Sunday, 22 March 2015

No 2833, Sunday 22 Mar 2015

Viewer discretion is advised as the image at 11 is 9 :-)

1   Respiratory complaint in New Zealand got by adult inhaling pipe (9) INFLUENZA {IN}{FLUE}{NZ}{A}
6   Mack's mate married Magwitch, maybe (5) MABEL {M}{ABEL}
9   Shocking cover - ancient city featured inside (5) LURID {L{UR}ID}
10 Nocturnal animal found in mall, radio broadcast (9) ARMADILLO*
11 Cook Strait? P&O's mistaken (4,5) SPIT ROAST*
12 Stab leader leaving dive (5) LUNGE pLUNGE
13 Pupils may be examined in this branch of medicine (13) OPHTHALMOLOGY [E]
16 British Government out of order, setting out to repress religious education (7,6) DOWNING STREET {DOWN}{ING ST{RE}ET*}
19 Woman repelled by husband suggesting a dye (5) HENNA {H}{ENNA}<=
20 Mum's pie - he used a polite term (9) EUPHEMISM*
22 Tries his cooking before wife produces a dish (5,4) IRISH STEW {IRISH STE*}{W}
23 Fruit, old and turning bad (5) OLIVE {O}{LIVE<=}
24 Fire-raiser's game? (5) POKER [DD]
25 Home team in Italian city losing first three (9) RESIDENCE {floRE{SIDE}NCE}

1   The Italian applied sun oil to create a false impression (8) ILLUSION {IL}{SUN+OIL}*
2   To supply coat by noon is hard (7) FURNISH {FUR}{N}{IS}{H}
3   Indisposed subordinate, a British subject? (5,3,7) UNDER THE WEATHER {UNDER} {THE WEATHER}
4   Antelope found in many a land (5) NYALA [T]
5   Member blowing hard, renowned trumpeter (9) ARMSTRONG {ARM}{STRONG}
6   Central square? (6-2-3-4) MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD [DD]
7   A learner, one taken in by deceptive talk (7) BALONEY {B{AL}{ONE}Y}
8   Relax having free gin at the end (6) LOOSEN {LOOSE}{giN}
14 Queen's favourite city? (9) LEICESTER [GK]
15 Trampled on top of everyone in headlong rush (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{Ev...e}
16 Dingy church in French port (7) DUNKIRK {DUN}{KIRK}
17 Rabble-rousing? Head of state ignored issue (7) EDITION sEDITION
18 Very small person, quiet politician touring Rhode Island (6) SHRIMP {SH}{RI}{MP}
21 Prisoners of war describing ending of captivity in Welsh county (5) POWYS {POW{c...tY}S}


  1. I am off for a round of golf and will be back only by 1 or so. Special at 10:30 today is by Pluralist. Someone please keep a track of unsolved clues.

    1. Can we not have a system where the first comment is a list of all clues & each solver pastes this list ( minus the clues she is solving) along with the solution. So the last solved clue always indicates the list of yet to be solved clues

    2. Are you speaking only of Everyman puzzle or THC as a whole?

      In the years past, in Yahoogroups, Orkut, WordPress, etc,, we were solving crosswords only this way, that is, with readers' participation.

      The Colonel, with his military discipline, can post the clue sheet as usual at 8-30.

      Then in the Comments section each visitor copy-pastes and gives the solution of a Max of 2/3/4 clues (to be determined by the Col) and then beneath that copy-pastes the clues omitting the clues already taken by him or her (I cannot be partial to women and I cannot admit discrimination against men).

      The next visitor needs to copy-paste only the clue list w/o those clues already taken.

      Of course, anno is mandatory - if the anno beats the solver, always the ind 'Anno pending' can be given for someone else to chip in.

      I guess the CWD would be wrapped up within an hour, with the regular visitors that we now have.

      Learners/beginners too can chip in - as the quota is Max and anything less than the quota too is acceptable.

      This way the blog becomes participatory and gives us a chance to get to know learners/beginners many of whom are now in the woodwork only to emerge occasionally as some of them did yesterday.

      Perhaps once the puz is completed, the Col or any volunteer blogger, can redo the main post with solutions and embellishments so that remains as a record in the archives. When once this appears (there is no time concerns as this can be done anytime later and not by a particular clock time), visitors will know the puz has been done. This wrap-up final main post can even be volunteered by a member a day.

    3. My proposal was for Sunday specials only.

    4. Tough for us small mobile users :-(

    5. It's a great suggestion by CV sir. Since the main clue sheet is very visible in a blog post, it would even be sufficient for commenters to just copy paste the number references of the remaining clues rather than the entire clues themselves. This suggestion, if considered feasible, is bound to make the viewer / reader engagement higher.

  2. Sounds good and will make it simple and easy.
    Today's CW- good for those who exercise in the morning, a walk in the park. Very rare to get samosas on a Sunday CW.

  3. Col. is right about the word of caution- especially for the vegetarians!

  4. Will respond to Ramesh's suggestion and CV's suggestions of yesterday and today in tomorrow's comments