Saturday, 12 August 2017

No 12084, Saturday 12 Aug 2017, Vulcan

1   Bond with glue to make stick (8) BLUDGEON*
5   Coin that was once minted from Copper — does appear differently on the outside (6) ESCUDO {DOES}* over {CU}
10 Sell-by-date initially not included, fixed tardily (9) BELATEDLY {sELL+BY+DATE}*
11 This guy's the one leading the robbery (5) HEIST {HE}{IS}The}
12 Island, one I want to travel around (6) TAIWAN {A} in {I+WANT}*
13 Hunter shouts it out, but friend is trapped (5-2) TALLY-HO {T{ALLY}HO} Tho for But? See comments
14 Poet, an unknown person, buried in this cemetery (8) BONEYARD {B{ONE}{Y}ARD}
15 Comparatively dull, very boring pilot (6) DRIVER {DRI{V}ER}
18 Oops, leader of opposition heard rambling (2,4) OH DEAR {Op...n}{HEARD*}
20 Great, gets rid of Chromium that's poisonous (8) INEDIBLE INcrEDIBLE
22 Provided with no amenities essentially needed, adapted (7) SUPPLED SUPPLiED What's the role of 'needed'?
25 Noon's radio broadcast about raid (6) INROAD {RADIO}* over {N}
27 Outlandish article covering deception (5) ALIEN {A{LIE}N}
28 Simple one this, not even, 5's this kind of number, catching it! (9) PRIMITIVE {PRIM{IT}{IV}E} Not sure if the anno is correct (Addendum - {PRIM{1}{ThIs}{V}E} - See comments)
29 Small returns in place giving margin (6) LEEWAY {L{WEE<=}AY}
30 Stage shows encouraging new tight-fitting garments (8) LEGGINGS {LEG}{GI{N}GS}

1   Little boy's piercing cry (4) BABY {BA{B}Y}
2   Exciting end, unreal for someone not well-educated (9) UNLEARNED*
3   Find out a route to escape (7) GETAWAY {GET}{A}{WAY}
4   Denoting a certain position mostly associated with railway, nothing special (8) ORDINARY {ORDINAl}{RY}
6   Indian dynasty as described by senior student (7) SCHOLAR {S{CHOLA}R}
7   Shun it, yes, to help bring peace (5) UNITY [T]
8  Delegate is awfully courteous (9) OUTSOURCE*
9   Abnormal growth of a fancy store (4) CYST [T]
14 Newsstand's exorbitant charges basically (9) BOOKSTALL {TALL}<=>{BOOKS}
16 Trembling with emotional feeling (9) VIBRATION [DD]
17 Finally drinking it, it's bottomless (8) INFINITE {INFIN{IT}E}
19 Legendary runner, one missing in this Olympics venue (7) ATLANTA ATaLANTA
21 Rash, after eating large sweet (7) DARLING {DAR{L}ING}
23 Extremely popular diamond gotten as reward (5) PRICE {Po...aR}{ICE}
24 Underground operation to smuggle drugs (4) DOPE [T]
26 Selection of tales somewhat shorter (4) LESS [T]

Reference list  

Copper = CU, One = A, An = ONE, Unknown = Y, Railway = RY, Senior = SR, Large = L, Diamond = ICE, Chromium = CR, Article = AN, Boy = B , Stage = LEG, Shows = GIGS,

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  1. 28 Simple one this, not even, 5's this kind of number, catching it! (9) PRIMITIVE {PRIM{IT}{IV}E} Not sure if the anno is


    1. Is 5 doing double duty then?
      5 = V
      5's this kind of number = PRIME

    2. I did have this another earlier but changed it due to that reason

    3. I think the cryptic meaning should be read like this - this, not even (TI) 5 (V) has this kind of number (PRIME) catching it. In other words TIV has PRIME catching it

    4. I don't think Vulcan meant it as double duty. Probably 'this kind of number' = PRIME. Personally double duty's a no-no.

    BUT = Tho
    tho' conj, adverb, poetic see though.

  3. Enjoyable.
    17D- Is 'Infinite' bottomless or topless or could just be endless?

    1. Thank you. One veers towards topless,though.

    2. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€CV effect?

    3. Scattring of light?! (C.V.Raman)

  4. 22A- Ramesh's query unanswered.

    1. 22A: no amenities essentially needed..needed required for the surface & for deleting i from supplied IMO

    2. Redhead is on tour ๐Ÿ˜ 

    3. Col: You so beautifully copied R's style that anyone would have believed it was R blogging๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

    4. I just realised that autocorrect (on my phone) has made Ramesh into Redhead :-). That comment @ 10:01 above was made from the phone!!

    5. So well done, I never noticed the difference until the mention.

    6. Yes, I was wondering about the Redhead (but took it as R for ramesh 7 Redhead), but the square at the end made me think of an exclamation mark or smiley.

  5. In other words, can we take it that 'adapted'(Suppled) with I (essentially needed) gives 'Provided'?

  6. Where is the deletion indicator for I?

    Is cemetery not strictly for humans, whereas boneyard for aircrafts and the like?

    Price as a reward ? I thought one only paid a price for one's mistakes. or at what price

    Baby: why piercing cries ? because babes do ?

    Unlearned : isn't it only for unlearning and not for not well-educated ?

    Ambiguity is poetic liberty for a setter ?

  7. 'no' is the deletion indicator.
    I had the same doubt about price, but on referring to dic. reward is one of the meanings given.
    Unlearned is fine, I think. I first thought it could be unletered, but enu did not suit.