Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2896), Sunday 05 Jun 2016

1   I take a pew behind vicar and consider again (7) REVISIT {REV}{I}{SIT}
5   Irritable snake consumed by desire (7) WASPISH {W{ASP}ISH}
9   Lawyer thus left one with expression of surprise about appeal (9) SOLICITOR {SO}{L}{1}{C{IT}OR}
10 Disgust agent felt, deprived of tips (5) REPEL {REP}{fELt}
11 Taken in, all right, perplexed? Here's unorthodox route to solution (7,8) LATERAL THINKING*
12 Understanding English with my entertaining course (7) EMPATHY {E}{M{PATH}Y}
14 Quickly name city (7) PRESTON {PRESTO}{N}
15 Unopened flower sadly obscured, not constant (7) ROSEBUD OBScURED*
17 Stupid, we adapted with time running out and became aware (5,2) WISED UP {StUPID+WE}*
19 Liberal club in process of suggesting ideas (4,11) FREE ASSOCIATION {FREE} {ASSOCIATION}
21 Staff put up with criticism (5) STICK [MD]
22 Friend, mine, put away pound (9) PALPITATE {PAL}{PIT}{ATE}
23 Reduce bleach (7) LIGHTEN [DD]
24 Strike from trade union, acceptable act on reflection (7) WALKOUT {WAL}{KO}{UT}<=

1   Sun in rising always showing purpose (7) RESOLVE {RE{SOL}VE<=}
2   Servant against working late (5) VALET {V}{LATE*}
3   Alien supporting pledge, empty source of comfort (8,7) SECURITY BLANKET {SECURITY} {BLANK}{ET}
4   To agree in all respects (7) TOTALLY {TO}{TALLY} &lit
5   Line up and send love (7) WORSHIP {WOR<=}{SHIP}
6   Dog's price doubles on board outside front of inn (8,7) SPRINGER SPANIEL {SP}{RINGER S}{PAN{Inn}EL}
7   Stamped proof of identity covering trip men arranged (9) IMPRINTED {I{TRIP+ME}*D}
8   Type of element in a journal kept by female (7) HALOGEN {H{A}{LOG}EN}
13 Annoying exercises with chain restricting energy (9) PESTERING {PE}{ST{E}RING}
15 No arbiter expected to lose heart (7) REFUSAL {REF}{USuAL}
16 Stand up, ordered to get cleaning utensil (7) DUSTPAN*
17 County town in Scotland, small (7) WICKLOW {WICK}{LOW}
18 Strong bet with inside information (7) PUNGENT {PUN{GEN}T}
20 Love possessed one turning up in a state (5) IDAHO {1}{DAH}{O}<=



  1. All flowed well.. must have done this one before in the Guardian perhaps .. Halogen was clevva wasntit? :) so also security blanket..and lateral thinking.. anyone know which setter's xword this was?

  2. Since 1994 and until a few months ago Everyman was set by Alan Scott. Now it is set by another single composer whose name I have now forgotten and can trace only after some search. You will be surprised to know that Everyman crossword was long ago set by Ximenes - if you now solve one of them from archives you will be gob-smacked by the difference in cluing style.

    1. Tried searching archives of everyman. It is only there from 2003 on the Guardian site. Where can one get the older archives?

    2. I am talking of a very early period.
      I am afraid there may not be archives of any Everyman crossword of Ximenes online.
      Some books suchas the manual by the Don reproduce some samples.
      I have a paperback of Everyman crosswords by Ximenes.
      Can take a photo of a puzzle and send if needed on a person-to-person basis.