Tuesday, 17 March 2015

No 11344, Tuesday 17 Mar 2015, Gridman

1   Credit to the French following kin's crazy waves (8) CRINKLES {CR}{INK*}{LES}
5   Commandos overwhelm workers taking initial position in Buddhist monuments (6) STUPAS {S{TU}{Po...n}AS}
10 Rebellions from chants following a kind of punishment (7) RISINGS {RI}{SINGS}
11 This individual used to stamp a cross (7) ELECTOR [CD]
12 Improvement provided by State promotion (6) UPLIFT {UP}{LIFT}
13 Watching the big game, perhaps (2,6) ON SAFARI [CD]
15 Band from Swedish flyers with a kind of bomb (4) SASH {SAS}{H}
16 With less hair, daughter has dressed up nonsense (10) BALDERDASH {BALDER}{D}{HAS*}
18 I am elderly and treated in a curative manner (10) REMEDIALLY*
20 It is a bird! And it is from Serendib Islands (4) IBIS [T]
23 Broadcast in favour of insurance paperwork (8) PROCLAIM {PRO}{CLAIM}
24 Spotted, it's designed to fall in game (6) DOMINO [CD]
26 A demanding query from first person to the second (1,3,3) I ASK YOU [CD]
27 Bush — dense — and in France! (7) THICKET {THICK}{ET}
28 Disposition of Mother? (6) NATURE [DD]
29 Admission of one who matches or one who makes things worse? (8) IMPAIRER {I'M PAIRER}

1   It is written in a round fashion (15) CIRCUMSCRIPTION [CD]
2   Is not polite — throws lints around us reclining (7) INSULTS {IN{SU<=}LTS*}
3   King doesn't begin fun, George doesn't end fun in martial combat (4,2) KUNG FU {K}{fUN}{G} {FUn}
4   Not hard — like pie? (4) EASY [C&DD]
6   Writer’s references from articles about southern J&K city (8) THESAURI {THE}{S}{A}{URI}
7   A learner leaves palatial, mixed city (7) PATIALA PALATIAl*
8   One with good aim, one who is honest (8,7) STRAIGHT SHOOTER [DD]
9   They are adored not by under-twenty-somethings (4,5) TEEN IDOLS [CD]
14 Greedy to strike big — not special (9) RAPACIOUS {RAP}{spACIOUS}
17 Start contacting many a sportsman for music room equipment (2,6) CD PLAYER {C}{D} {PLAYER}
19 An astronomical event takes short time to start (7) MOONSET {MO}{ONSET}
21 Bertie loses connection — includes connection to make the horse look straight (7) BLINKER {B{LINK}ERtie}
22 Proceed to back eager rider in the buff (6) GODIVA {GO}{DIVA<=}
Cartoon by Bhargav
25 Part of Bollywood film that has appeal to part of the masses (4) ITEM [C&DD]



  1. How Come?!
    Such a nice CW and I don't see/ hear anyone.
    Enjoyed doing it immensely, though I could not complete. Thank you Gridman.

  2. Coming in a bit late (or is it early?) on this lovely one from Gridman. Like ' the Queen wore enough for the two of us' , I think the horse wearing 21d wore more than 22d.

    1. I think the horse wearing 21d wore more than THE RIDER OF 22d.

  3. Btw, it was not only Columbus who got wrong Indians. By someone 's error, I have become an American (as have you). Pl ref. http://www.corbisimages.com/stock-photo/rights-managed/BE048196/native-americans-working-at-stream?popup=1

  4. Typo in anno for Stupas. SS were not commandos. It is the SAS

  5. Cgb, is this cappie Harley Mr David's son?

  6. Your quip. Quite possible....

  7. Enjoyed pointing & pointed clues.6,8a& the likes.Vide 8d &11a punch was nice.17d failed me because I did a silly mistake.Instead of 'cd' I put as 'ad'.for 24 a I put as bonito.Anyway I enjoyed today's xie on the whole. Thank you GM.