Tuesday, 7 February 2012

No 10379, Tuesday 07 Feb 12, Arden

6   - One will turn to decay given a choice (5) - ROTOR {ROT}{OR}
7   - The job won't get a two penny cream (8) - OINTMENT (a)(pp)OINTMENT
10 - Infant fed under light, perhaps (7) - NEONATE {NEON}{ATE}
11 - As the reporter was recalled, it cut things to size (7) - HACKSAW {HACK}{SAW}
12 - I am having a fruit sack (7) - IMPEACH {I'M}{PEACH}
13 - Do I return by the middle of March with these salts? (7) - IODIDES {I)(OD<-}{IDES}
14 - Following a game, he makes plans (11) - DRAUGHTSMAN {DRAUGHTS}{MAN}
19 - Diverted rainwater missing Western Australia on land (7) - TERRAIN RAINwaTER*
21 - The way Pam goes over the guideline (4,3) - ROAD MAP {ROAD} {MAP<-}
23 - What should he put on when the fool gets into a haystack? (7) - CASSOCK {C{ASS}OCK}
25 - The church assistant's got something to bear the load (7) - CHASSIS [T]
26 - Reportedly cultivated a few which was macabre (8) - GRUESOME (~grew){GRUE}{SOME}
27 - A service pile up (5) - AMASS {A}{MASS}
1   - Halted right inside while being sharpened (8) - STROPPED {ST{R}OPPED}
2   - The fleet gets a lawyer under its wing (6) - ARMADA {ARM}{A}{DA}
3   - There is random change about free capital (10) - COPENHAGEN {C{OPEN}HAGEN*}
4   - The bird hasn't started to move a little bit (4) - INCH fINCH
5   - Not accustomed to undue movement around school (6) - UNUSED {UNU{S}ED*}
6   - Fled to the cops when things smelt bad (6) - RANCID {RAN}{CID}
8   - Lots of broken stone up river, forming a barrier (7) - MACADAM {MAC<-}{A}{DAM}
9   - Silly fellow gets a second to dance (5) - TWIST {TWI{S}T}

13 - Dealt with moving dinette car (10) - INTERACTED*
15 - The blood group of a solitary gastropod (7) - ABALONE {AB}{A}{LONE}
16 - Greetings to Raman, who is back clutching an invite (8) - NAMASKAR {NAM{ASK}AR<-}
17 - Chimney fire: find temperature inside (5) - STACK {S{T}ACK}
18 - Well, such texting is for jerks (6) - SPASMS {SPA}{SMS}
20 - A sorry substitute to keep count (6) - ROSARY*
22 - Scene of the initial grounding (6) - ARARAT [GK]
24 - Some thing sticks out in the ‘Stick No Bills' sign (4) - KNOB [T]


  1. Nice crossie.

    Video reminded me of a puzzle I had set long back, which is given in the next post. Answers not expected as it is already given by the Colonel in the above video...

  2. Hi

    Old timers who have used a typewriter might remember that the ink ribbon usually had double the width that was actually required. Some ribbons had the top half of width of the ribbon with one colour and the other half with another colour. If you wanted a single colour, that too was available and you could use one half of the width till it started to run out of ink and switch to the other half and use it up. Since this had the problem that when you were using the first half, the second half was still drying due to exposure to air, some people even switched sides daily, since a convenient switch was available for this, so that both halves got used to fairly similar levels.

    With the change to dot matrix printers, the ribbons became continuous loops and had a width to the extent required, so that the ribbon endless looped around. But suppose you had a printer ribbon cartridge which could accomodate a ribbon of double width and you had a spool of such a ribbon width from the typewriter days, what would be best method of fitting it into the cartridge (with addition of suitable guides, if required) so that both the halves could be used evenly, keeping in mind that no switch is available to switch between the two halves?

    Further challenge for Hindi song afficionados: Give me the answer through the lines of a Hindi song lyric


  3. It is pure coincidence that on the 200th birth anniversary of Charles Dickens, the name of one of his most famous characters appears in this crossword.

    1. It is 'PAM',isn't it? I had to check it out,but I think I am right.

    2. I think it is Oliver TWIST

    3. Yes,you are right. CV says 'most famous' character. I think Pam is from Pickwick papers,though nowhere near famous.

  4. A refreshing puzzle. Enjoyed every clue. No fussy Logic at all. Good

  5. Deepak, Wonder if you remember Twist in school. He used to teach science

    1. If he is from St Joseph's I do not remember, the only teacher I remember from there is a Mr Soanes, wonder if that spelling is correct. At Stanes there was no 'Twist'

    2. St. Joseph's. His actual name was Verghese.