Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2888), Sunday 10 Apr 2016

1   Tudor monarch keeping church in English system (9) MACHINERY {CH}{IN}{E} in {MARY}
6   Examine condition in street (4) SIFT {S{IF}T}
8   Sort booing diva ruined song (4,10) GOOD VIBRATIONS*

10 Note element required for language (5) LATIN {LA}{TIN}
11 Enclose phone receiver (4-5) RING-FENCE {RING}-{FENCE}
12 Crackpot free to obtain capital (6) MADRID {MAD}{RID}
14 Erase ink, resolved to be more furtive (8) SNEAKIER*
17 Noise men whipped up for candidates (8) NOMINEES*
18 Try and gamble about conclusion of final in cup (6) GOBLET {GO}{B{f..aL}ET}
20 Heavenly messenger, in peculiar change, lost (9) ARCHANGEL [T]
22 Light chapter after revolutionary nonsense (5) TORCH {TOR<=}{CH}
24 Old man heads for power unopposed again with sum of money for nation (5,3,6) PAPUA-NEW-GUINEA {PA}{Po..r}{Un...d}{A-NEW}-{GUINEA}
25 Use writing machine in class (4) TYPE [DD]
26 Rigorous sequence connected with area of medicine (9) STRINGENT {STRING}{ENT}

1   One lusting for power with evil aim came along (12) MEGALOMANIAC*
2   Influence from chlorine revealed (5) CLOUT {CL}{OUT}
3   Fashionable outlet I love with name for originality (9) INVENTION {IN}{VENT}{I}{O}{N}
4   Board game's ending with bishop in spot (6) EMBARK {gamE}{M{B}ARK}
5   Desire unknown quantity, being paid (8) YEARNING {Y}{EARNING}
6   Small argument becoming difficult (5) STIFF {S}{TIFF}
7   Panic badly, losing power in last of money matters (9) FINANCIAL {pANIC}* in {FINAL}
9   Judge, dry old man with skill in private conversation (5-2-5) HEART-TO-HEART {HEAR}{T-T}{O}-{HE}{ART}
13 Protest and shout about a cold form of government (9) DEMOCRACY {DEMO}{CR{A}{C}Y}
15 Change of direction in contest dividing planet without leader (5-4) ABOUT-TURN {BOUT} in {sATURN}
16 Stage performances including new close-fitting trousers (8) LEGGINGS {LEG}{GI{N}GS}
19 Bloom with force cut down (6) FLOWER {F}{LOWER}
21 Delight in the morning service (5) AMUSE {AM}{USE}
23 Hurried, for example, climbing series of hills (5) RANGE {RAN}{GE<=}


  1. Where did you get the clues? The Print edition gives last weeks clues

    1. The clues can be had from Everyman's CW No. 3619 that appeared in the Guardian on 14th Feb 2016.

  2. Lucky guys who got the right crossword in the print ed this morning. We had last week's clues with a different grid to confuse us even more!

  3. Special at 10:30 by Koteswar Rao

  4. All of us got only last week's clues. We have to go to Guardian cryptic and get 3619 as suggested by MB since last week's was 3618. Requires some digging. Col. is wise enough not to follow TH except for getting the no. of CW- thankfully TH follows it in sequence. Some solace!

  5. Today's puzzle is disastrous.
    Not only the clues but even the fill-in grid is terrible.
    The grid is totally misleading.
    The glitches of the past few week-day crosswords look small in comparison.

    1. CV, are you assisting Everyman?

    2. Everyman sets the puzzles and I muck them up.

  6. It is all real fun. Maybe, fault finders may not visit on Sunday?