Wednesday, 4 May 2016

No. 11691, Wednesday 04 May 16, Lightning

Typically entertaining puzzle. Liked most clues, especially the &lits LONE WOLF and INSPECTOR along with DETAILED, OVERTONES, ANAGRAM, THESIS, NATURE, NUTRITION, VEDA.

If I have to nitpick, it is the repeated use of the same constructs (second=s, about=re) but that didn't prevent me from enjoying the puzzle. 

Thank you Lightning.

1 Fellow, one for the most part detached (4,4) LONE WOLF [FELLOW ONe]*
5 Compensate for absent group (6) OFFSET [absent=OFF + group=SET]
9 Elaborate act to overwhelm follower (8) DETAILED [act=DEED outside follower=TAIL]
10 One waiting for player to start a rally (6) SERVER [DD]

12 Be with one having a bias (society cast out) (5) EXIST [one having a bias=sEXIST]
13 Nudists providing subtle hints? (9) OVERTONES [nudists=OVERT ONES]
14 View force on charged particle (6) VISION [force=VIS + charged particle=ION]
16 That which causes bad credit from debit card? (7) ANAGRAM [Def by example BAD CREDIT* = DEBIT CARD]
19 Condition where a name is mixed up (7) AMNESIA [A NAME IS]*
21 Article by student, primarily is one that might need a defense (6) THESIS [article=THE + Student + IS]
23 One forming a cabinet with former U.S. President embracing writer (9) CARPENTER [president=CARTER outside writer=PEN]
25 Backed plan to protect a fellow in criminal organisation (5) MAFIA [plan=AIM<- outside A Fellow]
26 Prisoner at home? (6) INMATE [at home=IN] not sure what am I missing here
27 Obstructed at the back by oriental communist (8) HINDERED [back=HIND + oriental=Eastern + communist=RED]
28 Aunt worried about mother perhaps? (6) NATURE [AUNT* + about=RE]
29 Check colour at second office of a judge (8) CHAMBERS [CHeck + colour=AMBER + Second]

1 Baffled German hiding record book (6) LEDGER [T]
2 Potentially turn island into a source of food (9) NUTRITION [TURN Island INTO]*
3 Stops to pull edge of shirt above middle section (5) WAIST [stops=WAITS with Shirt moving up]
4 Fibbed to have a rest (3,4) LIE DOWN [fibbed=LIED + to have=OWN]
6 Policy in open markets to deter fare changes (4,5) FREE TRADE [DETER FARE]*
7 Second straight number at the beginning (5) SEVEN [Second + straight=EVEN]
8 Tedious moment having terrible sore (8) TIRESOME [SORE* inside moment=TIME]
11 Rig, say arrived at harbours (4) VEDA [T] Nice
15 Cop sent around to enter first information report primarily (9) INSPECTOR [COP SENT* inside Information Report]
17 Stress about international nuclear power (9) REINFORCE [about=RE + International + Nuclear + power=FORCE]
18 Aid second movement outside Norway (8) SANCTION [Second + movement=ACTION outside Norway] Not sure if 'aid' and 'sanction' are synonymous See comments below
20 Voice all too often missing (4) ALTO [AlL ToO] Not sure if I have the alternation right [ALl TOo] See comments below
21 Throw trash in soil (7) TARNISH [TRASH IN]*
22 Animals in the borders of plaza at Sweden (6) PANDAS [PlazA + Sweden]
24 Dispatch stopwatch that needs to be sent back (5) REMIT [stopwatch=TIMER<-]
25 Lady’s address looks same either way (5) MADAM [<->]


  1. Lovely puzzle...loved Anagram & overtones the most..
    Nice blog too..Bhavan blogging after a long time

  2. Welcome back Bhavan - miss your blogging!

  3. 20 Voice all too often missing (4) ALTO [AlL ToO]
    I took this to be: AL(-l) TO(-o)

    1. Thanks Sandhya. You are right as usual :)

  4. 22d Animals in the borders of plaza at Sweden (6) PANDAS [PlazA + Sweden]
    How do we get AND here?
    If it is Animals also .. , then {P(AND)A}{S}

    21a Surprised at use of 'a defense'. This is American spelling for the noun form.

  5. Thought sanction=aid is ok & inmate as CD with at home=in as Bhavan had parsed...I parsed alto as Bhavan had done

  6. 18D Sanction: aid or encouragement {TFD}

  7. 3 Stops to pull edge of shirt above middle section (5) WAIST [stops=WAITS with shirT moving up]

    edge of shirt: S moving up

    1. Thanks again. Clearly you should be the one blogging!

  8. Could somebody explain PANDAS? Where does AND/NDA come from?

    1. borders of plaza: P AND A
      At Sweden: S

  9. An enjoyable puzzle. Thanks, Lightning

  10. Managed to find an area with a weak signal, no luck with the Tiger sighting though.
    Thanks for standing in Bhavan

  11. Nice CW and an equally nice blogging- after ages!
    Thank you Bhavan- for the cartoons- making an appearance after a long while.

  12. It will be nice if some members can come forward to blog. If the 8-30 a.m. deadline is intimidating, the Col may consider putting off the publishing time to noon.

    1. You hit it on the head, CV. 8:30am is intimidating particularly for late risers like me. By the time I open my PC it is past 10, even though I generally finish the CW by 9.

      Also dummies like me need extensive training on how to do it. HTML etc. are unknowns.

    2. You just write in a text box and hit the publish button. Minimum formatting like bold can be done as you do in Word doc. No knowledge of HTML tagging is required.

    3. I can handle that. But being a Big Ben like Deepak requires working on. 12 noon is a doable target.

  13. Thanks for the blog and comments from everyone.

    26A was meant to be a CD
    Chambers (online) had Sanction == aid
    Point taken about repeated use of constructs

  14. Sanction is one of few words which can be used for the totally opposite meaning as well- like in imposing sanctions. I was a little confused about this the first time I came across.

    1. Any more such words with opposite meaning ? English is a funny peculiar language ! I'm sure there is a terminology for such words? I'm trying to recall.

    2. The term is auto-antonym or contronym. There are many. E.g., cleave, liege, left...

  15. great puzzle from Lightning.. yep in accordance with Bhavan on the interesting clues :) Only one point to add.. the timer remit clue is too oft-used.. so would request perhaps another route for getting at remit.. bad credit ; debit card had me laughing :) not sure if 21a is &lit or semi&lit but liked the surface.. thanks Lightning