Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2889), Sunday 17 Apr 2016

1   Hissing bird turned and left insect (8) SIBILANT {SIBI<=}{L}{ANT}
5   Gathers energy to return prize (6) ESTEEM {E}{STEEM}<=
9   Mercy one ordered in ritual (8) CEREMONY*
10 Hollow case, prosecutor's last (6) CRATER {CRATE}{p...oR}
12 Fix article, breaking nothing (4) NAIL {N{A}IL}
13 Cry, dim hope renewed, for syringe (10) HYPODERMIC*
16 Time poorly occupied by game, second in town (9,5) TUNBRIDGE WELLS {T}{UN{BRIDGE} WELL}{S}
17 Conservative hurt by insulting campaign to win support (5,9) CHARM OFFENSIVE {C}{HARM} {OFFENSIVE}
19 Golfer modified range, retaining good standard (4,6) GREG NORMAN {GRE{G} {NORM}AN*}
20 Singer back in Scotland (4) ALTO [T<=]
22 Close attention applied to book set in New York (6) NEARBY {EAR}{B} in {NY}
24 Money from gambling factions divided by pub (8) WINNINGS {INN} in {WINGS}
25 Changing treaty, talk incessantly (6) YATTER*
26  Appeal to share (8) INTEREST [DD]

1   Instant alternative (6) SECOND [DD]
2   Exclude piece on universal merit in sedative (11) BARBITURATE {BAR}{BIT}{U}{RATE}
3   Caustic substance in tree (4) LIME [DD]
4   Novelist showing dynamic front, unusually (5,7) NANCY MITFORD*
6   Were tests designed to keep one familiar with urban life? (10) STREETWISE {WERE+TESTS}* around {1}
7   Put away in the attic (3)  EAT [T]
8   Damage airman starts to appraise, slowly rattling instruments (7) MARACAS {MAR}{AC}{Ap...e}{{Sl...y}
11 Prisoner in rage got out of order in assembly (12) CONGREGATION {CON}{IN+RAGE+GOT}*
14 Hate man with brutality dispatching one (11) MALEVOLENCE {MALE}{ViOLENCE}
15 Appalling prohibition I'm lifting, filling a trunk (10) ABOMINABLE {M'I}{NAB}<= in {A}{BOLE}
17 Firm information about year in power (7) COGENCY {CO}{GEN}{C}{Y}
18 Staff brought up and established in county (6) DORSET {DOR<=}{SET}
21 Formerly working with church (4) ONCE {ON}{CE}
23 Routine agreement, no pressure (3) ACT pACT



  1. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen Nabar

  2. Could not get SIBILANT and LIME.:(

  3. Some of you may get an email from me asking you to register as a reader of the blog. I am doing this to create a readers list of regular bloggers and to weed out unwanted elements. Please do the needful as mentioned in the mail you get. At the moment you only have to register as per those instructions.

    I will resort to making the blog private as a last resort, in which case only those of you who are registered as readers will be able to log in and comment.

    It will be a sad day if I have to do that.

  4. Agreed Col. But making it private would indeed be a sad day. We do get some old timers and some really interested newcomers. Then they will not be able to paticipate unless they can get in touch with you. please keep it as a really really last resort.

  5. Specials by the doctor are always interesting. Welcome and looking forward to it.

  6. Sir,

    Please don't go private. This is the only resource I rely on when I'm stuck.


    Reddy GVSB

    1. Reddy, even if the blog becomes private I think you will still be able to see the blog, however to comment on the blog you will need to log in after I add you as a reader of the blog

  7. COL: Your idea seems reasonable as I do see some unsavoury elements creeping in ! Some try to piggy-ride for ads too !¬!- like the loose fliers that fall out of the newspapers when we open. So annoying !

    Is this because of the recent altercations ? But you and other administrators do have the right to deny comments of unpleasant and noisome nature?

  8. Is it not possible for the moderator to be enabled to delete offensive comments or block commentators who indulge in such objectionable behaviour? Just a suggestion for consideration instead of logging in every time.

    1. Blocking individual commenters is not possible. Offensive mails can be deleted,yes.

  9. Colonel, I think we are giving too much attention to this nutcase. From his posts he comes across as a person with limited vocabulary. I don't think he knows anything about crosswords nor the difference between an Anagram and horse gram. Just ignore him. Remember God in his wisdom also made mosquitoes and cockroaches. Cest la vie!

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  11. Your comments are filled with arrogance

  12. You want to justify mistakes by saying I have lost my mind? You my friend have lost your mind! But that is not the point I wish to make. Learn some humility

  13. Here I am trying to give the setters a helping hand and this is the repayment I receivee

  14. All is fine but you change your attitude for the good of others