Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2887), Sunday 03 Apr 2016

1   Short broadcast including a siren prepared for preliminary event (7-6) CURTAIN-RAISER {CURT}{AI{N-RAISE}*R}
9   Payment to shelter dog not available? Disgusting (9) REPUGNANT {RE{PUG}{NA}NT}
10 Odd editor backing protest (5) DEMUR {DE}{MUR}<=
11 Just occupied by exercises in public (6) OPENLY {O{PE}NLY}
12 Buy tea, filling bag (8) PURCHASE {PUR{CHA}SE}
14 Leader needing attention, in bad shape and beginning to despair (9) SPEARHEAD {SP{EAR}HEA*}{De...r}
15 Part of poem originally about lover (5) ROMEO [T<=]
16 Comments put forward after reflection (5) NOTES {NO}{TES}<=
18 Abandoned right purpose, holding weight (9) RENOUNCED {R}{EN{OUNCE}D}
20 Charm obtaining access (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
21 Grow quiet during second defeat (6) SPROUT {P} in {S}{ROUT}
24 Finish on intimate terms (5) CLOSE [DD]
25 Tests to carry out, designed to provide lessons (9) TUTORIALS {OUT}* in {TRIALS}
26 Jumping main hurdles as novelist (6,7) SALMAN RUSHDIE*

1   Load vehicle and leave (5) CARGO {CAR}{GO}
2   Complaints about awards (15) REPRESENTATIONS {RE}{PRESENTATIONS}
3   Run gala badly, becoming gaunt (7) ANGULAR*
4   Interact with odd characters out to be smart (4) NEAT {iNtErAcT}
5   Incredible article on time put into measurement of water depth (10) ASTOUNDING {A}{S{T}OUNDING}
6   Cocktail, rushed, is coming up (7) SIDECAR {SI}{DECAR}<=
7   Mad scandal mayor sorted out for prime minister (6,9) RAMSAY MACDONALD*
8   Force here wrecked ancient property (8) FREEHOLD {F}{HERE*}{OLD}
13 React to art reproduced in reddish-brown colour (10) TERRACOTTA*
14 Pass judgement on grammatical structure (8) SENTENCE [DD]
17 Faces swimming large lake to reach mountain (7) SCAFELL {FACES*}{L}{L}
19 Politician with anger restricted by American judges (7) UMPIRES {MP}{IRE} in {US}
22 Some detest a stew's flavour (5) TASTE [T]
23 Root initially under stone I move (4) STIR {ST}{I}{Root}



  1. Nice one. Enjoyed the Sunday samosas.

  2. Replies
    1. Could scale 'scafell' with some help from 'net' to get those spicy samosas!

  3. I don't know why and how the comment gets posted twice, although we click publish only once. Can anyone explain?
    I am clicking "Publish" now with the hope that it will appear only once.

    1. It happened many times to me when I click on the back button after publish button is clicked. Some kind of reload action, I think is responsible...not sure. One thing for sure - it irritates :-)

  4. So far no news of Sunday special. :(

  5. Nice one. Enjoyed the Sunday samosas.