Saturday, 5 August 2017

No 12078, Saturday 05 Aug 2017, Lightning

Lightning illuminates parts of Chennai

1 Burn fossil fuel, avoid losing absolute power (8) COALESCE {COAL}{ESCapE} Defn ok?
5 Backing, crash partly into a dock (6)  MARINA {RAM<=}{INto}{A}
9 Foreign parliamentarian following one alternative trend regularly missing (8) IMPORTED {I}{MP}{OR}{TrEnD}
10 A crime department investigator cunning for starters and sharp (6) ACIDIC {A}{CID}{Investigator}{Cunning}
12 Musician covers eastern shore (5) BEACH {B{E}ACH}

13 Leader’s having energy, not so much quiet (9) NOISELESS {NO I}{S}{E}{LESS}
14 Twins imagine a lost building (6) GEMINI {IMaGINE}*
16 Force short break after crossing a bridge (7) FLYOVER {F}{LaYOVER}
19 More dangerous for one gliding down mountain after odd rain (7) RISKIER {RaIn}{SKIER}
21 Wipes the French containers on the outside (6) CLEANS {C{LE}ANS}
23 Egomaniac somehow gets pardon? (4,5) COME AGAIN {EGOMANIAC*}
25 Leaders of Britain under royal mandate abandon country (5) BURMA (Acrostic)
26 Money we divide for aunt’s son (6) COUSIN {CO{US}IN}
27 Craft tie designed to pick top three correctly (8) TRIFECTA {CRAFT+TIE}* Noun clued as a verb?
28 Offer from former lover (nurse) (6) EXTEND {EX}{TEND}
29 Stout ale left inside becomes insipid ale (4,4) FLAT BEER {F{L}AT} {BEER}

1   Goes up with hundred members (6) CLIMBS {C}{LIMBS}
2   Finally catch a chance in range of letters (9) ALPHABETS {ALP{catcH}{A}{BET}S}
3   Revolver near the harbours (5) EARTH (T)
4   City in northeastern china damaged (7) CHENNAI {N+E+CHINA}*
6   Tell perhaps almost sort of original (9) ARCHETYPE {ARCHEr}{TYPE}
7   Gift expected at home at the beginning (5) INDUE {IN}{DUE}
8   Any crest turns into descent (8) ANCESTRY {ANY+CREST}*
11 Initially lacking hard fight (4) TIFF {sTIFF}
15 Forgery by one with mass appeal at leaderless country (9) IMITATION {I}{M}{IT}{nATION}
17 Specialist doctor dissecting liver caught damaged cavity (9) VENTRICLE {LIVER+C}* around {ENT}
18 Problematic king misplaced one hundred and fifty fifth letter in vehicle (8) TRICYCLE {TRICkY}{CL}{lettEr}
20 Path in segment of Broadway (4) ROAD (T)
21 Penny really evens out interior (7) CENTRAL {CENT}{ReAlLy}
22 A disheartened zarina entering watering hole in marketplace (6) BAZAAR {B{A}{ZarinA}AR}
24 Scale // Everest for one (5) MOUNT (DD)
25 Appropriate for perk to exclude new engineer (5) BEFIT {BEneFIT}

Reference list  

Absolute=A, Power=P, Parliamentarian=MP, One=I, Alternately=Or, Crime department=CID, Eastern=E, Leader= No I (Number one), Energy=E, Force=F, The French=Le, We=Us, Former Lover=Ex, Left=L
Hundred=C, Northeastern=NE, At home=In, Mass=M, Appeal=It, King=K, One hundred and fifty=CL, Penny=Cent, New=N, Engineer=E

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  1. I thought Broadway was the theme word. Not just road. I don't think that a theme word needs to be only in the answer. It can be found in the clues as well

    1. BROADWAY and MOUNT ROAD are both seen in the grid :)

    2. Updated to indicate both as theme words

  2. 1st themed offering from Lightning?Perhaps a tribute to a city close to his heart. Loved it.

  3. Nice themed grid, thanks Lightning! Had the same doubt about the def for 1A.

  4. +1 for def.of 1A.
    Enjoyed an outing in our home city.

  5. 17d- def.- cavity- to be highlighted.
    Ventricle as a cavity was new to me- familiar as a heart chamber.

  6. Lightning strikes Chennai? Any special reason for the theme?
    Had the same doubts about 1A and 27AC

    1. August is celebrated as Birthday of Chennai, with several quizzes, walks etc.

    2. Visit
      What started off as a week of celebrations, now go on for several more days with public lectures, shows, walks, food festivals, rangoli competitions,

  7. One of the words that does not suit Chennai- noiseless!

    1. That applies to all cities today. Even a township where I stay is cacophonic!

  8. Old coin immediately used oddly in Chennai landmark (10 letters, two words)

  9. Incorrect definitions from my side for 1A and 3A. Theme was more about being nostalgic given that I have been away from Chennai for 3 years now !

  10. Sorry. Didn't 3njoy the cluing.