Tuesday, 11 November 2014

No 11237, Tuesday 11 Nov 14, Sunnet

Pulling up my Socks didn't help, I'm stuck in the SW corner! a laptop crash in between didn't help:-(
Sunnet dressing us up to take us on a winter trip? 

1   Penny on political satirist's cloak (6) PONCHO {P}{ON}{CHO}
4   Are sticky fluffs protection for listeners? (8) EARMUFFS {ARE*}{MUFFS}
10 Yearn to have saint's sleepwear (4,5) LONG JOHNS {LONG} {JOHNS}
11 These can be pulled up to improve slugs (5) SOCKS [DD] Ha! I pulled them up yesterday itself.
12 Note: Producers love Bank of England's point (5) OBOES  {O}{B}{O}{E}{S}
13 Burning desire to evacuate panicky European country (9) PYROMANIA {Pa...kY}{ROMANIA}
14 Showed woman embracing Congress party leader in Delhi (7) EVINCED {EV{INC}E}{Delhi}
16 ‘Nothing = anda' moving ... (4) NADA*
19 ..novel of Azeem Malik (4) EMMA [T]
21 Cloth left by Florida girl (7) FLANNEL {FL}{ANNE}{L}
24 Subcontract? Not in the beginning (9) (Addendum - OUTSOURCE {OUT}{SOURCE} - See comments)
25 Joint promotion of note by a German (3-2) TIE-IN {TI}{E-IN}
26 Puff to abandon Boxing League (5) (Addendum - QUILT  {QUI{L}T} - See comments)
27 Fizzy cola I imported, in bulk, to mix in America (9) SOCIALIZE {S{COLA+I}*IZE}
28 President stops to exercise and starts to learn yoga with great skill (8) EXPERTLY {EX{P}ERT}{L}{Y}
29 Slur cast on Washington's animal (6) WALRUS {WA}{SLUR*}

1   Jumper to stop near the curb (8) PULLOVER {PULL}{OVER}
2   New Orleans section of bible team caught by commander is safe (8) NONTOXIC {NO}{NT}{O{XI}C}
3   Expression of surprise by leader of Japan's pilgrims (5) HAJIS {HA}{Japan}{IS}
5   A loser at last escaped in the same manner (4-3) ALSO-RAN {ALSO}-{RAN}
6   Popular channels of radio for example (5,4) MASS MEDIA [CD] Enumeration seems to be wrong
7   Opposite fellow finishing with great success (6) FACING {F}{ACING}
8   Parade band has a yard (6) SASHAY {SASH}{A}{Y}
9   Formed spill spreading around state (6) SHAPED {SH{AP}ED}
15 One who provides relief to person who arrives to besiege army post (9) COMFORTER {COM{FORT}ER}
17 Bury India's gold inside (8) INTERIOR {INTER}{I}{OR}
18 Stakes having long and lean covers (8) BLANKETS {B{LANK}ETS}
20 Spray from rough sea or periphery of oceanic lake (7) AEROSOL {SEA+OR}*{Oc....c}{L}
21 Run away from church's swindle (6) FLEECE {FLEE}{CE}
22 Revolutionary force to finally conquer Canadian province (6) PRINCE Anno pending  (Addendum - TORQUE {TO}{c...eR}{QUE} - See comments)
23 An African adapted 'The Moon Prince' (6) (Addendum - ETHIOP {THE*}{IO}{P} - See comments)
25 Blowing air at a royal band (5) TIARA*



  1. Sunnet is making us all cozy for winter in this Pangram, methinks. 29a does it for some, though it might be an all weather protection ;-)

    Sure you have sixth sense, Deepak. That’s how you mentioned about pulling up your socks yesterday itself. BTW, you are also one of the few who knows the value of XXXX in

    1. I too chuckled when I saw the SOCKS clue. The Col definitely had a premonition!

    2. 'Clairvoyant Colonel' sounds like one of Gardner's mysteries

  2. 24a: OUTSOURCE
    26A: QUILT
    22D: TORQUE
    23d: ETHIOP

  3. 3 Expression of surprise by leader of Japan's pilgrims (5) HAJIS {HA}{Japan}{IS}

    Does the apostrophe S denote IS?

