Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2955, Sunday 06 Aug 2017

1   Live dangerously in drama, possessing passion (4,4,4) PLAY WITH FIRE {PLAY} {WITH} {FIRE}
9   Shake about in vehicle (5) WAGON {WAG}{ON}
10 Engage with article probing tax for holiday property (9) TIMESHARE {TI{MESH}{A}RE}
11 Second flower, blue (6) MOROSE {MO}{ROSE}
12 One taken in by spy, easily influenced (6) PLIANT {PL{1}ANT}
14 Mark stone used for paving (4) FLAG [DD]
15 Security alert ordered after arrest, right away (10) COLLATERAL {COLLAr}{ALERT*}
17 Given scare, prepared for complaints (10) GRIEVANCES*
18 Bitter cold disrupting help (4) ACID {A{C}ID}
20 Cat's energy captured by an artist (6) ANGORA {AN}{GO}{RA}
21 Waver, seeming to some extent reluctant (6) AVERSE [T]
24 Uncommon touch possessed by friend, one identifying perfume ingredient (9) PATCHOULI {PA{TOUCH*}L}{1}
25 Creep in singular relationship (5) SLINK {S}{LINK}
26 Important figure in row in field, good and gentle (7,5) LEADING LIGHT {LEA}{DIN}{G} {LIGHT}

1   Puppet with hand on nose initially (4) PAWN {PAW}{Nose}
2   Romantic comedy in stages said to go awry (2,4,2,2,4) AS GOOD AS IT GETS*
3   Opening twist followed by cry of pain (6) WINDOW {WIND}{OW}
4   Small drink before suggestion about record, nothing relevant (2,3,5) TO THE POINT {TO T}{H{E P}{O}INT}
5   Celebrity in spoof, a megastar (4) FAME [T]
6   Firm, with failure coming up, pretty short of cents (8) RESOLUTE {LOSER<=}{cUTE}
7   Grasped actions involved in handling of information (4,10) DATA PROCESSING* Good one
8   Dirty place left covered with grass, transformed (8) RESTYLED {RE{STY}{L}ED}
13 Estrangement from country supporting a falsehood (10) ALIENATION {A}{LIE}{NATION}
14 Dandies keeping style of T. Rex in bright lights (3,5) FOG LAMPS {FO{G LAM}PS}
16 Across beach, run off to get galosh (8) OVERSHOE {OVER}{SHOrE}
19 Wide support for treacherous type (6) WEASEL {W}{EASEL}
22 Enjoyable day in store (4) FUND {FUN}{D}
23 Parody? Very poor, not new (4) SKIT SKInT



  1. Thank you Col. for clearing a few doubts in parsing. Awaiting KKR special.

    1. Thanks Paddy. I will burn midnight oil today!

  2. Raat aur din diya jale mere man mein phir bhi andhiyara has?