Monday, 6 June 2016

No 11719, Monday 06 Jun 2016, Vulcan

Though I don't like 28A I liked it here.

1   Henry, a poet and an inventor (8) HAMILTON {H}{A}{MILTON}
5   Article about the Southern European city (6) ATHENS {A{THE}N}{S}
10 Devoted old editor, independent, channel's head, taken in (9) DEDICATED {D{ED}{I}{Ch...l}ATED}
11 Question a traitor returning to the country (5) QATAR {Q}{A}{RAT<=}
12 Institution silent about employment (6) MUSEUM {M{USE}UM}
13 Instigate republican into getting support (7) STIRRUP {R} in {STIR UP}
14 One that starts fighting this unfair society, essentially its men, to bring about change (8) FEMINIST &lit {Fi...g} and {socIety} in {ITS+MEN}* Not sure if anno is correct
15 Hunting expedition deep inside South American island (6) SAFARI {SA}{FAR}{I}
18 Right to equality? First off, it's something uncommon (6) RARITY {R}{pARITY}
20 Nice short relationship, not of significance (8) TRIFLING {TRIm}{FLING}
22 Attached primarily to t-shirt's edges, in colour mostly, a lace (7) TATTING {At...d}{Ts-...T} in {TINGe}
25 People, to begin with, angry with the one that plundered (6) PIRATE {Pe...e}{IRATE}
27 Walk by the street, a routine (5) STRUT {ST}{RUT}
28 Critical to Mexican government's source of funds (6,3) INCOME TAX* My COD
29 England's first loss with balanced side (6) ELEVEN {E}{Loss}{EVEN}
30 Lights that keep flashing, they keep one's vision fixed (8) BLINKERS [DD]

1   Leather mask (4) HIDE [DD]
2   A night's dream that's playful? (9) MIDSUMMER [GK]
3   Left using Centre's support (7) LECTERN {L}{CENTRE*}
4   Work is mad primarily, Tim's living in hope (8) OPTIMISM {OP}{TIM IS}{Mad}
6   Quits ale moving to another drink (7) TEQUILA* An extra S in the fodder. The clue should have read 'Quit ale, move to another drink'
7   Record from a different era (5) ENTER [T]
8   Strong support (9) STRAPPING [DD]
9   Day's session initially skipped by teams (4) IDES sIDES
14 Use of a tester sample (9) FORETASTE*
16 Philosopher's satire lot funny (9) ARISTOTLE*
17 Hot, popular around the world essentially (8) TROPICAL {T{woRld}OPICAL}
19 The list prepared features this plant (7) THISTLE*
21 Female's anger directed at a guy, emergency worker (7) FIREMAN {F}{IRE}{MAN}
23 Peter Sellers is somewhat short (5) TERSE [T]
24 Walk and slip over one entering (4) GAIT {GA{1}T<=}
26 Central line is a variable basically (4) AXIS {A}{X}{IS} Positioning of IS seems in correct



  1. Is 6d a Freudian slip? The setter wishes to have multiple tequilas even though there is space for only one?

  2. Nice one from Vulcan... yep Income Tax is quite a clue :) couldnt parse Trifling fully.. Nice = trim never occured to me hee hee... anyway there do seem to be a few trifling errors but overall rather fun :)

  3. Nice one.+1for the bye line

  4. So... IT also has its followers!

  5. "We strongly object to the blog carrying a pic of a specimen of our community for BLINKERS.
    We have heard of many people, especially politicians, municipal councillors, and those of the same ilk, not only turning a deaf ear to the pleas of ordinary citizens but also wearing blinkers.
    Surely the photo of such an indifferent celebrity could have been chosen and displayed.
    We horses do not wear blinkers by choice. The callous tongawallah or racing jockey puts them on us so we cannot see what is on the sides and be distracted. What for? For THEM to reach their destination or win the race.
    When will a day come when we horses are free from these blinkers?
    Will an NGO take up our cause? If so, we as a breed will arrange for ample foreign funds.
    Yours truly,

    1. To go with 30Ac

      A city dweller came to a farm and saw a beautiful horse. He decided he had to have the animal. He bargained with the farmer and the farmer finially sold him the horse. The city man jumped on the horse and said, "Giddyup!" The horse didn't budge. The farmer explained, "This is a special kind of horse. He'll only move if you say, 'Praise the Lord.' To stop him, you have to say, 'Amen.'" Keeping this in mind, the new owner yelled, "Praise the Lord!" whereupon the horse took off with great speed. Soon horse and rider were headed for a cliff. Just in time the rider remembered to say "Amen!" The horse came to a screeching halt right at the edge of the cliff. Relieved, the rider raised his eyes to heaven and exclaimed, "Praise the Lord!"

  6. "Ample foreign funds"!
    Noted that "Horse trading" is done in foreign currency. Arabian horses, probably.