Tuesday, 4 November 2014

No 11231, Tuesday 04 Nov 2014, Incognito

Stress buster CW from Incognito. My only doubt being as to why the pilot is being thrown into the ack-ack fire!

8   Sounds like seed. Give up? (4) CEDE (~ seed)
9   Medical outing in serene Madrid (5) ENEMA [T]
10 Zero noise for Thor's father (4) ODIN {O}{DIN}
11 Use an eraser or buff afresh (3,3) RUB OFF*
12 Burning nothing but a bird (8) FLAMINGO {FLAMING}{O}
13 Take off artist found famous London criminal on street (8) STRIPPER {ST}{RIPPER}
15, 28 Airborne crockery piece carries aliens (6,6) FLYING SAUCER {FLYING} {SAUCER}
17 A sort of light slam into a gap (3,4) GAS LAMP {GA{S LAM}P}
19 Briefly renovated chain stores after loss of case (2,5) IN SHORT cHaIN sTORSe*
22 A man of steel in Russia mutilated saint around the centre of gulag (6) STALIN {STA{guLag}IN*}
24 Gifted story book editor (8) TALENTED {TALE}{NT}{ED}
26, 32 It throws one from the flying plane into anti-aircraft fire (8,4) EJECTION SEAT [CD] What's the role of anti-aircraft fire ?
28 See 15
30 Came — became the best (4) ACME*
31 Fifty one support ancient weight (5) LIBRA {L}{I}{BRA}
32 See 26

1   Belize butcher hides Indian bull (4) ZEBU [T] I never knew this name !!
2   Note: Gulf money used to build a monument (8) MEMORIAL {MEMO}{RIAL}
3   Strengthen insect first found hovering over Uttar Pradesh (4,2) BEEF UP {BEE}{Found} {UP}
4   Said to have studied stronghold in Delhi (3,4) RED FORT (~ read){RED} {FORT}
5   Falling soldier fell forward in Nigeria, initially, and got some oil (8) PARAFFIN {PARA}{F}{F}{I}{N}
6   Post office and insurers join together with you, in the beginning, to make an insurance document  (6) POLICY {PO}{LIC}{You}
7   Call gang (4) RING [DD]
14 Drink to someone's health with browned bread (5) TOAST [DD]
16 Ambulances running back contain paramedic (5) NURSE [T<=]
18 Maxilla's mate in mastication (8) MANDIBLE [GK]
20 This paper is, at first, mainly describing a religion (8) HINDUISM {HINDU}{IS}{Mainly}
21 Remain loyal to saint and heartless boy (5-2) STAND-BY {ST}{AND}-{BoY}
23 Disoriented artist left redefined Lake District and was defeated (6) LICKED LaKE DIstriCt*
25 Rascal reformed to become sailor (6) LASCAR*
27 He lifts a car up to change a wheel (4) JACK [DD]
29 Around ten, Ms West went back for a test (4) EXAM {E{X}AM<=}

Cartoon by Rishi



  1. 26, 32 It throws one from the flying plane into anti-aircraft fire (8,4) EJECTION SEAT [CD] What's the role of anti-aircraft fire ?

    When one ejects, one is thrown right in the middle of ack-ack, somethin akin to frying pan to fire analogy. Without those words it would be a E clue and these words add to the story

    1. Ok so it's part of a story, but one can eject in other situations also. Like in yesterdays Virgin Galactic explosion

    2. With a 50% chance of survival? Unfortunate. I really used to wonder about its efficacy in a space flight.

    3. Sure, it happens that way too.

  2. "Me too" for the opening comment.

    9 a sounded like 'medical tourism'. So many new phrases these days.

    17 A sort of light slam into a gap (3,4) GAS LAMP {GA{S LAM}P}. Should it have been "slams", as "a sort of light" here seems to be in singular.

    1. light is an adj for the noun slam
      as in
      low powered push
      Imagine a light tap into the gap between the slips

      Light slam, however, may be an oxymoron like thundering silence ...

  3. Col sir,
    Thanks a lot for posting the clues & grid in The Hub daily :)
    Kishore ,
    Thanks a lot for this CW . Completed in 20 mins :)

  4. Many samosas will be gulped today K! Thank you!

  5. I whole heartedly second LV's comments. I think you are doing a great service for the xword community. Me living in a very small place in the heart oh hindi hinterland getting the daily xword before 7:00 in the morning. Thanx Col.

    1. I don't see you commenting there

    2. I copy the clues & grid from your post in hub & paste them in an excel file; take a print out.Then I have to scram to make it to the factory at 8:00.I try to do a clue here & a clue there & try to complete the puzzle at lunch time between 12:00 & 1:30 PM.There is hardly time left for me to post clues in The hub.

    3. Last sentence should read: post answers in the hub.

  6. Felt like doing a Sankalak puzzle. easy but enjoyable. I know comparisons can be tricky, but to do it without any overwriting (I do it on paper) and any 'If's" it reminds me of the Great man.
    BTW K gave me enough time to complete my morning walk!

    1. Yes, when-ever INCOGNITO puzzles comes , ii reminds me of SANKALAK. He is very similar to him. But it will take him time to reach his level.

  7. Nice to have the cartoon back, bringing up a smile. Can we start having more?

  8. 'Red Fort' reminded me of crackers. I came to know the cracker first (while I was in school) before knowing the real one.

  9. Typo- 'Cartoons' and not singular.

  10. Could complete within about 15 minutes. Expecting more such now and then. Field day for samosa sellers!

  11. Re the texton the reading chart in CV's toon, the first line seems to be CV which gat mutated to CW for crossword

  12. Kishore
    I wrote those big first-line letters quite offhand.
    First, let me say those letters are least likely to be on real charts.
    There must be some logic in the letters that they use - one with stem, one that is rounded, one that has a slanting line, one that has a descender, one that has an ascender and so on.
    Since I write comments/messages/mails with the word crossword in them too frequently, the letters CW should have leapt in my mind.

    1. CV, you seem to have been subconsciously subliminal!

  13. The eye chart cartoon reminded me of a joke I had read earlier.

    A Polack goes to the eye doctor. The bottom line of the eye chart has the letters:
    C Z Y N Q S T A S Z.
    The Optometrist asks, "Can you read this?"
    "Read it?" the Polack replies, "I know the guy."

    1. About this series of consonants, read in the following blog


      the answers to two questions beginning "I understand" and "And I would".

  14. nice x'ie. Enjoyed the clues.without much sweat was able to crack& w/o much reference too.16d clue leading and misleading as well. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank yoy Incognito.

  15. The hallmark of a good compiler is to do the crossword without knowing who the compiler is and then along the line , one identifies only to confirm that one's assumption is correct.o

    Even if KISHORE hides behind a pseudonym - Incognito. !00 % Kishore's signature tune this one sure is !!