Saturday, 2 April 2016

No 11666, Saturday 02 Apr 2016, Skulldugger

"All the best" to the folks taking part in the IIT Madras Cryptic Crossword Open


1 Vacant ramshackle villa a European sailor occupied (9) AVAILABLE {AB} inside {VILLA A E}*
6 Untalented scribbler's // sorry steed (4) HACK (DD)
8 Semipro to colonel: “Boxing rules” (8) PROTOCOL (T)
9 Outstanding protests? On the contrary (3-3) SIT-INS (CD&D)
10 Councillors spoiled veterans' respite (15) REPRESENTATIVES {VETERANS RESPITE}*
11 Ideas rubbished in a stage whisper (5) ASIDE {IDEAS*}
13 This Riley's popped Ecstasy and is misbehaving peevishly (8) SHIRTILY {THIS RILeY}*
15 By the sound of it, baby’s scared of large numbers (8) HUNDREDS {~{HON}{DREADS}}
18 Vocally praises cricket ground (5) LORDS {~LAUDS}
20 Properties with arthritic access, potentially (15) CHARACTERISTICS {ARTHRITIC ACCESS}*
23 Deliverance for fifty one trapped in submerged rock ridge (6) RELIEF {RE{LI}EF}
24 Fantasised (in Spain, Germany) about enchantment endlessly (8) IMAGINED {{I{MAGIc}N}{E}{D}}
25 Brits beginning to go westward, wind up in American prison (4) STIR {bRITS<=}
26 By accident, enlists heartless eavesdropper who might be all ears? (9) LISTENERS {ENLISTS+EavesdroppeR}*


1 Sepia, green pots go well together (5) AGREE (T)
2 Stumbled, took top off, then changed completely (7) ALTERED {fALTERED}
3 Strikes top off curls (5) LOCKS {cLOCKS}
4 Reporting credits obtained by sensibly avoiding spurious source, fabrication (2-5) BY-LINES {sENSIBLY}*
5 Eastern Church lacking dynamism, ends up in seventh heaven (8) ECSTATIC {E}{C}{STATIC}
6 Roster of people soon likely to be late! (3,4) HIT LIST (CD)
7 Inconspicuous set with cocaine for George (9) CONCEALED {CON(-g+C)EALED}
12 Type of monsoon experienced in Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram? Not quite (5-4) SOUTH-WEST (DD)
14 Forgiving terrible crime by female University lecturer (8) MERCIFUL {CRIME*}{F}{U}{L}
16 More unsanitary and more dangerous to take it in the other way (7) DIRTIER {DIR{TI<=}ER}
17 Sort of curious chess piece revolutionary abandoned (7) SPECIES {cheSS PIECE}*
19 Rough idea routinely trimmed, revised (7)  OUTLINE {rOUTINELy}*
21 Empty noggin anemones exhibited (5) INANE (T)
22 Head of prison officers decapitated by gangs (5) CREWS {sCREWS}

Reference list

European=E, Sailor=AB (Able Bodied Seaman), Ecstasy=E, Fifty one=LI, Spain=E (Espana), Germany=D (Deutschland)

Eastern=E, Church=C, Cocaine=C, George=G, Female=F, University=U, Lecturer=L, Revolutionary=Che 

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator, Link/Connector


  1. Replies
    1. Clock is to hit someone. I think it fits better than block

    2. Clocks used to strike- we have one at home that still does. Hickory dickory dock?

    3. Thanks, didn't know that meaning of clock

    4. I too had 3D as (-b)LOCKS. Generally I cross-check for correct meaning but this time around felt a bit lazy, I think, to do so!

  2. 12 Type of monsoon experienced in Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram? Not quite (5-4) SOUTH-WEST (DD)

    Does 'not quite' convey 'opposite'? I feel it conveys 'nearly'

  3. In 5D!
    Initially it felt daunting but after the 2 long anagrams fell in place, everything started falling in place. Hack & 7D were the last to fall. Enjoyed it immensely. I think this is my first 100% of a Skulldugger CW.

  4. Ramesh is expected to defend his crown.

  5. Superb blogging by Ramesh. All colours clear and conspicuous. Thank you.

  6. Happy to have samosas from Skulldugger!

  7. Thanks Ramesh, your solution is a riot of colour. It has really brightened samosas too.

  8. Posting comments via smart-phone has become a nuisance! In place of one you get two! Hence back to PC now.

    Happy to have samosas from Skulldugger, for the first time!


  9. Another quickie for me this week! Thank you, Skulldugger.

  10. Nice one from skulldugger...lots of clues to enjoy & savour..the two long ones..hit list..shirtily..

  11. Congrats to Mohsin & Ajeesh for coming first in the IITM CW competition !

  12. Replies
    1. Results are out?
      Congratulations from my end as well.
      Well done THCC.

  13. Congratulations Mohsin and Ajeesh.. !! who else were there? hope photos soon.. wish could hv been there,, hoping the prelims and finals xwords will be up in sunday specials? nice one from Skulldugger..did not dig too much into the skull.. thanks for that :)

  14. Congratulations to the winners, Mohsin and Ajeesh!