Wednesday, 16 February 2011

No 10079, Wednesday 16 Feb 11, Sankalak

1   - Can a man train idiots somehow in management? (14) - ADMINISTRATION*
8   - Pass on information to one beginning to mime role (6) - {I}{M}{PART}
9   - Take care of one entering church (8) - {MIN{I}STER}
11 - Exact copy of a broken UP dialect (9) - DUPLICATE*
12 - Something to eat — a knockout with free fat (5) - {KO}{FTA*} Is Kofta on the Menu for S&B III ?
13 - Moulting destroys a cosy side? Nothing lost (7) - ECDYSISo*
15 - Hairstyle of the century, no doubt (7) - {TON}{SURE}
17 - Greeting a good man basking in title (7) - {NAM{A}{ST}E}
19 - Krishna was a divine one (7) - COWHERD [CD]
21 - Patronage given, for example, in All-India service (5) - {A{EG}IS}
23 - The final destination for a craft? (9) - SCRAPYARD [CD]
25 - Highland player (8) - BAGPIPER [CD]
26 - I wear a grin — that's a figure of speech (6) - {S{I}MILE}
27 - Old-fashioned man's position at the breakfast table? (6,3,5) - BEHIND THE TIMES [DD]
1   - In Greek mythology, she was a song with new end (7) - {ARIA}{DNE*} Had to Google this
2   - Clean an unfinished musical work in Madhya Pradesh (3,2) - {M{OP Us}P}
3   - A plant for redesigned cars in South America (9) - {NARCIS*}{S}{US}
4   - Objective concealed in torn clothing (7) - {R{AIM}ENT}
5   - One of those a bridge player is keen to make (5) - TRICK [CD]
6   - Such a piano cannot make good music (3,2,4) - OUT OF TUNE [CD]
7   - City English is refined and tactful (6) - {URBAN}{E}
10 - Breakfast food for old English conspirator, reportedly (4) - OATS(~oates)
14 - Mad rogue, for example, losing right, turns into a rabble-rouser (9) - {D(E)MA(G)OGUEr*}
16 - A fresh run of material for dailies (9) - {NEW}{SPRINT} My COD
17 - Close at hand, there is a rising longing to accept supporter (6) - {NE{ARB}Y}<-
18 - Direction to finish a London area (4,3) - {EAST} {END}
19 - Milk product found in old place mentioned in record (4) - {C{UR}D}
20 - Baseball team of people trying to avoid duty? (7) - DODGERS [DD]
22 - I, Robot, for example (3-2) - SCI-FI [CD]
24 - A proposition — or a mantra to suppress team (5) - {A}{XI}{OM}


  1. Thanks, Sanks, really enjoyed this one !

    ARIA-DNE* reminded of her thread, which I used to frequently use when solving very tough Sudokus. I used to solve with pen till reaching a point of uncertainty and then take one option with a pencil and carry on till completion or reaching a dead end(and erasing all pencil entries and making the other choice) or reaching another point of uncertainty. In case of multiple points of uncertainty, I use to circle the pencil entries from the first uncertainty and then draw a box around the next set and so on.

    My slew of cods:
    Behind the Times
    Nam(a st)e
    The divine COWHERD was accompanied by an article “Lessons from His acts” on the other side of the printed page and also reminded of the Christ as ‘The Shepherd’, of course, leading to the novelette by F Forsyth which stars a mosquito and a vampire ;-)

  2. My CoD is 27A.

    I'm excited about meeting Sankalak during his run.

    Colonel, the meet is around 6.30 so not sure if we'll be snacking or dining. CV might be able to shed light on your kofta dilemma!

  3. Very happy to have completed within Col's deadline,though I had to google 1d & 13a.Fumbled with oats since I did not know Oates.COD?-many,
    behind the times...

  4. The restaurant where S&B is to be held do serve koftas and members can sure order the dish if they so wish.

    S&B Eleven

    S. Aravind (known as Arav or Navin Radha, a long-time member and solver on the Orkut community)

  5. My COD is 27A. Awesome clue

  6. oats-reminds us of Johnson's famous (infamous?)definition-"food for horses in England and men in Scotland"

  7. Greeting a good man basking in title (7)NAM(A ST)E


    Would this be all the more feasible in the days to come?

    It was stated recently by a political dignitary that if his party were returned to power in TN the number of Kalaimamani title that is being given away every year to people in the arts scene will be increased from 100 to something like 225.

  8. Hi good morning all. Quintessential Sankalak. Thoroughly enjoyed solving today's grid.

  9. My COD 27 A. An absolutely delghtful clue.

  10. Good morning

    my COD is 1 A. though answer is slapping on the face i loved the clue formation...

    can someone really train idiots to manage?


  11. CV @ 08:50,

    As the Cricket World Cup starts, it is nice to have an S&B Eleven.

    i would have been the 12th man at least but for a business engagement on that day. Will really miss the rendezvous.

    have a good time.

  12. Ack! I put the U and the G -- the second one -- of DEMAGOGUE in the wrong places and as a result missed BAGPIPER. In the case of 7D, since the clue mentioned 'city,' I was hopping from one capital to another and did not think of an adjective. And I might have missed 1D had I not read a few days ago the Wiki article on a little-known Bohemian.

    27A is a good one.

  13. While we all liked 27A it is a repeated clue. Last appeared in Sankalak's No.9363 in October 2008.

    Had this vague feeling of deja vu and just confirmed it

  14. The clue then was 'Old fashioned, like one holding up a newspaper'

  15. The clueing today is better than the earlier one

  16. Suresh,
    That's some memory! almost 2 1/2 years!

  17. Deepak, no memory. Only deja vu. Rest is from orkut community search

  18. Suresh,
    Deja vu after a 2 /1/2 year gap is also remarkable!

  19. Excellent clue & excellent memory!! But for 'deja vu'you would not have searched in orkut or anywhere else.Now I know why you do crosswords better.

  20. Suresh, how many terrabytes memory does your cranium accomodate ? Wow, man ! I cant remember 2 1/2 months back. ;-) I thought, Suresh, who ? Then remembered some vague connection with dolphin noses...

  21. Missed out on ARIADNE and ECDYSIS.Otherwise par for a Sankalak crossword.

  22. When there is a clue I particularly like like 27A I would remember it, not otherwise.

  23. Actually Kishore if you went into the harbour often enough particularly you would see a lot of dolphins here. I have also seen some white swordfish kind of thing which jumped some 10 feet out of the water.

  24. AWESOME CW today! Simply cannot pick a COD today. Lots of fantastic clues! :)

    btw, where is the S&B again? Could the details be posted some place easily accessible? :):)


  25. Hari,
    I suggest you mail Chaturvasi directly ( and get the details, otherwise the details are available in Monday's (14 Feb) post.