Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2890), Sunday 24 Apr 2016

Found it tough going today.

1  Thin clothes ending in storeroom? Correct (6) REMEDY {RE{s...oM}EDY}
4   Rose, when cold, finished (8) ASCENDED {AS}{C}{ENDED}
9   Star for example going around in group (5) GENUS {GE}{NUS}<=
10 Journalists breaking achievement down (9) DEPRESSED {DE{PRESS}ED}
11 Dull king with desire to occupy large land area (10) LACKLUSTRE {L}{AC{K}{LUST}RE}
12 Reportedly gather in this place (4) HERE (~hear)
14 A kind, sad heart with quiet yen to give treatment for bad behaviour (8,7) AVERSION THERAPY {A}{VERSION} {HEART*}{P}{Y}
16 Strange new depth of later orchestral piece (5,3,3,4) PETER AND THE WOLF*

18 Resistance extinguished in defeat (4) ROUT {R}{OUT}
19 Choice mattress on ground (10) ASSORTMENT*
22 Rubbish about one area not available for singer (5,4) DIANA ROSS {D{1}{A}{NA} ROSS}
23 First part covered by paint roller (5) INTRO [T]
24 Spotted having kiss in vehicle (8) SPECKLED {S{PECK}LED}
25 Expose politician finally amid hesitation before appeal (6) UNMASK {U{p...aN}M}{ASK}

1   Emblems of royalty relating to festive occasion involving island (7) REGALIA {RE}{GAL{I}A}
2   Feverish fellow in charge (5) MANIC {MAN}{IC}
3   Look certain to support record supplying revelation (10) DISCLOSURE {DISC}{LO}{SURE}
5   Great saint, one worked out, is believing irrationally (13) SUPERSTITIOUS {SUPER}{ST}{I}{OUT+IS}*
6   Happening to omit last level (4) EVEN EVENt
7   Criminal dictator endlessly holding venture up (9) DESPERADO {DESP{ERAD<=}Ot}
8   Frail and thirsty, consuming rum with enjoyment initially (7) DODDERY{D{ODD}{En...t}RY}
10 Passes over rent for shop selling bargains (8,5) DISCOUNT STORE {DISCOUNT S}{TORE}
13 One on foot scattered seed in part (10) PEDESTRIAN*
15 Followers in tune or otherwise with era (9) ENTOURAGE {TUNE+OR}*{AGE}
16 Cuts restricting commercial processions (7) PARADES {PAR{AD}ES}
17 Alien surrounded by crowd in joint (7) FETLOCK {F{ET}LOCK}
20 Former partner beginning to torment artist more (5) EXTRA {EX}{To...t}{RA}
21 Standing and revolting (4) RANK [DD]



  1. Enjoyed solving and got Sunday samosas.

  2. Special at 10:30 by new setter Cryptic XI

  3. Yes, tough going and missed a few.

  4. DIANA ROSS stole my samosas! Was not aware that 'N' and 'A' are abbreviated form of 'not' and 'available'!

    1. NA - Not available

      MB, you must have seen this term when indenting for items and you get a reply that 'Item is NA'

  5. I imagined this to be DRAMA ROWS but wasn't convinced. Took time to crack the correct aolution.

  6. Except for a couple which needed google/dictionary confirmation I found this quite straightforward. Having Punukulu instead of samosas

    1. My grandson at Hyd likes punukulu

  7. simple and nice sunday brunch :) New setter sounds nice Colonel :)