Thursday, 26 March 2015

No 11352, Thursday 26 Mar 2015, Arden

Awesome long anagrams from Arden again.

1   Running back and forth, finding organ to transplant (5,3,6) TOING AND FROING*
10 Antibody is said to be staying dormant for a longer time (5) LYSIN (~ lies in)
11 Hesitate to move out, with internal injury (9) VACILLATE {VAC{ILL}ATE}
12 Weight may be questionableobese kept out (7) QUINTAL QUesTIoNAbLe* My weight!!
13 Painful to go through — not rejecting a hypothetical particle (7) TACHYON {T{ACHY}ON<=}
14 Headless people do make laws (5) ENACT {mEN}{ACT}
16 Took back writing in a rush (9) RETRACTED {RE{TRACT}ED}
19 Minister's extremely critical on work done, surprising many (9) CLERGYMAN {Cr...aL}{ERG}{MANY*}
20 Henry for the first time will bother to hang around (5) TARRY (-h+t)TARRY
22 John the Baptist recalled some of those who knelt so patiently (7) APOSTLE [T<=]
25 Three perfect scores — so, Tamil Nadu has good relations with other states (7) ENTENTE {tEN}{TEN}{TEn}
27 For breaking into a niche, recycle (9) REPROCESS {RE{PRO}CESS}
28 Fungus in loose soil (5) MOULD [DD]
29 Maybe done in latrines, not where people live (3-11) NON-RESIDENTIAL*

2   Cussed river, home is inland (9) OBSTINATE {OB}{ST{IN}ATE}
3   Put up joint composition (5) NONET <=
4   Loved drama production as a duty (2,7) AD VALOREM* The D in LOVED appears to be a typo or an oversight, as it's superfluous in the fodder
5   Money once paid to teach, essentially (5) DUCAT eDUCATe
6   Cruel perhaps to rag heartlessly, when one's unwilling (9) RELUCTANT {CRUEL*}{TAuNT}
7   Land spread evenly across rift valley (5) ITALY rItA vAlLeY
8   Inclined to follow the girl, is what one gathered (7) GLEANED {G}{LEANED}
9   Told to shoot the gang (6) CLIQUE (~click)
15 Drunk guy definitely can't walk over it (9) TIGHTROPE [CD] (Addendum - {TIGHT}{ROPE}Semi&lit - See comments)
17 Trumpet over church and state (9) TENNESSEE {TENNES<=}{SEE}
18 A web master's end producta natural design (9) TARANTULA {p...cT}{A+NATURAL}*
19 Annoyance when drinks are laced with a drop of rum (7) CHAGRIN {CHA}{G{R}IN}
21 Returns and surrenders (6) YIELDS [DD]
23 Alternative to needle plant (5) ORPIN {OR}{PIN}
24 Gum trees — a prophet collected them (5) ELEMI {EL{'EM}I}
26 Lure by rhythm — makes a difference in the end (5) TEMPT TEMP(-o+t)T



  1. No wicket's fallen after Warner's so hope this break brings luck:

    15 Drunk guy definitely can't walk over it (9) TIGHTROPE [CD]


  2. Score is heading towards 350+ :(

  3. Did well to keep it down to 329, but it might be tough.
    Though I filed in, I did not connect guy with rope until I saw your comment.

    1. Executioners usually connect guys with ropes ...

    2. Unless 'Blondie' rides in with his sharpshooting ...

  4. Unbelievable. Yes I have made it today. Once I cracked 1a everything started falling into place. 19,22a amazing orchestration.19d wonderful orchestration.19 d wonderful cocktail.15d Though 'one cannot walk over it' I got high on the rope because I learned the ropes thanks to handy clues. Thank you Arden for a refreshing x'ie.

  5. Opening comment by Deepak: "Go India".

    Seems to be happening.:)

  6. Replies
    1. Poor display by Kohli and Raina. We could have won after the start given by Dhawan and Rohit

    2. Joke doing the rounds: From his lady friend:

      'Virat, I want you here in 5 minutes.' :D.

      Raina would always come a cropper against genuine fast short stuff. Strangely Dhoni and Rahane did not make any effort to hit out and gave up?

    3. DG Sir @ 5:13 - Yes, but the odds were against us.

    4. What odds? The fact that they went down without a fight is what is painful. Look at the fight put up by SA, they lost with honour.

  7. Don't worry. We are here to console you.
    Have a better day with the grid tomorrow.
    I was reminded of R.K.Laxman's cartoon- "You said come on!" the jockey says to the spectator (with the horse standing near the crowd-off track!)

    1. Paddy @ - yes, hereafter I can concentrate on solving CWs seriously! (Courtesy India's exit from World Cup)