Wednesday, 20 April 2016

No 11680, Wednesday 20 Apr 2016, Neyartha

1   Condemn adopting the inconsiderate firm's quick and intensive training (5,6) CRASH COURSE {C{RASH} {CO}URSE}
9   Learn to earn (7) REALISE [DD]
10 Criminal following American soldier and doctor with a stabilising appliance (6) GIMBAL {GI}{MB}{AL}
11 Lazy person with a bee in the 5,22,23 is murmuring (5) DRONE [MD]
12 Make up a story about a light sound in retreat for fuel (7) LIGNITE {LI{GNIT<=}E}
15 Run to substitute Charlie's Mexican dish with a starchy root (4) TARO TA(-c+r)RO
16 American uncle breaking bishop's seat beginning to get to an oil source (6,4) SESAME SEED {SE{SAM}E} {SEED}
18 Sees clergymen taking in religious instruction by Charlie (10) BISHOPRICS {BISHOP{RI}{C}S}
20 Shelled holy Israeli port (4) ACRE sACREd
23 Means to cook chile in the outskirts of Vellore (7) VEHICLE {Vel{CHILE*}lorE}
24 Revolutionary restrained wingless insect (5) EMMET sTEMMEd <=
26 Anagrammed iconic features for a doctor (6) MEDICO [T]
27 A teacup's contents could get blended with its aid (7) STIRRER [CD]
28 Buddy on lute's out of tune certainly (11) UNDOUBTEDLY*

2   Shot doctor inured (6) RUINED*
3   Killed by a slip reportedly (4) SLEW (~slue)
4   Awareness of the company chant brought up by article on the English church (10) COGNISANCE {CO}{GNIS<=}{AN}{CE}
5   Lacking a crew to make mundane changes to accommodate a Pole (8) UNMANNED {N} in {MUNDANE}*
6   Scare resulting from the young actress's temperature going up (7) STARTLE STAR(+t)TLE(-t)
7   One getting a possibly once-in-a-lifetime shower? (5-2-2) BRIDE-TO-BE [CD]
8   Austrian leader taking out the oriental heavy fabric shows courage (6) VALOUR V(-e+a)ALOUR
13 Fuel with the retreating mob attached to a follower's Molotov cocktail (6,4) PETROL BOMB {PETROL} {BOM<=}{B}
14 Rejuvenated assembly in Paris? I abandoned the quest (9) ADVENTURE REjUVeNATED*
17 Copilot I dressed up as a party person (8) POLITICO*
19 Live from the south with Polish coverage of the unlicensed bar (7) SHEBEEN {SH{EB<=}EEN}
21 Became radicalised and smuggled a tool for surveillance (6) CAMERA [T]
22 No retweet of a main channel by the receiver (6) AERIAL Anno pending (Addendum - ArtERIAL - See comments)
25 Key found in the speaker's walkway (4) ISLE (~aisle)



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Shrikanth. I am not a Twitter fan

    2. To know what an FL is, should one have used it?

    3. Definitely. I don't know what a retweet is as I haven't used it :-)

    4. i believe it is to kinda forward somebody's tweet.. kinda spreading the word sorts.. like uhmm one is an apostle and the other...hmmm.. :)

  2. 22d is prob deleting RT (retweet) from ARTERIAL (main channel, as in arterial road). Arterial is adj so I wonder if 'channel' is necessary at all.

    1. ah seems more plausible :)

    2. ah se anaar- our son used to say in his nursery, starting the Hindi alphabet!

  3. quite an intelligent xword today - is 22d Denial ? No as definition.. a main course being The Nile (hp indicator receiver) some lovely clues today...could fuel be the theme - we have petrol, lignite, vehicle, sesame seed...even stirrer...

  4. My best with Neyartha and I enjoyed it immensely. Just missed 2 letters- not words!
    24A- I took (Termite-TE) and got 'remit'. But I could not explain it,though it fitted in perfectly with crossings.

  5. If R & T are main, then isn't it supposed to be written as Re-Tweet? Otherwise it is difficult to pick R & T.

    1. Paddy, RT is the way Retweet is referred to. So much so it has a taken a verbal form. Please RT means please forward the tweet. Main has nothing to do with it .. Main Channel is for Arterial .. So ARTERIAL - RT

    2. Thank you Shrikanth. I agree with Col. that we are not up to date. We are probably still in sms times!

  6. 11 Lazy person with a bee in the 5,22,23 is murmuring (5) DRONE [MD]
    "5,22,23" puzzling me! Could someone enlighten me please?

    1. Lazy person // with a bee // in the 5,22,23 // is murmuring (5) All lead to Drone

    2. Here is a copy paste from Free Dic.
      A land, sea, or air vehicle that is remotely or automatically controlled. See also remotely piloted vehicle; unmanned aerial vehicle.
      So, as for '5,22,23' I'll take it as 'UNMANNED ISLE AERIAL'
      I should have done this digging work before raising that doubt!
      Anyway, thanking Ramesh once again. :)

    3. MB,
      5, 22, 23 is UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE which is a Drone

    4. Sighting problems I believe! Or not paying much attention to correct clue numbers and subsequent solutions. I stand corrected, Sir,

  7. Me murmuring about 11A definnition please ;-)

    1. MB,
      Whole clue is the def. It is MD as Col. and ramesh at 10.30 have indicated.

    2. My mistake. Thanks Paddy :)
      Never seen before... a clue with so many multiple definitions...4 in all !!

    3. 4 definitions with a plausible surface..great isn't it?

  8. Appeared quite simple even for a beginner like me. Could not figure out 19 down.

  9. Polish= Sheen
    Live = Be
    From the South- Reversal indicator( BE becoming EB)
    Covering is the indicator for inclusion

  10. Logging in late..heavy work in professional...
    Thoroughly enjoyed todays offering from Neyartha...some exquisite clues..a few in his typical trademark style

  11. 11 Across. Gentlemen, I still don't get the relevance of the digits. Dense

  12. Explained above in comments. Unmanned aerial vehicle- given by the numbered clues.

  13. Had never seen a or heard about gimbal but the clue unerringly took me to it...nice animation on that..thanks Col..