revolutionary, free in France, is after the German leader's desert animal (6) GERBIL {Ge...n}{LIBRE<=}
22 Ambition of one looking for pearls, perhaps, to move right up (5) DRIVE D(+r)RIVE(-r)
24 Group selling concealed battery-sporting equipment to handle load shedding? (1,1,1) U P S [T]


  1. Easy one in a row. Didn't feel like Neyartha's show!

  2. Lovely puzzle. Neyartha has certainly lowered the bar! Perhaps to keep everyone happy, I think. The ones I missed to parse are ENDURANCE & DECLARANT. Otherwise a happy solve. Thanks Neyartha. :)

  3. Another themed easier Neyartha puzzle....Easy but enjoyable

  4. 22Ac Libya interferes in transfer of the person making a formal statement (9) DECLARANT {DEC{LAR}ANT}

    I clicked the link Libya and looked for the word 'lar' in the given text for quite some time and didn't find it! Later in second attempt could get it...i.e LAR is the abbreviated version of Libyan Arab Republic! A tubelight affair?!

    1. on any page all you need to do is clck Ctrl+F and in the search box which opens type the text you want and hit Enter

  5. Beautiful mosaic created by Nyartha ! Its a delight to see each chip falling in its notch so daintly; so much so that one can imagine a mellifluous tune ! Thanks Nyartha !

  6. Technical one from Neyarta.. but simple enuf even for folks like me.. prolegomena was a new word tks for tat.. was wondering where the lar of dec(lar)ant came from and thought it would have to be Libya rep .. tks for confirming :)