Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No 10391, Tuesday 21 Feb 12, Gridman

1   - Mira implies varying haughtiness (11) - IMPERIALISM*
9   - Give cheat on the way out some praise (7)  - TRIBUTE conTRIBUTE
10 - Special cloth spoilt. What a big stain! (7) - SPLOTCH {SP}{CLOTH*}
11 - Big revolver? (5) - EARTH [CD]
12 - Lore set out in chart. Not too bad! (9) - TOLERABLE {T{OLER*}ABLE}
13 - Shellfish brought back from a farther canteen (5) - NACRE <-
15 - Girl, not completely illumined, nearly primed to become regular (9) - NORMALISE {NORMA}{LIt}{SEt}
18 - Would this movement restrict the men? (6,3) - WOMENS LIB [CD]
21 - Order to communist to keep quiet. That's a tiny bit (5) - SHRED {SH}{RED}
22 - Man, argue violently about one having disease (9) - NEURAGMIA ? {NEURAGM{I}A*} I could find only NEURALGIA in my dictionary.
24 - Acknowledgement for destruction of ogre by revolutionary leader (5) - ROGER {OGRE*}{R}
26 - Mel, root terribly for the violin effect (7) - TREMOLO*
27 - Short uncle, no longer trendy, hot and rude (7) - UNCOUTH {UNCle}{OUT}{H}
28 - What a diligent housemaid is expected to do or what a lucky gambler may make (1,5,5) - A CLEAN SWEEP [DD]
1   - Latest article: thousand at present are informed (2,3,4) - IN THE KNOW {IN} {THE} {K}{NOW}
2   - More important monk (5) - PRIOR [DD]
3   - Unrefined, when not refined? (5-4) - ROUGH-HEWN {ROUGH}-{WHEN*}
4   - Evans at interpretation of a foreign language (7) - AVESTAN*
5   - Isolated in Tamil Nadu town without second union leader's key (7) - INSULAR {IN}{SULu{A}R} How does the 'key' fit in!!
6   - Bad moral is in the mouth (5) - MOLAR*
7   - More thick-set with b-bustier manifestation (8) - STUBBIER*
8   - Clarified butter with good, hot bits of kheema (4) - GHEE {G}{H}{khEEma}
14 - Data processor's limitless sex appeal in more winsome environment (8) - COMPUTER Anno pending (Addendum - {C{oOMPh}UTER} - See comments)
16 - Separates sailor's parcels (9) - ABSTRACTS {ABS}{TRACTS} Tracts can be a 'parcels of land' but not just 'parcels' See comments below.
17 - I'd helpers contributing to church position (9) - ELDERSHIP*
19 - Source of light in the sanctum sanctorum (4,3) - LAMP OIL [CD]
20 - Supporter saw in France artist's brilliant performance (7) - BRAVURA {BRA}{VU}{RA}
22 - Accumulates safety devices (4) - NETS [DD]
23 - A wanderer heard it's a nice smell (5) - AROMA {A}{ROMA}(~roamer)
25 - Measure wit taking high-class note (5) - GAUGE {GA{U}G}{E}


  1. 5 - Isolated in Tamil Nadu town without second union leader's key (7) - INSULAR {IN}{SULu{A}R} How does the 'key' fit in!!

    Not sure if key represents A, as in the Csharp key on a keyboard..

  2. Replies
    1. This should be C{-o OMP -h)UTER.

      Gridman would ensure that the "limits" that are removed are single letters on either side of the given word.

  3. 15 - Girl, not completely illumined, nearly primed to become regular (9) - NORMALISE {NORMA}{LIt}{SEt}

    Reminded me of old Norma Jeane Baker

  4. 23 - A wanderer heard it's a nice smell (5) - AROMA {A}{ROMA}(~roamer)

    I took wanderer as a gypsy, a ROMA.

