Sunday, 15 March 2015

No 2832, Sunday 15 Mar 2015

1   A line written by clever US diplomat (8) ALBRIGHT {A}{L}{BRIGHT}
5   Beginning to tour upper-class house (6) STUART {ST{U}ART}
9   Showing good aesthetic judgement in refurbished flat - suite I removed (8) TASTEFUL {FLAT+SUiTE}*
10 Prairies: maps I collected (6) PLAINS {PLA{I}NS}
12 For this one needs right type of oven (5) ROAST {R}{OAST} &lit
13 Shown on the box, Elvis teed off (9) TELEVISED*
14 Italian painter ordered vindaloo and rice (8,2,5) LEONARDO DA VINCI*
16 Certainly at home, everyone's against discipline at school (2,3,10) IN ALL CONSCIENCE {IN} {ALL} {CON}{SCIENCE}
19 Nothing needs to be added to clear statement of policy (9) MANIFESTO {MANIFEST}{O}
21 Jacob's father's saving scheme account (5) ISAAC {ISA}{AC}
23 Brat's mistake after start of tantrum (6) TERROR {Ta...m}{ERROR}
24 Ahead, master swimming against the current (8)  UPSTREAM {UP}{MASTER*}
25 Feast I prepared for carnival (6) FIESTA*
26 Couple hired band (8) BRACELET {BRACE}{LET}

1   Player's agent ignoring fine (5) ACTOR fACTOR
2   Steps taken to control a star (5,4) BOSSA NOVA {BOSS}{A} {NOVA}
3   Disinclination to act shown by one with damaged retina (7) INERTIA {1}{RETINA*}
4   Scary place sought, to include a hospital by river? (7,5) HAUNTED HOUSE {H{A}UNTED} {H}{OUSE}
6   A live TV broadcast from a city on the Mediterranean coast (3,4) TEL AVIV*
7   Sign of tooth decay? Canine needs to be extracted (5) ARIES cARIES
8   Assess performance in River Dee initially, then short river (4,5) TEST DRIVE {TEST} {Dee}{RIVEr}
11 Wonky gyroscope lad fixed for actress (6,6) GLADYS COOPER* (Addendum - {G{LAD}YS COOPER*} - See comments)
14 Revised title includes second Kipling poem with a recurring theme (9) LEITMOTIF {LEIT{MO}T*}{IF}
15 Without equal, nothing contains cricket side on level above English (9) NONPAREIL {N{ON}{PAR}{E}IL}
17 Omitted the French female solicitor (4,3) LEFT OUT {LE}{F}{T OUT}
18 I do it wrongly, in charge, being silly (7) IDIOTIC {I+DO+IT}*{IC}
20 Take care of slow-moving shark (5) NURSE [DD]
22 Arrive on time with one of Santa's reindeer (5) COMET {COME}{T}



  1. One more easy solve. Found annotating 15D NONPAREIL a bit confusing as far as placing the 'cricket side' is concerned. On the whole an enjoyable CW.

  2. Special at 10:30 today is the 'One Across' community crossword which was posted at their site on facebook yesterday. Please go through the instructions carefully before posting answers. Quota reduced to two for today.

  3. struggling with 'Atlas' for maps in 10 A. Ultimately it turned out to be plain!
    Tested by River Test. Needs Google or Col.
    Light start for the morning.

  4. 11D Wonky gyroscope lad fixed for actress (6,6) GLADYS COOPER*

    I took this to be: {G{LAD}YS COOPER*}

  5. anno for moif in LEITMOTIF