Saturday, 7 March 2015

No 11336, Saturday 09 Mar 2015, Aspartame

Aspartame has used lots of herbs and condiments used to cook up the CW today.

Starred clues have no definition but share a common theme.

6   Adult got thrashed, hence distressed (7) ABASHED {A}{BASHED}
7   * Spirit, bordering on crazy, is guarding gold (7) CHICORY {CHI}{Craz{OR}Y}
9   * Most of dance party is about to move indoors (5) BASIL {BA{SI<=}Ll}
10 * Décor Ian derived on display (9) CORIANDER {D+COR+IAN}*{ER} What display is ER? (Addendum - [T] - See comments)
11 Once again publish using printer (7) REPRINT*
13 Ill boy is being treated. All get out! (6) BILLYO* As per Chambers the enu should be (5-1)
15 Maniac cop, nude, running all alone (13) UNACCOMPANIED*
19 Could be you or me — lonely, without love around New York (6) ANYONE {A{NY}lONE} L for love?
20 * Shakespearean character wears spectacles (7) OREGANO {O{REGAN}O}
23 See a thumbs up on Facebook for a celebrity impersonator (4-5) LOOK-ALIKE {LOOK}-{A LIKE}
24 Rule to implement before exam time runs out (5) DOGMA {DO}{GMAt}
26 Cola and rum cocktail caused racket (7) CLAMOUR*
27 Replace income (7) REVENUE [DD] (Addendum - {RE}{VENUE} - See comments)

1   Stand in Grenada isle (4) DAIS [T]
2  * Sound American nation (6) CHILLI (~chile)
3   To a dunce I relay instructions (9) EDUCATION*
4   Best tax provided to be revoked. This is mania! (8) FIXATION {FI}{XAT}{1ON}<=
5   I’ll order accountant to build a range (10) CORDILLERA {I'LL+ORDER+AC}*
6   Colour seen when bureau burns (6) AUBURN [T]
7   Crop that’s old-fashioned (4) CORN [DD]
8   * Brief story on war (6) YARROW {YARn}{ROW}
12 * Pony nearly beaten up (10) PENNYROYAL*
14 Branch of medicine that has visionaries? (9) OPTOMETRY [CD]
16 * Commit a crime as discussed on a weekday (8) CINNAMON (~sin){CINN}{A}{MON}
17 * A protective charm against vampires (6) GARLIC [CD]
18 * Bread stuffed with gold is finally stolen (6) BORAGE {B{OR}AGEl}
21 * Go up at a corner, then go down (6) ENDIVE {EN<=}{DIVE}
22 Rank first in TOEFL and IELTS, second in JEE and GRE (4) TIER {Toefl}{Ielts}{jEe}{gRe}
25 Hereditary unit is produced but not evaluated (4) GENE GENErated



  1. Sir, 10 Across is a telescopic clue.

  2. 10 * D?cor Ian derived on display (9) CORIANDER (T)

  3. 19 Could be you or me — lonely, without love around New York (6) ANYONE {A{NY}lONE} L for love?

    L for Love - internet slang?

    1. The mists in my crystal ball are clearing up .... I see a place starting with C ...

    2. Hi... i thot it was alone - l (love) + ny

    3. That's what it is. The discussion was on 'L for Love'

  4. Replies
    1. Print edition shows it as 'Decor', so nothing wrong there

    2. Just checked, online edition also shows it as Decor so it's a copy paste formatting error from my side

    3. I have since corrected it so that the character appears above with the diacritic mark.

    4. Until now, all of us here know D is for Deepak....:-)

  5. Quite enjoyed & felt as if I had had a stroll in the park thanks to interesting&intriguing clues evoking suspense.Once I cracked the first condimemt (cinnamon in my case),my goal was clear.Rest followed the suit.7d-defined as old-fashioned but clued in a new fashion.Likewise, 4,14&21d equally nice.All said, a thorough entertainer.Thank you,sir.

  6. Nice fresh and aromatic xword from a seasoned setter :)

  7. 13A: How is "all get out!" a definition for Billy-o? As far as I can see, it means "very hard/strong/much"

    1. . - an unimaginably large amount; "British say `it rained like billyo' where Americans say `it rained like all get out'"

      all get out, billy-ho, billyoh


    3. Billyo reminded of the song, Billy Billy Bayou...

  8. Neyartha's clue in 2010 was

    Act on call for an unimaginably large amount (6)

  9. Good one from ASPARTAME> Wonder, why his pseudonym is not in one of the clues-- an artificial sweetener- sweet poison-- as love is !!

    Again , one more herb DILL is seen in CORdillERA !! part of the theme?

    GARLIC-- GRRR !! Licking good but as absorbing in the body as FENI !!