Monday, 4 April 2016

No 11667, Monday 04 Apr 2016, Anon

1   Critical points are not obtuse (5,6) ACUTE ANGLES {ACUTE} {ANGLES}
9   Peacekeepers start off journey to extricate (7) UNRAVEL {UN}{tRAVEL}
10 Attack by revolutionary to capture South American country (6) CHARGE {CH{ARG}E}
11 Plate is transparent? Not quite (5) PATEN PATENt
12 Damsel I dubiously deceive (7) MISLEAD*
15 Beware! Staff conceal lie (4) REST [T]
16 Peculiar looking sequin for setter is a prerequisite (4,3,3) SINE QUA NON {SINE QU}*{A NON}
18 First off, choose discourse for constituency (10) ELECTORATE {sELECT}{ORATE}
20 Immediately starts something then and there (4) STAT Acrostic
23 Follow stoic comic receiving Knowledge Transfer (5,2) STICK TO {K}{T} in {STOIC}*
24 Brave soldier initially to boast (5) STOUT {So...r}{TOUT}
26 Ancient football had leading clergy and laymen cheering incessantly outdoors (6) CALCIO Acrostic
27 Best alien instrument (7) TRUMPET {TRUMP}{ET}
28 In a riot, smash stores windows (5,6) STORM SASHES*

2   Giving in to urge after losing initial resolve (6) CAVING CrAVING
3   Endlessly delight, bring up story (4) TALE ELATe <=
4   Designers vandalise sci-tech art (10) ARCHITECTS*
5   Do your best, proceed to lose all ten wickets (2,3,3) GO ALL OUT {GO} {ALL OUT}
6   Impress English rani by accident (7) ENGRAIN {ENG}{RANI*}
7   Unopened wine included in meal for sponsor (9) SUPPORTER {SUPP{pORT}ER}
8   Buccaneers remove one who blabbers (6) PRATES P1RATES
13 Head of Mumbai police restricts movements (10) MIGRATIONS {Mu...i}{IG}{RATIONS}
14 Establish an academy (9) INSTITUTE [DD]
17 Send back beds, return rack in automobile (5,3) STOCK CAR {STOC}{K CAR}<=
19 Quote old pamphlet (7) EXTRACT {EX}{TRACT}
21 Soldiers return impoverished, hide in empty tents (6) TROOPS {Tent{ROOP<=}S}
22 Broken pieces of statue are sharp (6) ASTUTE*
25 Company that gives you a lift? (4) OTIS [CD]



  1. Sweet n simple one from Anon today.. Paten and Calcio were new words.. thanks for that :)

  2. Happy for Anon's samosas. Thanks. Wish 'all' is not included in the 5D clue.

    1. This criticism is valid. Solvers generally do not like any part of the solution to be in the clue for that word. Of course, there are clues where some small components like a, an or the might be given gratis but not so with bigger words. This kind of solecism can be caught only in our second or any subsequent revision. In the first draft of a clue when we concentrate on word breakup and on how to indicate those components we are apt to miss these niceties. A careful point by point revision can eliminate these errors. One such is: is any part of solution repeated in the clue and can it be set right?

    2. Maybe the clue would have been worded differently e.g. do your best,proceed to loose entire team?

  3. New words were the spoilers. One learns by mistakes, or at least should. Neat CW and enjoyed doing it.

  4. Nice one from Anon. Enjoyed solving it. :)

  5. Satisfying one. Paten took enough time. Available letters didn't help getting solution early.

  6. Nice one from Anon..was stuck in bottom half for a long time..then migrations fell..storm sashes was the last in

  7. Replies
    1. Why do you say so? Please clarify.