Wednesday, 25 March 2015

No 11351, Wednesday 25 Mar 2015, Arden

1   Loads every inch, gets paid on unloading (4,2,8) CASH ON DELIVERY*
10 Boy’s riding it — brought back on waves (5) TIDAL {TI}{DAL}<=
11 Country forced Iranian subject (9) UKRAINIAN {UK}{IRANIAN*}
12 He chooses self, sect and story, essentially (7) ELECTOR {sELf}{sECt}{sTORy}
13 Ed's back while his church's split open (7) DEHISCE {DE<=}{HIS}{CE}
14 Score may upset some in cricket, initially (5) MUSIC Acrostic
16 Confiscator, not of spurious drugs (9) NARCOTICS CoNfISCATOR*
19 Seen from a building, he enters his lodge (9) FREEMASON*
20 Said to have despatched to Cologne (5) SCENT (~sent)
22 Starts with you climbing on top of tree (4,3) WYCH ELM {With}{You}{Cl...g}{H ELM}
25 Drifter gets through with hand out, lacking interest (7) VAGRANT {ViA}{GRANT}
27 He is on the move, say by rail carrying money (9) ITINERANT I{TIN}ERANT Anno pending (Addendum - {I{TIN}E}{RANT} - See comments)
28 Opening batsman gets out of game with top edge (5) RIDGE bRIDGE
29 A promising venture — will become lean before becoming sturdy (6,8) GROWTH INDUSTRY {GROW THIN}{STURDY*}

2   He gets the message to co-opt others restricted by church (9) ADDRESSEE {ADD}{RESt}{SEE}
3   Fancy hotel serf (5) HELOT*
4   In true fashion raised an issue — but they are so small (9) NEUTRINOS {IN+TRUE}*{SON<=}
5   Engineer debarred, not bad — but made a mistake (5) ERRED DEbaRREd*
6   Doctor follows Paddy on board — finds some marine growth (5,4) IRISH MOSS {IRISH} {MO}{SS}
7   Stories with spice, perhaps (5) EPICS*
8   Any problem to solicit from South Americans? (7) YANKEES {ANY*}{KEES<=}
9   Flower for dance master (6) STREAM*
15 Has the ability to vie for a contract (9) COMPETENT {COMPETE}{NT}
17 Made over to Denver with a drunk (9) RENOVATED {TO+DENVER+A}*
18 It's said that I malign a subject (9) ICELANDER (~ I slander)
19 Fellow's a shade subservient (7) FAWNING {F}{AWNING}
21 Called the bird in front (6) TITLED {TIT}{LED}
23 Business climate in the Capital (5) CAIRO {C{AIR}O}
24 Maximise — kinky sex banned in city (5) MIAMI  MAxIMIse*
26 Commence drilling with rigs — building gets ready (5) GIRDS {Dr...g+RIGS}*



  1. Replies
    1. Say = i.e
      Rail = rant
      Carrying = c/c ind
      Money = tin

    2. Thanks Ramesh, the Rail/Rant didn't occur to me

  2. Nice one. Liked most clues and esp. 28 A..

    Is 'while' redundant in 13 A?

    1. I think 'while ' is needed for surface reading.
      28A brought a smile on my lips too. Nice way of connecting cricket & bridge.

  3. I am not getting how NT is a contract. Kindly enlighten.

    1. NT stands for No Trumps in Bridge

    2. Thanks Col. TT for non-drinkers. Is there a word for those who don't play/know card games?

    3. Yes, there is. "Please learn soon"!

  4. 22A- I was bowled by the way 'Helm' was split up- H-elm.

  5. Today, ARDEN held me on a Nelson's hold !! Wonderful jugglery with words and anagrams . WYCH ELM, DEHISCE, IRISH MOSS, and NEUTRINOS are classic examples of going for the jugular of the solvers by this juggler of words !! I have become a FAN for his taste !! SMACK !! ARRE DEVARE DEVA !!!!