Tuesday, 1 August 2017

No 12074, Tuesday 01 Aug 2017, Arden

1   No end to happiness after a drink of wine (7) CHABLIS {CHA}{BLISs}
5   Weapon outside the modified weapon (7) MACHETE {MAC{THE*}E}
9   Unstable film (5) ROCKY [DD]
10 What happens in fall? Student must go and listen in (9) EAVESDROP {lEAVES}{DROP}
11 Poet's 'old king on the mountain top' (9) COLERIDGE {COLE}{RIDGE}
12 Ruler will be back shortly, will re-emerge (5) EMEER [T<=]
13 After a delay, it's back to celebration (4) GALA {A}{LAG}<=
15 Leverages one's achievements (8) EXPLOITS [DD]
18 Watch runs, they catch hooks (8) EYEBOLTS {EYE}{BOLTS}
19 Regular vet, likes animals (4) ELKS {vEt}{LiKeS}
22 It's a mistake to waste time out of fear (5) ERROR tERROR
24 Complaint about bill introduced in sequence (9) CHILBLAIN {CH{BILL*}AIN}
26 Flirtation could end a marriage (9) DALLIANCE {c...lD}{ALLIANCE}
27 Entrance to temple, features a sacred mast (5) TOTEM [T]
28 Oz cricket body excludes drug in play (7) MACBETH {M{ACB}ETH}
29 Foolishly tried to grab pole position, new driver always seeking support (7) TENDRIL {TE{N}DRI*}{L}

1   Correctness of bill on minister's office (6) CURACY acCURACY
2   Can I rally to get some additional support? (9) ANCILLARY*
3   Agree to intervene between sides that are level (5) LAYER {L}{AYE}{R}
4   Flowering plant turning weed into a bit of magic (9) SPEEDWELL {SPE{WEED*}LL}
5   Act with one in a film... (5) MOVIE {MOV{1}E}
6   ...in case small part of food is kept in this (9) CASSEROLE {CA{S}SE}{ROLE}
7   Once I re-enter some of it goes up — it's weird (5) EERIE [T<=]
8   Perhaps once British representative in Ireland (6) EMPIRE {E{MP}IRE}
14 I argue with Ben on how to cook this vegetable (9) AUBERGINE {I+ARGUE+BEN}*
16 Dangerous to take false step, one's fast (9) PESTILENT {STEP*}{1}{LENT}
17 Imitate Rafter (4,5) TAKE AFTER {R}{AFTER} R for take? Anno pending See comments
20 Model models, but not very often (6) SELDOM*
21 Polish title in English and Latin (6) ENAMEL {E}{NAME}{L}
23 Remains a high priest in religion (5) RELIC {R{ELI}C}
24 Conservative measure for a piece of cake (5) CINCH {C}{INCH}
25 Staff raise no bill (5) BATON {NO}{TAB}<=



  1. 17 Imitate Rafter (4,5) TAKE AFTER R{AFTER} R for take? Anno pending

    R: Take = Recipe + AFTER

    1. Yes, Take = R (abbrev for recipe) from prescriptions. Nowadays we write Rx for the same :).

  2. Nowadays few doctors take the trouble of writing Rx.
    (Sorry, some joining a medical college under a quota after seeking exemption from NEET or studying in Russia and then becoming a doctor may not know what it is.)

  3. Enjoyed this thorougly..lEAVES DROP was very well thought off..so was Take after..
    13A: thought it's was superfluous
    Overall a lovely puzzle. Thanks Arden

  4. Liked very much. Thanks to Chambers for clearing R for Recipe (Latin) Take.
    Thanks Arden

  5. 25D- Do we get bat from bill?
    Enjoyed 16D. After false step, dangerous etc. you tend to think fast as sppedy only, not as fasting on Lent.
    Is 1D a composite anagram?

    1. 1D:Since there is no anagram, it might be termed reverse addition.

    2. Yes, I got a little confused. Thank you Vasant.

    3. 1D Correctness of bill on minister's office (6)
      Col, the highlighted answer should be CURACY (not accuracy).

      Pardon but I did not understand how this works. Correctness= accuracy, bill= ac. Where is the indicator to delete ac to get the definition (minister's office)?

    4. It is no deletion- it is addition of ac to curacy (Minister's office- def) to get accuracy. That is what Vasant has explained to me above.

  6. R for Recipe, take, has been used in THC before by me and others.

  7. 1D :(-AC)CURACY: No indicator for deletion?

    3 down: L AYE R: Layer. == Level?

    8 down: EMPIRE-- E for English, MP for representative +IRE for Ireland? isn't it EIRE?

    26 across: How true ! Indeed. Object lesson for all married folks ! Nice wordplay.

  8. 3D- Layer= level= stratum
    1D- see discussion above.
    Agree with you on 26A- nice and apt surface.

    1. 8D - See the anno Raju. Where did you conjure up 'English' from? It's nowhere in the clue

  9. Perhaps once British representative in Ireland (6) I parsed it as British=E +Representative=MP and took IRE for Ireland. Now I see it as EIRE+ MP= EMPIRE. Thanks. It was an oversight mistake =Galthise mistake ho gaya !