Wednesday, 22 June 2016

No 11733, Wednesday 22 Jun 2016, Gridman

1   Give an unnatural form to different phases, begun with half a mind (8) MISSHAPE {MInd}{PHASES*}
5   Old, tired way of working journalist (6) EDITOR {O+TIRED}*
9   A limit I set for soldiers group (7) MILITIA*
10 In reality, all but spoil plaything (2,5) DE FACTO{DE FACe}{TOy}
11 Six beginning to eat in Queer Street get towel (9) SERVIETTE {VI}{Eat) in {STREET}*
12 Extent of mountain chain (5) RANGE [DD]
13 Warning sign addressing males (4) OMEN {O MEN}
14 Where net sales are conducted (1-8) E-COMMERCE [CD]
17 Bird took a few steps but in an improper way (9) JAYWALKED {JAY}{WALKED} Steps on double duty
19 Sports complex not new in neighbourhood (4) AREA AREnA
23 For starters, you oohed utterly nubile girls in salad days (5) YOUNG Acrostic
24 Work you gave lady without publicity in a rich manner (9) OPULENTLY {OP}{U}{LENT}{LadY}
25 It ties as well as ties up bureaucratic files (3,4) RED TAPE [C&DD]
26 Sea creatures Dhana utilised by hauling up (7) NAUTILI [T]
27 Arm-twisting by rude means aboard (6) DURESS {RUDE*}{SS}
28 Led back to digital portal, parcel out work (8) DELEGATE {LED<=}{E-GATE}

1   Two scholars raise lout — lad spoilt at home (5,3) MAMAS BOY {MA}{MA}{S BOY<=}
2   Go all out with special gruel served (7) SPLURGE {SP}{GRUEL*}
3   Killed two heads off in sheer blather (3,3) HIT ?I? (Addendum - HOT AIR {sHOT} {pAIR} - See comments)
4   Endless drill with two boys over kick-starting gag (9,4) PRACTICAL JOKE {PRACTICe}{AL}  {JO{Kick}E }
6   Document covers class that's out of shape (8) DEFORMED {DE{FORM}ED}
7   Method to get Lego rods and parts (7) TECHNIC Anno pending [DD] - See comments
8   Travelled over hard section in island (6) RHODES {R{H}ODE}{S}
10 Well-made part of film that is followed by an awakening (5,8) DREAM SEQUENCE [CD]
15 Personal aspirations — these are no-no for footballers (3,5) OWN GOALS [DD]
16 Refined learner correspondingly accepts dainty externals (8) LADYLIKE {L}{A{Da..tY}LIKE}
18 Danseur torn to pieces (7) ASUNDER*
20 Cap of canister broken, spilling foreign wine (7) RETSINA cANISTER*
21 Briton, cut by half, in a Telangana city, itself cut, is cross (6) HYBRID {BRIton} in {HYDerabad}
22 Dupe judge in river (6) DELUDE {LUD} in {DEE} From Chambers LUD = a form of lord (used when addressing a judge or facetiously)



  1. 7D:Took it to mean method & also a company that manufactures lego rods( a sort of toy) a la mechano sets of childhood days

  2. 3D I put it as hot air, but couldn't figure out the annotation.

  3. 7D Technic is a line of Lego interconnecting plastic rods and parts.
    Found it on googling

  4. Thanks Vasant, Sujatha and Ramesh

  5. Gridman entertains with this 13 letter grid..right blend of clues..had to stretch that much more to get some like technic..delude..mamas boy

    1. hi.. what do u mean 13 letter grid?

    2. Gridman himself has explained this..his grids can be easily identified..from the longest word in the grid..10 letter..11 letter..upto 15 letter..for example todays longest word was 13 letters..yesterdays was 12 letter..etc.

    3. ah ok.. thanks Vasant :)

  6. Rather digital for Gridman today.. enjoyed the e-commerce and delegate clues .. but of course the funniest one was the own goals one :) and mamas boy too :) could not parse the air part of hot air.. thanks for that )

  7. Also had HIT in 3d and got stuck up. Encountered problem in SE corner. Anyway, enjoyed solving the rest.

  8. 3Dn HOT AIR snatched my samosa! My COD is 10Ac DE FACTO. Samosa or no samosa it was an enjoyable outing. Thanks Gridman.

  9. A truly enjoyable puzzle. Why don't we have, as in Facebook, some place to tick a box if we like the day's crossword.

    1. I think we by and large enjoy all xwords from most THC setters :) while we may puzzle over some clues and/or have some issues with some elements..most xwords have clues that are interesting.. hence a tick for a like would be meaningless i feel... what i would like would be to be understand how "unusual" a grid is for the setter.. ??

  10. I think it was in 2010 or 2011 that a rating of puzzles was started here..I thought that was quite interesting..