Wednesday, 27 April 2016

No 11686, Wednesday 27 Apr 2016, Arden

1   Tell requirements — masseuse does the job (6) KNEADS (~needs)
4   Dread shrinking capital — it's extremely close (8) ANGSTROM {ANGST}{ROMe}
9   Follow the code of Hammurabi on way to annex England (6) AVENGE {AV{ENG}E}
10 Star is not born with such rapidity (8) CELERITY CELEbRITY
12 What some would say on a railway platform in Tokyo? (8) SAYONARA [T] &lit
13 Way fire can spread with friction (6) STRIFE {ST}{FIRE*}
15 Daily feature asking “what kind of pop?” (10,2) CLASSIFIED AS {CLASSIFIED} {AS} (Addendum CLASSIFIED AD (~ classify dad) - See comments)
18 No interest, thing left without play (7,5) TWELFTH NIGHT {THING+LEFT+WiTH}*
21 Sufficient to decline entry into huge building (6) ENOUGH {E{NO}UGH*}
22 Discourage bottles — John gets a bottle (8) DECANTER {DE{CAN}TER}
24 “No second entrance” — tourist city's complaint (8) PELLAGRA {sPELL}{AGRA}
25 Plant providing a milk shake for one (6) KALMIA {1+MILK)*{A}
26 A jingle for party girls before long (8) DOGGEREL {DO}{G}{G}{ERE}{L}

Hey diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle.
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.
27 God's so upset with the girl (6) OSIRIS {SO*}{IRIS}

1   Told to sleep with rifle and bag (8) KNAPSACK (~ nap){KNAP}{SACK}
2   First woman online could be Doris — it's regular (8) EVERYDAY {EVE}{RY}{DAY}
3   Like 11, have to look solemn — not a smart thing to do (3,4,3,5) DIG ONES OWN GRAVE {DIG} {ONES} {OWN} {GRAVE}
5   Boy's back for Christmas (4) NOEL <=
6   Nothing was fastened, many adrift (5,5,5) SWEET FANNY ADAMS*
7   Dried fruit is getting wet (6) RAISIN {RA{IS}IN}
8   Disturbance for a month at the border (6) MAYHEM {MAY} {HEM}
11 Outline for records (7) PROFILE {PRO}{FILE}
14 Gods are busy, say on Sunday (7) DEITIES (~ duty){DEITIE}{S} Not impressed with the homophone (Addendum - {DEIT<=}{I.E.}{S} - See comments)
16 Urge to send money up — works for three minutes, normally (3,5) EGG TIMER {EGG} {TIMER<=}
17 Movie promotion — watched deserters crossing river (4,4) STAR WARS {STAR} {WA{R}S}<=
19 Input device is crucial stuff (6) KEYPAD {KEY}{PAD}
20 Shadow on a sharp turn (6) DOGLEG {DOG}{LEG}
23 Pressure doctor to discharge boy (4) URGE sURGEon


  1. 14 Gods are busy, say on Sunday (7) DEITIES (~ duty){DEITIE}{S} Not impressed with the homophone

    Busy: TIED UP so DIET<- + I.E+ S

  2. 15 Daily feature asking “what kind of pop?” (10,2) CLASSIFIED AS {CLASSIFIED} {AS}

    I took this to be CLASSIFIED AD (~ classify dad)

  3. 15 Daily feature asking “what kind of pop?” (10,2) CLASSIFIED AS {CLASSIFIED} {AS} (AD)

    ~ Classifie + DAD

  4. Phew!While half the puzzle was solved in a jiffy, the other half took ages especially sweet fanny adams & classified exquisite crossword that was both challenging & enjoyable..Arden in top form

  5. 7 down is a badly written clue
    Is getting wet means we should see I(RAIN)S
    But we see RAISIN

    1. Mahesh, when you get wet it means you have water all over you, that is why it is RAIN around IS

    2. I understand the interpretation now
      We take getting wet as in rain
      Thank you Col_Gopinath

  6. 12A:Such a nicely written clue but as the latest CU blog mentions..can this be solved as a straight clue?

    1. That clue is badly written too
      I have never seen a hidden word where one side is open
      And there are too many extra words
      But I respect your opinion of the clue

    2. Well, one side is not actually open. 'would' come before.

  7. Was caught struggling in SW corner for 24A, 19D & 23D. Pinched 23D URGE from the blog and finished the rest! Greycells put to optimum use today! Feeling elated of late on getting some measure of Arden puzzles! A time consuming affair yet enjoyable. Thank you, Arden :)

  8. I thought that 14D was Beatles (~beetle on s)

  9. 14 Gods are busy, say on Sunday (7) DEITIES (~ duty){DEITIE}{S} Not impressed with the homophone (Addendum - {DEIT<=}{I.E.}{S} - See comments)
    What is the reversal ind here pl?

    1. Busy might be tied up, or tied in reverse (up is your indicator )
      I don't approve of this indirection but I assume this is the intentionn

    2. Oops! Sorry Colonel Sir...Didn't notice Raghunath's post @ 8:32 am.

  10. 27A God's so upset with the girl (6) OSIRIS {SO*}{IRIS}
    I had it as {OS<=}{IRIS}

  11. What do you like in crossword clues?
    a) direction
    b) indirection
    c) misdirection
    d) redirection
    e) self-direction
    f) hidden direction
    Give reasons for your choice

    1. C)misdirection:for obvious reasons of being deceptice & leading you on a red herring

  12. hmmm.. clue for Dig ones own grave is really good tho i parsed it later :) So also the classified as HP..which too i realized later :) so some ahas there.. busy being tied up = diet.. thats not so kosher but well it is kinda clever and gettable with crossings so wont complain much .. sweet fanny adams .. new term.. ha ha ha... guess goes back to Arden's naval roots.. sayonara a lovely &lit i must say :) rather neat xword in all :)