Friday, 6 May 2016

No 11693, Friday 06 May 2016, Anon

It feels nice to be back after a two day break. I missed the Crosswords and the banter in the blog. The holiday was great, but unfortunately didn't run into any Tigers at Bandipur which was a disappointment.

1   Wild ape earns cap at shows (11) APPEARANCES*
9   Strike attendant in turmoil (7) RAMPAGE {RAM}{PAGE}
10 Support given by Greek god to champ (6) SOLACE {SOL}{ACE}
11 Stories are boring from end to end (5) TALES (-s)TALE(+s)S
12 Regular sordid cape is a peculiarity (7) ODDNESS {sOrDiD}{NESS}
15 End of ‘fist of fury’ is a bore (4) TIRE {fisT}{IRE}
16 Same nun is a wayward stenographer (10) AMANUENSIS*
18 Urge parent to reword thriller (4-6) PAGE-TURNER*
20 Big luggage concealed in ice house (4) IGLU [T]
23 American author’s son in duress somehow (2,5) DR SEUSS {S} in {DURESS}*
24 Break down, refine detail to understand (5) INFER REFINe*
26 Watch label initially missing (6) TICKER sTICKER
27 Criminal at European research facility is a worry (7) CONCERN {CON}{CERN}
28 Make gopher, roach dance (11) CHOREOGRAPH*

2   Speak highly of weird pair of bridge opponents… (6) PRAISE {PAIR*}{SE}
3   … who almost never return? That’s not odd (4) EVEN {NEVEr <=}
4   Detective comes out of administration’s manors (10) RESIDENCES  pRESIDENCiES
5   Loner nearly gone crazy? Not now (2,6) NO LONGER {LONER+GONe}*
6   Destroys trains after odd Earl leaves (7) EXCISES {EaRl} leaves {EXerCISES}
7   Expert to make model (9) PROTOTYPE {PRO}{TO}{TYPE}
8   Stroller to roll from front to back (6) AMBLER (-r)AMBLE(+r)R
13 Promoter to cook, repair miso (10) IMPRESARIO*
14 Use tea in water finally to cook those found in water bodies (9) ESTUARINE {USE+TE+IN+wateR}*
17 Initially sane marketer loses head, becomes exhibitionist (8) STREAKER {Sane}{mARKETER*}
19 Dress cheap without secondary income (7) GARNISH {GAR{iNcome}ISH} Shouldn't that be 'second income'?
21 Mistakes boss nearly makes at the end (6) GAFFES {GAFFEr}{m..eS}
22 Abduct child during sleep (6) KIDNAP {KID}{NAP}
25 Initial scuffle causes a rare scrape (4) SCAR Acrostic



  1. We missed u too Col..
    An easy cw..wish the surfaces in a few clues would have been better..neverthless enjoyed solving

    1. 19D second income or secondary income?

    2. Vasant, sorry. When making a comment, please specify clue numbers.
      In 22dn, can 'during' suggest a mere addiction?

    3. Sir..point taken..agree with you

    4. Thanks. Of course, I was referring to the 8:33 comment.

  2. 4d As the del fodder is presidencies, the apo should be after s in the clue text, so we delete PI from presidencies, getting the plural form from the plural ADMINISTRATIONS. Maybe an editing/printing error.

  3. Many anagrams? Easy samosas.

  4. Hi Col.. glad you hear u had a good vacation (even if tigerless:) .. me off for one in a couple of days. Nice one from Anon.. light and tasty :) Did like the Fist of Fury clue.. nice surface though not at all true :) Not come across the alternate spelling in 20a. Dont think 4d is appropriate - the Pi is not even together and isnt presidencies in plural form .. is it right to have administration's as def.. ? Quite a few..front to back today :) ambler, tales..

    1. If the order of the letter string to be deleted (here PI) is in the SAME ORDER in the fodder (even if split) - PresIdencies - it is considered OK, I think. Other opinions welcome.

  5. An easy puzzle. Enjoyed solving!
    Typo in 14Dn anno pl.

  6. I too found it an easy solve. At one stage I was left with nine to be solved but after gave me the answer for 4 down, it was smooth sailing. I do not understand the term surface with reference to crosswords. Can one of you explain please?

    1. Surface reading means that the clue itself should read like a plausible sentence, not just a collection of words.

    2. For instance, 18A "urge parent to reword thriller." does not make much sense as a normal sentence, even though it is grammatically correct.

  7. ...whereas "Abduct child during sleep'(22D) as a sentence coneys a meaning.