    1. Very clever! In which case "heard" would play no role in wordplay.

  5. Deepak:

    parcel - a lot (Chambers)

    lot - a patch of round (Chambers)

    1. Now that you drew my attention to Chambers, my edition of Chambers shows one of the definitions of Parcel as "A continuous stretch of land", so I withdraw my comment

  6. Some specialist dictionaries do record 'neuragmia'. (It is not in Chambers, though.)

    Meaning: Rupture or tearing asunder of a nerve

    Origin: neur- + G. agmos, fracture

    Maybe our doctor-solvers Jaggu, Pankajam, Sumitra and others will know.

    1. Even then, could 'Rupture or tearing asunder of a nerve' be called a 'disease'?

    2. Read dis-ease - uneasiness !

  7. Sunday PUZZLE: 19th,FEB'\\Just solved this .

    .6 down and 8 down were tricky ones, so was 12 across.

    No wonder, many solvers have refrained from commenting.
    16down- SWINGERS was a good one. CV and Kishore: I came across a word CANDAUILISM ( a neo-greek word?) in one of the articles I read recently and surprisingly, this was not traced in either the OED or the Chambers. I then tried in the ubiquitous and all-knowing Google- Uncle and lo and behold, I did find an entire article on the latest in , ahem- permitted in these columns ? wife-swapping, Swingers etc. Now , one has to be careful in using the word SWINGERS in the social circles? Any comments?

    1. Until you told me, I didn't know that C term, Raju.

      But 'swinging' or 'swinger' is not too bad a term.

      The other day I attended a book launch: 3's a Crowd. He was talking about the practice of the 'other person' in marriage: it would seem that even in Chennai it's nothing unusual.

  8. I have a question on 19d. An oil lamp is a source of light but how do we explain the inversion?

  9. Good for Google.
    But, even Google offers no help with the word introduced here by the setter - NEURAGMIA! It is also not there in Chambers, Oxford and other dictionaries commonly referred to.
    Perhaps, this may be a term familiar only to neurosurgeons.

  10. Monday 20th: Spent the whole night due to Maha shivrathri, solving this puzzle and thanks to Gridman for keeping me awake and burning midnight power in these days of shortage. I'd call this puzzle , by far, a lesson in Beja Fry. Not too clever by half for the compiler to educate us in mind-reading.After all, we all are mortals.
    @5 Down DWELL and 26 Down: SMOTE ( haven;t we done before SET, LET and PUT being used as present, past and future tenses ?). One Across; could have been just .(4.4)for the sake of brevity. ? why End? Recently, I came across X., as a clue which could indicate any number of answers.

    ARCTOPHILE( whoever wants to love teddy bears amongst us?) & ABUTTILON (Spoonerism for ABLUTION?) and TOXAEMIA? Have a heart , Gridman, we DO NOT want to learn any more new words!! What next? AXOLOTL? MY tongue got tangled between my teeth!

  11. I am a surgeon and I have treated a few nerve injuries. We use the term Neuropraxia, Axonotemesis and Neurotemesis but this is the first time i am hearing the term NEURAGMIA. In fact this is the only clue I missed out today

    1. Please look over here http://www.lexic.us/definition-of/neuragmia

    2. Wow Arvind! That must have taken some research

  12. NEURAGMIA: I've never heard of this term. Besides what Juggu has mentioned ,I am aware of neurolysis for nerve injuries.

  13. That's it then NEURAGMIA is no dis-ease !!!

  14. Have not come across 'neuragmia' in any of our books or journals.

  15. How about the word Gutrot in today's Guardian supposedly to mean crude alcohol. Can't find it in any dictionary.

    1. Actually very interesting crossword it was, with CASEBOOK and BOOKCASE, SONGBIRD AND BIRDSONG GUTROT AND ROTGUT, WATER TABLE AND TABE WATER.

    2. The last should read Table Water.

    3. Gutrot is there in Chambers

  16. Some interesting clues from Hindustan Times Cryptic Crossword (Old Times CW) today:

    Transport sandwiches round centre of Timbuktu (6-6,3)
    Carry out best man’s duty, dithering (8)
    Coarse, loud men by side of a road (8) Wrongdoer heard pub offered mineral (8)

    Ans: {DOUBLE-DECKER (BU)S}; (WAVE)(RING); (F)(ARMY)(A)(RD); ~sinner (CINNA)(BAR)ore of mercury