Friday, 13 May 2016

No 11699, Friday 13 May 2016, Afterdark

9   Was managed (7) OVERSAW {WAS<=}
10 Half of army, Indian army online to get ammunition (7) ARSENAL {ARmy}{SENA}{L}
11 Cheat TT (3-4) TWO-TIME T&T
12 Understand being truthful is charitable at the end (7) REALISE {REAL}{IS}{c...lE}
13 Sufficient records to arrest liberal opponents (9) DUELLISTS {DUE}{L}{LISTS}
15 Road in India used by Bob Marley, perhaps (5) RASTA [DD]
16 No new channel in say, Chandigarh city (7) UTRECHT {TREnCH} in {UT}
19 Spot found in school branch to accommodate student (7) SPLODGE {S}P{L}ODGE Anno pending
20 Dig out, verify and stop (5) DETER DETERmine
21 Assemble in a way to accommodate fifty without fault (9) BLAMELESS {BLAME{L}ESS*}
25 Tariffs include electricity board discounts (7) REBATES {R{EB}ATES}
26 Expression of pain by man having shredded cabbage leads to a theory (4,3) OHMS LAW {OH}{M}{S LAW}
28 Confident, pure at heart and plain-dealing (7) CANDOUR CANDO{pURe} Anno pending (Addendum - {CAN DO}{pURe} - See comments)
29 Consumer is topless, censured, beaten up (3,4) END USER cENSURED*

1   Estimated the price — with bill approached boldly (6) COSTED acCOSTED
2   Cashier is on leave (6) REMOVE [DD] (Addendum - {RE}{MOVE} - See comments)
3   In the middle of toasting wine (4) ASTI [T]
4   Disrespectful, unruly leader dismissed (6) AWLESS lAWLESS
5   Sea mammals reverse direction, plan to reach South (8) WALRUSES {WAL<=}{RUSE}{S} Does that moustache look familiar ;-)
6   For a change, seller paid for footwear (10) ESPADRILLE*
7   Equitable boundaries redrawn; there's no alternative (8) UNBIASED BoUNDArIES*
8   Boxer's last wife gets neat settlement divorce (8) ALIENATE {ALI}{NEAT}*{wifE}
14 Cut a percentage to lure Chief Engineer going behind money (10) LACERATION {L}{A}{CE}{RATION} L for money, it was for Love yesterday!
16 Downplay nude dance move blocking road (8) UNDERACT {NUDE}*{R}{ACT}
17 Carbonates made with carbon monoxide and poison (8) RATSBANE cARBoNATES*
18 No doubt engineer is stuck in wrong routes (2,2,4) TO BE SURE {BE} in {ROUTES}*
22 New advocate releases small advertisement flier (6) AVOCET adVOCATE*
23 Volunteer redraws line on road (6) ENLIST {LINE}*{ST}
24 Time out for attendant and coastguard, say (6) SEWARD StEWARD Seward is the name of a  Coastguard support station and not Coastguard per se.
27 Demo arranged for system (4) MODE*



  1. Re 28ac If you say you 'can do', Deepak, you're confident. Don't know about purity of heart!

  2. Can you love without money?

    1. Similar to "Can you sing when depressed?"

  3. 28 Confident, pure at heart and plain-dealing (7) CANDOUR

    CAN DO +pURe

    1. Sorry, did'nt notice CV's comments

  4. In 19A, I think AD got mixed up between P & L and the intended anno was {S}{P}{LODGE}

  5. 2 Cashier is on leave (6) REMOVE [DD]
    I took it as RE = on and MOVE = leave

  6. 5D I trace similarity with the moustache of Col, ha ha!

    1. Golly ! Thanks to the THC online , .I could do it three hours and a half earlier before the appearance of this blog , here in Nagoya. Daybreak here is at 5 am ! Pretty cold whether at night but somewhat balmy during the day. Very difficult to communicate with the folks here who speak such polite Japanese but all posters, placards and signboards, labels etc are in Japanese.

      A kindly middle-aged lady with a seven year old, literally escorted us into a mall, when asked for directions, after climbing a footbridge and believe it, she walked back to her destination in the opposite direction !Believe it ! The countergirls are super courteous and never quail to give you the direction to another place, by personally escorting . A smile and a bow with ARIGATO GOZAIMAS is a sweet way of servie here ! !

    2. Download the Google translator app on you phone and if you have internet you can communicate in Japanese.

    3. Maybe that should read Downroad the googre transrator

    4. Is every one afflicted by triskaidekaphobia today? Very few hits?

      Suresh Garu: Googre transrator is ok only when you are at leisure. I tell you these folks here are ever ready to be spoken to in English and they welcome foreigners doing so. The problem is they get on to Rodin's mode the moment you ask any question and patiently seek further questions and feel happy when they have answered you correctly. They welcome you upon your entry and exit with a sing song voice , always with a smil(r)e.

      The average heoight, again of the men here is 5ft , take an inch or two( but not give ). My son is a daunting 6 ft 2'' and he is always there to transrate ! We were having a hilarious tiem when we met his in-laws , with him as a tranliterator !!

    5. Rooks to me that you are having a great time. Pick up some Nama chocolates whire you are there. They are terrific.

    6. +1..similarity woth col's moustache is remarkable

  7. Okay.. the green and the reds continue.. and ended up guiding me inadvertently twice :( which robs one of the delight of doing them i suppose.. and they are beginning to rankle.. i guess i will go back to finding the grid and working on them rather than online.. i dont like em.. Candour and Costed my fav clues today.. Utretch and Splodge were not however .. never come across awless before.. rest of the clues neat :)

    1. Since it has been mentioned specifically as good, I need to confess that Costed was CV Sir's clue. Had to change at the last minute and I was away. He stood in for me. So credit to him :)

  8. One of those days when I couldnt get time to solve the puzzle the whole..& when I did get.found it unusually tough..the east corners especially SE..took a long long time..missed out on utrecht..ratsbane & candour..Lovely clues all round..oversaw was well managed so was cando-ur..
    Disnt try online..did the old method..copying the clues from Hub & solving..

  9. So SPLODGE remains a mystery!

    1. I think your 8:47 is the correct explanation...AD please confirm