    1. I too had the same doubt. It seems as if it is 'has'.

    2. In the case of IT'S, the 'S denotes IS. JAPAN'S indicates possession.

    3. That's what I meant by 'has' = possession.

    4. Can denote 'is' also, for eg if you say 'the leader of Japan's a king'

    5. With an 'a' following it makes sense. Or else it's a bit vague

    6. Neither agree nor disagree, just giving examples. You could also say 'the leader of Japan's elected by the people'

    7. Fixed some typos & reposting
      In the surface reading 's is meant to be taken to mean pilgrims of Japan, while in the cryptic 's is to be taken as 'is' i.e exactly as Col. has taken it

  4. Did much better (after a lot of struggle) than seemed possible at first glance.Had 'Torque' but not sure of anno. canadian province is 'Quetta', right? How do we eliminate 'tta'?
    I was thinking it is Ethiopian. This is news to me.
    'Nada' is accepted on both sides of the pond?

    1. NADA ought too be accepted internationally. I am a HAM & the phonetic Numerals are: UNAONE, BISSOTWO, TERRATHREE, CARTEFOUR, PENTAFIVE, SOXISIX, SETTESEVEN, OCTAEIGHT, NOVANINE & NADAZERO. I use these as well as the phonetic alphabets when I give my PNR to those cute lil Air Line Receptionists........ tee heeee.....

  5. What is this 'Code' of nos. & XXXX? For limited circulation only?

    1. Paddy,

      Knowing Kishore, it is not difficult to guess.

      Col Deepak has been participating in vintage car rallies.
      Kishore may be referring to the different licence numbers of Col's vintage car while he moved from place to place.

  6. Oof - Sunnet had me struggling. South West corner was impossible!!

  7. Replies
    1. Like a political statement,changed overnight?!

  8. Replies
    1. The amount of effort put in is impressive. Almost every puzzle is a theme cum pangram. Just the gridfill must be a challenge. And if it is the same grid every time, then even more so.

    2. I entirely agree with you, Bhala. But today's puzzle was really a challenging one.

  9. Thanks folks for all the feedback. Apologies for the wrong enumeration given in 6d. It was an oversight on my part.

  10. The hard/easy debate comes up again. :) I find today very refreshing, challenging and rewarding. But for no reason at all, I find Neyartha and Skulldugger difficult to crack. Maybe its all in the mind.

  11. Challenging (used both by Shrikanth & MB) is probably the right word. I also felt so- not necessarily difficult. But difficulty with particular setters has to be 'all in the mind' only.

  12. 8Dn : Parade band has a yard (6) SASHAY {SASH}{A}{Y}
    Sir, 'band' to be shown in pink pl.

    1. Sash will not be in pink, has was erroneously coloured pink and has now been corrected

    2. That's correct, Sir. 'sash' need not be shown in pink.

  13. Then 'has' to be removed? Just band,A & Y only.

  14. Sunnet makes it challenging for everybody - him included. I can appreciate how taxing it could be to have so many theme elements in just one puzzle.

    1. I find getting unique definitions for theme words, without giving the theme away the most challenging part of having so many theme words. For example in this puzzle the definitions are
      cloak, protection for listeners, sleepwear, these can be pulled up to improve, slugs, cloth, puff, jumper, one who provides relief, covers and swindle. It was less challenging this time as quite a few words had a second meaning which had nothing to do with the theme.

    2. Ramesh-J-i aka Sunnet : Your cloak and dagger method, covering your tricks pulled out of your sleeves make us to slug it out, pull up our socks, completing the crossie with ears puffed to any disturbances from outside, at times jumping for joy .puff up with pride and at times jumping up with joy, for having completed the crossie, giving us a great relief from stress. Your challenging efforts define our unique satisfaction and hence worth y(our) efforts all the way !! Keep 'em coming !!