Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2898), Sunday 19 Jun 2016

1   Topple record in bout (6) DEPOSE {D{EP}OSE}
4   Revolutionary artist with stern passion (6) ARDOUR {AR<=}{DOUR}
9   Prisoners exercise force (9) CONSTRAIN {CONS}{TRAIN}
10 One assisting abbot earlier (5) PRIOR [DD]
11 Film derived from grand hit, say, had worked (1,4,4,5) A HARD DAYS NIGHT*
12 Letter, last of sequence by saint in stack (7) EPISTLE {s...cE}{PI{ST}LE}
13 Resentment created by faulty information about love (7) DUDGEON {DUD}{GE{O}N}
15 Idol in company with time for cigar (7) CHEROOT {C{HERO}O}{T}
17 Finish without large fight (7) COMPETE COMPlETE
18 Fussy, done with detail (4-10) OVER-PARTICULAR {OVER}-{PARTICULAR}
21 Dog going round in big rocket (5) CORGI [T<=]
22 Dossier about dodgy scam I copy (9) FACSIMILE {SCAM+I}* in {FILE}
23 Talkative, spiteful, interrupted by husband (6) CHATTY {C{H}ATTY}
24 Strain shown by architect connected with church (6) WRENCH {WREN}{CH}

1   Take off from landing place (4) DOCK [DD]
2   Calling after drink for end of joke (9) PUNCHLINE {PUNCH}{LINE}
3   Planet mostly at one concerning aim for population limit (10,5) SATURATION POINT {SATURn}{AT}{1}{ON} {POINT}
4   Cross ground one day, bearing north (7) ANNOYED {N} in {ONE+DAY}*
5   Remain hard up due to struggle as novelist (6,2,7) DAPHNE DU MAURIER*
6   Employing some devious ingenuity (5) USING [T]
7   Led to suffer under sorrowful burden (6) SADDLE {SAD}{LED*}
8   Creep nervously round trap, lifting cover (8) PRETENCE {PRE{TEN<=}CE*}
12 For chance to reform, giving up following trespass (8) ENCROACH {fOR+CHANCE}*
14 Height of delight about English verse (9) ELEVATION {EL{E}{V}ATION}
16 Careful - your old-fashioned clothing split (7) THRIFTY {TH{RIFT}Y}
17 Confirm chlorine measurement (6) CLINCH {CL}{INCH}
19 Soil in shortage lacking depth (5) EARTH dEARTH
20 Border rising involving small network (4) MESH {ME{S}H<=}



  1. Special at 10:30 by Buzzer.
    I will be away till late evening

  2. Nice one today. could not access the xword so catching it here instead. Liked the saturation point clue :)

  3. Nice Clues.5D: Reminded me of the haunting Rebecca & my all time favorite of hers, The King's General where the character of Richard Grenville stands out as one of the finely etched ones.